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  1. I think I reached a new level of Kerbalness today: Launching two shuttles. At once. Separation shortly before reaching orbit was less than 500m (just to be clear: this is NOT Photoshopped). I decided to revive my kOS-shuttle launch script for this endeavor. After figuring out the kinks of kOS with multi craft launches (e.g. you cant use `STAGE.` but have to write each staging instruction in code)... IT FRIGGIN WORKS!
  2. I have taken my Shuttle on a trip to the Mun, deploying the first part of the base: In case Youtube botched the embedded video again here is a direct link. Even though this STS Mun-1 mission did not require a high latitude deployment I have chosen to make the science lab a part of the future base. Once I had figured out which engine settings to use on the Mun landing and takeoff (part of the design phase of the payload) the actual execution of the mission was very easy (no reloads required on the Mun). The base itself sits at 59.40°N. I did scout a place at 60°
  3. Thanks! I just tested the embedded video in Firefox and Chrome and it works for both. Not sure what was happening there but I removed the video from my post and re-added it hoping that this fixes whatever was broken. As it is the same install / modlist and my craft is still (and will remain to be) pure stock I'd like to use the golden version of the banner if that is ok with you. Evidence: https://kerbalx.com/Fulgora/STS-v4-STS-9 I have removed the unused part-mods for my STS Mun-1 mission and did some general cleanup of my install... just in case
  4. I (somewhat proudly) present - a cross-post from the STS challenge: My take at landing an asteroid with a space shuttle. I hope this counts as cinematics - at least I am aiming for high quality content . Feedback is very much welcome!!! Screenshot album if someone is looking for wallpaper candidates is here. To be continued... stay tuned.
  5. I (somewhat proudly) present: My take at STS-9. The asteroid has not been mined and is landed in absolutely mint condition (minor ablative erosion may or may not have taken place during reentry... ) With the orbiter design I am reasonably confident to be able land 20t but I will gladly leave it up to someone else to find out where the limit actually is. It took ages to land this and i got reeeeally close to regretting my decision not to mine the potato. While the Vector is obviously a requirement to make the STS stack work I always considered the Thuds just to be
  6. Ah... please excuse my inability to read the fine-print. You are absolutely correct! Looking forward to it! I always quicksave too of course but the feeling of a smooth runway touchdown is worth a few reloads to me Since I also use a Shuttle style craft for most of my career missions (but with a much lower cross-range) I got reasonably good with that over time. It's the same with everything: if you do it often it eventually becomes routine The only truly challenging landing was the one with a 15t asteroid on top of a 32t dry-mass orbiter... No career mission had prepared me for t
  7. That is a very Kerbal launch system and actually a pretty interesting design! But I think the Shuttles are supposed to land on the Mun.... But I am not the admin of the challenge Your shuttle design definitely meets the deltaV requirements and from the looks also TWR (you might need to dump some monoprop first?) to land with the payload in the bay - and your payload also clearly has the ability to transfer itself from the cargo bay to the surface. So it should be very much doable with your design. I don't understand why you are landing on chutes though - you are clearly able
  8. Shameless cross-post from the STS Challenge thread: It turns out that space balls do affect aerodynamics. Landing this without an asteroid is easier, I swear!
  9. STS-9 editing is making progress... In the meantime here is a little teaser / educational trailer Landing space potatoes is hard...
  10. No problem, thanks for clarifying! I provided the mod-list for full-disclosure reasons and if anyone wants to recreate the mission or (more likely) visuals. You scared me a bit because I already recorded STS-9 with the same config and just need to do the editing / uploading part... Then I can proceed with STS Mun-1 now as planned
  11. Thanks for judging my submission! My shuttle is pure stock (not even DLC) - does any of the other mods make this a modded entry - if so which? I was just going for visuals with them The only difference of this launch stack to my old (stock-rated) entries was replacing the LRBs with the new larger stock SRBs and the Mammoth engine with a fairing (plus some minor tweaks to the fuel balance in the ET)... I do have more mods installed now but none that should affect gameplay... On the same topic.. the STS-9 badge confused me a bit - shouldn't this be a badge with gold pi
  12. I am already starting to think about the future missions... There is no rule allowing or forbidding the usage of mined fuel - e.g. on the Mun but more importantly on Duna and Laythe - is it still okay to mine fuel for the return trip? Possibly instead of sending a supply package? It used to be in the past ( source ) but I really want to be sure so I don't edit a video together that ends up being an invalid entry. as this cannot be rectified after the mission is done (obviously).. Also for STS Mun-2 to Mun-4 do you want to see all orbital maneuvers for all three launches?
  13. Could you share your craft file on KerbalX? I'd like to take it for a ride and study your drag avoidance technique My goal is ultimately to build an Eve SSTO with electric props but in order to make orbit I really need to eliminate drag... I am currently at 363.6m/s with my test design - with some more blades I think I can push this to over 365 but i am not sure about 370+ so I need to eliminate more drag The R-12 blades show 4.5 kN of drag for my craft and clipping them in further on decreases thrust, not drag... This is single fuselage (obviously), dual m
  14. Yes, I had them disabled already (or they were disabled by default, not sure tbh) But I was specifically looking for removing the flight view markers from Waypoint Manager - I have had this mod installed for so long I didn't realize they are not stock
  15. Ahhhhh its a WPM marker, not KSP... that explains. Thanks so much... this drove me nuts
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