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  1. Did anyone compile for 1.2.2 with any success? If so, could you please share. Stupid steam won't let me rollback to 1.2.1
  2. I see yes. I found a dll for RSS compiled to work in 1.2.X someone posted in a thread, so thats how I got it to work. I guess I will have to wait for a proper RSS 1.2.x release then. Thanks anyway.
  3. I cannot get KK to work together with RSS. I have the icon but pressing ctrl-k does nothing. At first when examining the log file it said : [ERR 18:05:05.703] KK: Couldn't find body "Kerbin" and: So edited all the .cfg files that said CelestialBody = Kerbin to be = Earth. That worked and the log-file didn't display the error anymore. Pressing ctrl-k however still does nothing. Anyone have any solutions for making KK and RSS work together?