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  1. That's weird. That plume wasn't even altered recently. It seems to be interfering with the sun flare, which is scatterer?
  2. Yea, I'm subscribed, so I noticed. Thank you for the free advertisement Yes, there is, and you can do it it mostly through config file editing, and a little bit of scaling of the templates in the in-game waterfall editor (top right corner). You just have to look at how I configured the vector with multiple templates, then do the same thing to the terrier, and after that, go in-game and rescale/move the new template so it fits to the terrier engine bell.
  3. Well, here we go for another release: version 0.7.0 New features: • added new plumes to the Rhino and Skiff engines • landing gear lights now have waterfall effects too Together with the newest version of the waterfall mod, the following bugs are fixed: • some plumes aren't visible at night or in planets shadows • some plumes are visible through parts
  4. Using a custom mesh would certainly be possible. you'll have to import it into unity to test them in combo with the shaders waterfall provides. Though, there is also something to be said for making a mesh generator script in unity itself that generates the vertices and triangles where you want them. For both these option, I think your best bet is to use the additive dynamic shader, but i'd have to check if the code can work with non-cylindrical meshes. Furthermore: if you are comfortable working with shaderlab, it's also possible to write a custom shader that uses the existing cyllindrical mesh (used by the additive dynamic shader), and deform the mesh in the vertex shader pass. Any of these options would be a possible route for you. Using the older additive dynamic shaders, it is rather finicky to get them to look decent from extreme angles (like straight behind) but we've found a few ways of dealing with this in our plume designs. However, these tricks aren't really usefull for the distortion effect, so we're kinda stuck with what we've got there. Not to long ago, some new volumetric shaders were added that look good from all angles (because they use a ray-march-like algorithm), so I've been using those in my more recent designs. I've been thinking about maybe doing something similar for the distortion shader, but that's probably a major time investment for me. So, not sure if I'll be doing that.
  5. Both of these are bugs in one of the shaders that waterfall uses. In the shortly upcoming update, they will be fixed. I believe that these issues will also be dealt with in the coming update, though I was not responsible for the fix. I guess you can test it when the update arrives. same story here. Will be fixed in the update.
  6. Well, personally, I just use the realplume configs for the SRBs. I dont really feel like waterfall can add that much more to them.
  7. I gotta say... it is a little confusing...
  8. And we've found a solution for this bug too. next waterfall update will fix all the remaining issues.
  9. Ah thank you so much. I was looking around the whole day yesterday, and arrived at that solution as well, but didn't know if it was correct. the syntax example is also really helpful. UPDATE: this was indeed the fix we needed. thanks again!
  10. There is something else for which I would love some input from the developers of Scatterer. With one of the effects in waterfall, a shader more specifically, I'm using a custom depth test in the pixel shader. This is necessary for detecting plume collisions with solid objects, and subsequently adjusting the visuals of the plume so that you don't get ugly clipping effects, much like the one Rakete encountered above. For this, I need access to the _CameraDepthTexture resource in my shader. This works fine in KSP, unless when the craft is in a planet's shadow, like at night. Then, the KSP rendering pipeline suddenly changes and the _CameraDepthTexture becomes unavailable, and the shader receives a default grey texture instead, bugging out the effect. I believe this is because KSP doesn't need to render shadows anymore at night (or behind planets) and therefore drops a number of render passes, including the one where the _CameraDepthTexture is created. (probably because thats necessary for creating shadows). here is an illustration of the bug happening in a renderdoc capture, just before sundown: and this is right after sundown: In order to fix this bug, I somehow need a way of reintroducing a pass where the _CameraDepthTexture is created. However, I've noticed that when Scatterer is installed, this issue is fixed, since Scatterer also needs the _CameraDepthTexture, even at night (or that is my conjecture). So I guess yay for Scatterer . However, I would love to know how I could fix this on my end as well. I'm rather new to working with the rendering pipeline, so I thought to ask the experienced people for some guidance.
