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  1. Thanks! I concur on the silver bullet demotion to PPM. Stupid light
  2. This should be 4 APPAs on SRSTO Jack of No Trades Mk2 SSTO for Passengers Silver Bullet
  3. I made this video today, and I thought to myself "why not make more? And why not ask for some suggestions? I don't know to many launch failures myself". I'll try anything that isn't a launch that lead directly to someone's death. (e.g. no Challenger)
  4. Overall experience with youtube and the forums recently indicates that part clipping is now a fully accepted strategy. Interesting. I'll just say that the kerbals have found a way to hyperdensify fuel. After all, their planets are REALLY dense.
  5. Is this the end of the J5 Jool 5 Mission? The above overdramatic image is the product of Bill Kerman's desprate stripping of redundant components. Due to very poorly calculated snack supplies, rations were reduced first from 3 snacks/kerbal/day, to 2/k/d, and finally one (I do like that the snacks mod allows this). While the craft still has ~1500 m/s of Delta-V, probably enough to get home, and possibly even complete the mission considering components that will be dumped after use (Laythe lander for instance), it cuts it short either way, and requires some gnat-leg margins on gravity assists and aerobrakes if I try to complete the mission. The Toshnika Space Program has been forced to open up to the Kerbin public (that means you) for suggestions... (Hey, at least the Tylo landing & ascent worked perfectly)
  6. Oh, and an important note that I put in the video description but forgot to put here The refinery on the craft was NOT used, it's just there since this craft is actually a WIP Jool 5 ssto, which will involve ISRU
  7. The time has come to redeem my K-prize reputation! In this mission, I extract 75 units of ore from Minmus, and get the back to the KSC runway (barely) No ISRU was used this time, nor save file editing.
  8. yeah, I'll take a gatecrasher. I probably should have read the clarifications on rule 1 before this flight
  9. Closer inspection of the rules had caused me to realize that the ISRU refueling on Ike was not allowed. Probably didn't help that I "cheated" to do it faster
  10. I have decided to lengthen my already unusually long K-Prize achievment list: ...with this mission. In an attempt to get the utilitarial distinction bonus, in addition to another adv. pilot proficiency, I flew a spaceplane to Ike, collected 75 units of ore, and returned them to the KSC runway.
  11. I made this thing in a moment of "What if the space shuttle focused almost entirely on its big strength, being able to bring people with cargo, which, while usually a big issue, was helpful for things like Hubble. In the end, I built a fully reusable spaceplane, to be attatched to a disposable booster. Craft file is in the video description Features: Around 1000 m/s DeltaV in orbit if you fly well enough. Terrible TWR though. Cargo bay space for medium satellites or station modules An inventory cargo container, stock as you wish, or use the default kitting of spare parts and microsat launch kits 4 seats A docking port (standard size, shielded) NOTES As one might expect from putting a winged spacecraft at the top of a rocket with smaller fins, this thing is flip happy, and should be launched with caution. It's also not that easy to land. It hasn't got great gliding capability, and has very small landing gear, that is not spread very far, making rolling over on the runway a concern The probe core between the cockpit and docking port is really susceptible to overheating
  12. I tested the game engine. It works pretty well.
  13. I guess I somehow did worse
  14. I tried flying a plane around on a lot of these bodies, and had a little too much fun! And as you can see in the video, Javine is notably not purple in 1.9 and up. Guessing the new Kopernicus isn't perfect
  15. I failed, but I hope you like the explosions
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