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  1. my config or the vector is also used in restock. I could do the work to neatly fit my plumes to the restock engines, but it's a lot of work, and not very fun to do. besides, perhaps you should ask Nertea about what plumes he wants for restock first. maybe he's not going to want to just copy mine. you could do this. indeed like Ryan said, you will have to mess with the editor a bit to fit it nicely on different models. and you need to delete the !restock part in the config. That should do it, unless the part config of the engine was altered more by restock than only the model.
  2. Hmm. It could be many things. but it sounds to me like you copied existing rcs configs to this modded part's config file. you probably need to check if the transforms have the same name. for stock rcs engines, they are called "rcsjet" or "rcs". for regular stock engines, it's "thrustTransform" but this mod could use something else. Also, it could be that the shader specified in the config isn't in your waterfall install. so be sure to get the latest version.
  3. Hmm, I wouldn't be too sure of that. Nertea may be the dev of Waterfall, but it's basically up to "We, the people" to use waterfall to make plumes for our engines. I've happened to want to have waterfall plumes for stock , so I made them. If mod creators that add new engines want nice plumes for them, it's probably best that they, or someone they know, create the plumes themselves. And of course, if some individual wants to have a go at making plumes for a mod, then they are welcome to start up their own modding thread here, like I did a few months ago.
  4. Indeed I can. Not using :FINAL anymore :-) I only had those there so that my mod overwrites RealPlume 100% of the time, even when RealPlume was not updated yet. However, RealPlume will fully deconflict with this mod very soon, so that I can remove all of the :FINAL ones. So, go ahead and pretend that's just not there. give it a few days, and my next release will drop without the FINALs. If you don't have RealPlume installed, you can already remove them yourself, by the way.
  5. That looks like a good way of doing it for your own personal use i guess. Also, since the configs have :FINAL, they will override RealPlume, untill RealPlume is updated, and it will no longer be necessary. That's not a hurdle for me. If it turns out to be a problem, I'll fix. the "problem" really is that these plumes don't necessarily fit in with Nertea's vision.
  6. aside from the heat distortion, there's also a faint amount of smoke coming out of the jet engines. It's very subtle. And I did not wait for HB Stratos. I did indeed have a look at his plumes, but he hasn't been continuing the work on that, so I started my own plumes. There's no TEB flash for the whiplash. The right way to do this is to just add the configs (templates and engines) to WaterfallReStock, and have them be included in the mod. Though, I'm not sure that's going to happen, since my plumes are not true to real life sometimes. hydrolox for the wolfhound etc.
  7. I just released version 0.5.0 with the following new engines configured: • Juno• Wheesley• Goliath• Panther• Whiplash This means that this mod now has plumes for every engine in the game! At least, if you don't count solids. I'm not planning on making plumes for those.
  8. go read the full documentation. Then come back if you still can't figure it out. TL;DR: you need to create engine configuration files (and maybe templates) for your engine manually, before the editor will recognize it.
  9. hmm. you should give me more info than that. what engines, what other mods, what versions of waterfall and SWE do you have etc.
  10. Ah I seemed to have forgotten to decapitalize 1 letter in the bobcat's config file I've just released version 0.4.1 with a fix. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. RCS uses hypergolic fuels. these very much produce a flame. just not as visible as kerolox plumes. here is an example of the dragon's rcs jets. visible only because they are on the night-side of earth. as you can see, they are very much colored orange/yellow/white. there's another time (6:00) you can also see the RCS firing during daytime, but they heavily overexpose the video so that it's visible. Otherwise you almost cant see the plume.
  12. I just released version 0.4.0 with the following changes: Configured new engines: • Thud • Puff • Twitch • Ant • Spider • Spark • Cub • Dawn Configured all RCS modules. Improved RCS sounds. Added Waterfall effects to the stock lights. Here is some eye candy of the new content:
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