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  1. Maybe. We'll see if @Nertea wants this in his mod or not. I don't know if its good enough, or fits the RS version well.
  2. Okay people, new release is ready: New engines configured with waterfall effects: • Swivel • Skipper • Mainsail • Twin Boar • Nerv Minor changes: • added deep throttle effect to the Vector and Mammoth • improved upper stage kerolox plumes • added gas generator plumes Not much has changed from the previous screenshot I sent, but here's a look at the new gas generator plumes: I ended up not going for smoky gas generators because they were visible through the main plume. it looked weird.
  3. So I'm working on a decent kerolox generator plume: but as you can see, the smoke is visible through the main plume. Would you guys think this is still okay? or would you rather not have smoke in the generator plume, and just flames? it'd be unrealistic though.
  4. Wow, this actually works now. basic cylinder with an alpha dynamic shader. smoke effects here we come! Although, you can't simulate trailing smoke, that stays behind and marks your path. for that, we still have to use the stock particles or smokescreen.
  5. heh, this is actually how i did it. stacking templates works, as long as you give them the same transforms (scale, position, rotation) but it does mean i have to make new engine bell cores for every single engine.
  6. I did not know this was possible. So if i wanted to, i could for instance add 2 waterfall modules to an engine, one for the main plume, and one for the gas generator plume? this way i can reuse the same gas generator plume for different engines, and scale/position them easily, without having to mess with individual effects? Does this method impact performance more though?
  7. Aye, well spotted. I'm going to add them for the skipper and twin boar too, since they have exhaust pipes too. Was planning on doing this today, the pic above is just the WIP :-)
  8. oh hey thanks for that! I won't contradict this, but the fact that they were "garbo" did motivate me to learn to work with your mod. So I guess you were unconsciously thinking 2 universes ahead there ;-)
  9. Well, today was a productive day. I added most of the stock kerolox engine plumes. I repurposed some of @Zorg's plumes again. If all goes well, I'll make a pre-release with these tomorrow
  10. Just looked up some info, and it looks like I had it wrong in my head running fuel rich improves ISP because the methane has lower molecular weight, even though you get less energy produced per kg of fuel expended. Anyways... According to those 2 pictures I posted of methalox engine tests, there is at least some cyan visible in the flame. So I guess I'll keep my vac-plumes cyan-ish, unless of course someone has better info on that.
  11. Well, the whole point of making a full flow staged combustion cycle engine is that you can react all of your fuel, to get the maximum amount of energy out of your fuel mass, and therefore the max isp. and for that you need a stoichometric mix.
  12. True. Also: The color is also very dependent on the temperature of the plume, which would be bluer when hotter, and redder when cooler. And then there's the exact fuel mixture ratios. If you have excess methane, you will get methane-glow, and not just CO2 and H2O glow. and even small differences there will influence the final color. The air around the plume also gets entrapped by the flow, and the longer the plume is, the more air will mix in with the plume, and you may get some oxygen, nitrogen, or even NOx glow in there. And on top of that, the camera that filmed the tests could also i
  13. So in my configs for stock , I've created a methalox upper stage plume for the poodle and terrier. (the reasoning behind this is explained on my thread) and I've also made RAPIER configs for the methalox jet and closed cycle. I based myself on the vacuum raptor test footage for atmospheric conditions: this is the closed cycle rapier mode though. the jet mode looks more like a jet, but similar colors. But for the vacuum plume, I based myself on this: It shows a methalox plume in near-vacuum. As you can see its very cyan, so that is how my plume also looks in vacuum:
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