  11. Yes I've noticed this too. it's caused by the mesh being very close to the engine bell wall. it also happens with other configs. this issue will be fixed on my end with the newer plumes I've been configuring (vector, mammoth, rcs, nerv, and more to come), because those use a different effect for engine bell glow.
  12. Just to let you all know: I've found a fix for the bug where plumes are visible through parts when anti-aliasing is disabled. When the next waterfall (so not SWE) update comes along, it'll be fixed. I've also found the cause for the bug where plumes aren't visible at night or in planet's shadows (unless if you install Scatterer). I'm working on solving this too, hopefully also in time for the next waterfall update.
  13. Ah. Yes that's the goal. Since the waterfall update from a while back, I've been slowly using the new shaders to update older plumes, to make them look better, but also perform better. I'm just rather busy, which means progress is slow. next up, I think I'll revamp the poodle and terrier methalox plumes. maybe also the cheetah, wolfhound and skipper.
  14. the new vector already has many less "layers" or effects as we call them than the old vector plume. I think you probably just didnt notice what effects disappeared when you tested because some of them are rather subtle, like engine lights, or heat distortion. you can disable these in the waterfall settings by default if you think it's lagging your game.
  15. Nice, but I won't be changing those plumes in my pack. those jet-flames aren't realistic for those types of jet engines. I'll keep my basic heat distortion & smoke plumes I have now. for the Rapier: your config seems to have it configured as a kerosine jet/ hypergolic rocket engine combo, which to my knowledge is also not accurate. they look cool though, but I do like to keep a semblance of realism.
  16. Alright everyone, For those suffering from this bug: I've found a temporary fix for you: Enable anti-aliasing in your graphics settings. I'm still looking into what exactly is causing it though. For people having an issue with plumes not being visible at night, installing Scatterer seems to fix that issue. I'm also looking into this bug.
  17. yes, but can you please install it, just for testing? it's possible that it fixes your issue, and that would tell me a lot about how to fix the bug on my own. after testing, you can just uninstall it again of course. I just need someone with the bug to see if Scatterer somehow influences it.
  18. okay. well done. final thing I would like you to check (maybe you already have) is if having Scatterer mod installed makes any difference. I've noticed that certain bugs are "fixed" when you also have Scatterer, for some unknown reason.
  19. okay. could you please check if this also occurs on a clean install of the game, with just SWE, modulemanager, b9partswitch and waterfall installed? if that "fixes" it, please find out through a process of elimination which other mod you had installed makes the bug come back. without this information, I can't really do much to help.
  20. I've seen this with other people as well. are you playing on windows or linux? same question for you. Trying to figure out where this bug originates.
  21. I'm glad you were able to figure out a solution. perhaps you could verify which of those two made it work? then I can add it to the next release (and credit you) I've been thinking about tweaking RCS some more, adding new kerolox plumes (by Zorg), and maybe revamping the poodle/terrier plumes. but no timeframe for that yet.
  22. option A: You could revert to the previous configs (which are less realistic, but resemble the stock rcs effect more): you do this by downloading this version of SWE: https://github.com/KnightofStJohn/StockWaterfallEffects/releases/tag/0.6.1 and navigate to: GameData\StockWaterfallEffects\Engine Configurations. There you'll find the file "RCS.cfg". Just copy that one, and replace it in the same folder in the newest release. option B: To just get the stock particle effects: delete the rcs config file: GameData\StockWaterfallEffects\Engine Configurations\RCS.cfg
  23. ah it's great to have people be this invested in ksp graphics. makes me happy I made this mod :-) well, your arguments are irrefutable. I guess next update I'll make the plume orange. As you said, it'd probably be quite dim compared to the engine bell glow, but I don't like having invisible plumes, so just as with the cherenkov radiation, I think I'll exaggerate the exhaust glow so it is actually visible. Thanks for your feedback.
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