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  1. Honestly, I'd say it's kinda a gray area. If the post has a zip with mods from other users with no permission from the mod creators, this obviously needs to be taken down. However, if it's a revamp or new version of the mod, links to the forum pages of suggested mods that work together, or a zip of mods that the creators have agreed to allow be put in this pack should be allowed. If it was possible, I'd suggest the creation of either a launcher or similar tool like Technic Launcher for Minecraft. Honestly, I don't know how the devs or the moderators you constantly keep up with this and ensuring everything is proper, but I think it would be a fast and easy way to produce KSP modders saves friends can share with each other.
  2. So I know I haven't posted on my thread in a while, but don't be alarmed! Progress has been going great on the pack, with content from several Forums and Discord members! In the next few days, I'll collect some beauty shots using the stock ion probe and post them here (along with hopefully updating the main thread)! If you would like to aid in the creation of this mod, comment saying so or send me a PM! If you would like to participate in testing the Alpha files, join the KGR Volume 2 Discord! ://
  3. The creator of KGR, @TheJangleMandecided to work on a more manageable part pack vs. KGR. I had already began work on my planet pack, originally named Kerbol Genesis - a planet pack just for the Kerbol System - when I asked if I could continue the mod. @TheJangleMan agreed, and here I am. And hopefully there won't be a KGR Volume 3. I plan to keep it updated and roll out updates ASAP when a new version of KSP comes out.
  4. KGR 2 is a continuation of KGR (obviously) but with more planets and moons, as well as a re-vamped stock system with the same bodies but changed, as well as a ton of new planets and moons.
  5. If you don't mind @The White Guardian, I'd love to include compatibility to Cyran with my W.I.P. mod, Kerbol Galaxy Revamped, Volume 2, as well as ask for constructive criticism on its development. I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to Kopernicus, but I'm getting better. To make it compatible, all I'd have to create is a edit to ensure Cyran orbits Kerbol and not Gargantua (the black hole from Interstellar). Love your work, and I learned from your YouTube tutorials. P.S. Please make more tutorials, if you don't mind! They are the only way I could have learned Kopernicus!
  6. This. Is. Amazing. I've barely been able to learn Kopernicus and texturing software due to school, but your work astounds me. Can you pm me a test file of this so I can try it out? Also I think I'm going to have to learn how to code from you, as that's better than anything i've created over the past week. PLZ join the discord and send me this stuff, as well as walk me through how you created this stuff! I wasn't even considering changing Kerbin, but now I REALLY want to! Is KSC moved away from the ocean and the equator? P.S.: I made the Post-Krakening Joolian system beauty shot as my desktop background XD
  7. If anyone has any planet suggestions/alterations to stock/KGR bodies, let me know so I can add them to the pack.
  8. I will make this Planet pack compatible with KGR Volume 2, and will be more than happy to help with creating this pack with you. Very nice idea, and I think this could be a very interesting planet system to visit once complete.
  9. Sure! I'll PM you 2-3 Discord Server Invites, as that's where I talk with other members. Also @The CanineCraver, I plan to make my Planet pack compatible with yours that's in WIP. (I visited your mod page, it looks wonderful) (I ment to put this above the other quote!)
  10. Thanks for the comment. I haven't been able to properly start working on this yet, as I've been really busy with school to begin actual coding. Hopefully I will start within the next 2 weeks and finish a test version before April. I plan to -hopefully- keep this updated so a Volume 3 isn't necessary . As for compatibility, it's a simple fix any user can do (as this is how I learned the basic mechanics of Kopernicus). The reason why no other planet packs work with KGR is the fact that the "sun" is the black hole, thus re-pairing Kerbol to orbit the "sun" makes it a planet to the games code, the planets are moons, etc. The way to fix it is to go into the .ini file for a body, and change the body it orbits from = Sun, to = Kerbol. This should fix any problems with planets orbiting EXTREMLY close to the black hole instead of around Kerbol. (And make sure to put other mods later in the load list than KGR!) Also I plan to make two versions of the mod - one with stock bodies and one with my modifications to them. (Though I REALLY think you should try my Green Dwarf Star Joolian System! ) And I'll probably leave Krishna and Krush-B, but -maybe- change maps (unless you want me to leave them the way they are). EDIT: NOT Krishna, KRUSH ! Stupid mobile Autocorrect!
  11. I'm sorry @Artyomka15, I didn't know that KGR used your mod pack! So sorry! Sorry everyone for not updating for so long, but I've had so much school work I haven't had a lot of time to work on this XD. I still am trying to recreate the KGR pack along with all new planets and systems, so don't count me out yet!
  12. That's fine. I know, it's a LOT of bodies, but at this point I've run out of places to go in Kerbal Space Program, and that is counting other planet packs. I really enjoy some planet concepts that I have yet to see in other planet packs, like a Terra planet that has an Atmospheric Density equal to that of water ASL, meaning that you could swim in midair, or two planets that are so close they share an atmosphere. I doubt these would be possible without inviting the Kraken, but it's worth a shot.
  14. If anyone else would like to help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I need help with some advanced planet creation, trouble-shooting, texturing and brainstorming new bodies. I'd you would like to help, comment here and I will PM you so we can talk. Thank you very much!