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  1. it seems on windows this doesn't happen. this is gonna require quite a bit of digging on my end. so dont expect a fix immediatly. also: this is technically a waterfall bug. not StockWaterfallEffects. but you reached the right person.
  2. yep, you could just use modulemanager for this. I believe if you put :AFTER[StockWaterfallEffects] you should be able to modify any of my configs with your own "mod".
  3. new release: 0.6.3 new plume for the NERV engine instead of the pink hydrogen plasma, the NERV now has a realistic heated hydrogen exhaust plume. red in atmosphere because of hydrogen-atmospheric oxygen reaction, and blue heat-radiation in vacuum. Cherenkov radiation is also visible now, coming out of the engine throat. improved realism of the vacuum expanded plumes for the Vector, Mammoth (both hydrolox & methalox), Rapier & RCS. improved plume selector flavor text for the Vector & Mammoth (@AtomicTech)
  4. Well, I could do that, but I could do a lot of things :-) As stated on the main page of this thread, when designing a plume, I choose to model its propellant according to the engine performance. the cheetah is a very high-isp engine, and so it's hydrolox in this mod. If you're really anxious about this, you could mod it yourself. use the vector config file as an example, and use the stock-aerozine50-upper template as an upper stage hypergolic plume.
  5. Hey. I'm wrote the volumetric shader for waterfall. I've already fixed this bug for the dev-version of waterfall. expect this to be released in the next update. There will be some changes to the shader too. for instance the _Noise property will become 5x more sensitive and you might need to recheck if your _FadeOut and color settings are still okay. I will explain this in more detail when it's released, so you have an easier time to readjust your configs.
  6. I'm sad to see you leave, but I also understand that life is about more than just some online gaming community :-) Farewell, Doodles.
  7. I'm getting a warning from modulemanager (during the loading screen), caused by one of my configs. I'm pretty new to MM patching, and after some looking around, I still can't seem to find where that warning is logged. (perhaps it isn't?) Is there a file somewhere where it says what that warning was about exactly? If it helps, this is the MM patch that caused it, but I don't know why this code would be problematic: (although I do know it is likely caused by the first line)
  8. the previous RS25 plume definitely looked a lot worse (and less realistic) than this one. trust me. the current plume is indeed brighter than the real life RS25, and that is because i thought it looks nicer if you actually see something coming out of the engine. :-) about the speed of the plume: yes i've noticed this issue. i'll fix it when i have the time to do so. I dissagree about those pictures. I feel like they look great. not particularly realistic for the RS25 though, that is correct. but if you want 100% realism, you would barely see anything at that height.
  9. the blend mode tells you how the colors of the plume are mixed with the background. one one means they both contribute equally to the final pixel color. Previously this wasnt one one because that might create problems with oversaturation. but we found this problem didnt occur that frequently. also: not having one one blending meant that you sometimes get some brightness flickering artifacts in the plumes. this has now been fixed.
  10. correct. it is intended. most engines dont really produce much smoke in real life. except for SRBs who remain unchanged. also: the smoke looks bad in ksp, and produces lag. the rapier does still have a smoketrail btw.
  11. I also tested this, and can't reproduce it either. please give me an exact procedure that i can test. so: which mods do you have installed (less mods is better, so try only waterfall and spectra). any specific settings you changed. what craft did you use, and how did you fly it. perhaps some screenshots of the bug would help. I also noticed that the new spectra seems kinda bugged though. try to install scatterer version 0772 instead of the newest scatterer. I believe that might fix your issues.
  12. could you send me a screenshot of this? I just tested your scenario. with Spectra. and I can't reproduce this.
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