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  1. I'll kill kerbals by the dozens, do a quick reload so I can watch it over and over. Send them out of the system entirely for a half a point of science, cheese any way I can think of, google new ways to cheese it, but I won't use mech jeb. If it's going to fail miserably, I want to be in control, or not in control depending on what's going wrong... Anyway, when stuff goes wrong, I want it to be my fault. (cheesing stuff is abusing in game mechanics, not hacks. I'll make a rover to strip every ounce of science form ksp, or get out and push a capsule with mo more fuel using the kerbals suit RCS. Things like that. Abusing game physics/mechanics, not altering the current build with hacks or difficulty changes mid game).
  2. I updated all my drivers with no luck, but I have a work around now, so I can deal with it. I can disable my internet, load KSP and re-enable it until my network connector crashes, then it will let me make a new one, I can disable my old one and KSP will work without the disabling step. I know I should probably make a new connection, but I tried a few times and my windows isn't cooperating. I had like 9 or so network connections on my last hard drive, most all but 1 disabled. Looks like I was right in my first post on asking if I should make a new network connection so I could disable it.
  3. it probibly did, I can go to the asus website and get the mother board drivers, but I found something out a few minutes ago. I disabled my internet (disabled the network adapter killing my inernet connection) , and KSP magically loaded like it should. Log started: Sat, Dec 10, 2016 15:58:03 lots of lines deleted [LOG 15:59:26.697] [MessageSystem] OnAppInitialized [LOG 15:59:26.700] [MessageSystem] Reposition 0.07878319 52012 [LOG 15:59:35.242] [UIApp] OnDestroy: MessageSystem so a minute and a half later, it loads. It's got something to do with my network adapter.
  4. Ok, then what am I doing wrong? This loaded in a very reasonable amount of time (enough time to liquid and fill my cup of water) on a hard drive with hard drive that gave warnings about "second master hard drive bad, back up and replace" and a terrible read write speed because of it, but on a working hard drive, I get a 20 minute load time, and that's after improving it considerably. Used the same windows 7 install, didn't change any hardware but the hard drive. and I don't have slow loading on any other game except for minecraft which takes everyone who plays the mod pack I'm doing roughly 10 minutes to load. (unmodded minecraft loads in under 10 seconds). Should I find another game that uses the same version of unity with a demo I can install to see if it's a unity problem?
  5. Ok, windows is fully updated, except for the language packs. (thinking having the computer know simplified arabian won't help since I know I didn't have those installed last time) The one with time stamps (still showing 20 minute load times) The output text one. I reinstalled KSP into a not programfilesx86 folder C:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program with no change. Does KSP need a specific net framework or certain java, or something similar? I know I fight with minecraft occasionally on which version of java I have installed. My last hard drive was a 1tb one, so I loaded it with all sorts of garbage, my replacement is less than a third of it, so I'm a lot more careful on what's installed. I still have no AV program. I am going to reinstall For Science and Kerbal Engineering Redux, so I may have to move this to the modded install problem.
  6. Thank you. So I am shooting myself in the foot using Bob. Will have to take him on a ride along later to level him before shoving him in the lab, but by the time I unlock that, taking passengers to the mun is easy.
  7. I've been using Bob early career because the text in KSP claims scientists get more science for doing science, which makes sense, but I watch Scott Manley use Jeb and Val, and ignore Bob in his play thoroughs. I'm wondering if it's because he knows how to get to places outside Kerbin's influence for more science, or if it's just so much easier to make the Mun/Minmus landing with SAS/RCS with a pilot that it's worth the loss of science. Am I just being retarded using Bob and no sas to do a Mun/Minmus science run? I know that Bob lets me reset mystery goo, and the science Jr, so that's a point in favor, but I don't see the seasoned players dealing with the extra problems that having no stability assist gives putting up with Bob, until they are putting a Science station in orbit somewhere. If I started using Jeb/Val/some other pilot early, can I take Bob along later (larger rocket with 2+ kerbals, or just mount a probe on it to give SAS) to pick up his bonus science for things I got with a non-Scientist later? I'm sure when I get better, and can pull off manned missions outside Kerbin's influence, I won't care about a few points of science, but for early career, every point helps, and if Bob gives me a few extra points, I'm putting up with no SAS for them.
  8. It has sata, I'm just broke. I'd like a SSD, but my replacement Hard drive was 10 bucks. Hard to argue with that. My computer can handle Far Cry 4 at maybe 20 fps which sorta sucks, but then I built it to be able to run 30 copies of Diablo 2 in the background botting it while playing something else, and it does that just fine. I put it together like a freight train, not a gaming sports car, so in most games I get a crappy fps that doesn't drop when stuff starts happening. What I really need to upgrade is my memory. I've got enough of it at 8 gigs, but it's slow ddr2 speed 667 which isn't good enough for the huge rockets in KSP. Needs faster memory for those. I can do the huge rockets, and it doesn't crash my game, but it does tax my system pretty hard and makes piloting them annoying.
  9. maybe a year. I keep wanting to restart after doing something stupid, so I have at best gotten a couple tier 5 unlocks. I do like the limited funds in campaign mode. and with a very old computer, can't do the 500 pat super rockets anyway. I really haven't opened that book. I got started with trial and error, then watched a few people play it to see why I was failing. started copying them, did better, watched more videos, rinse and repeat. My current level of noobness is I've just recently started trying to make a ssto jet, haven't gotten one in orbit yet, but that's my goal for this attempt of a play through. I can easily do the satellite in orbit around kerbin and it's moons. I can rescue kerbals anywhere in the same area. I can do docking, but with lots of failure on the weird key mapping of the rcs controlls. I'm better at just using the main engine and reaction control wheels to dock.
  10. trying to fight with windows about updating it's self since you posted this. takes windows a couple hours (probably much less, but it hangs on the checking for updates page for at least 20 minutes, so I minimize it and watch videos forgetting to check on it... Normal stupid user things) did a few rounds of massive updates and it's still slow, but won't rule out my lack of updating windows till updater says no new updates. ps, the level of current updates has reduced loading time to roughly 10 minutes. I started loading it before making this post, and it's half loaded when I first submitted the progress. So it's very likely my problems are failing to update windows before getting my killing Jeb fix. How do I know if I need those? I only play the campaign mode, with stock parts, but do want to add in "for Science" (for lazyness) and Kerbil Engineer Redux. I'm new enough to only care about the thrust to weight ratio it gives on stages, but I've at least learned enough to know it's important. Still over building for trips to the mun and minmus, haven't done a return form another planet's moon after landing yet, so I'm a noob, but I refuse to use mechjeb-so I hope there's hope for me. I want to manually fly my missions. Getting science done automatically is fine with me, but I want to fly it, dammit.
  11. can passengers eva? having a brain fart here, but I'd try to get that craft into a stable kerbin orbit, and send up another craft to rescue them, get close and eva everyone over to the other craft. The way to do it is to eva the pilot out of the capsule and have him space walk, then transfer a passenger into the capsule (since I do remember you can't eva from the crew pod) It will be annoying to shuffle them over one at a time, but as long as it's possible to eva a passenger, its doable to save the mission. You won't need docking clamps, just get into a close orbit with the stuck craft and fly the kerbals over 1 by 1. Do try to have a passenger preform an eva before building a rescue ship. I think they will work basically like rescuing some stranded kerbal, but there might be a flag on them preventing crew transfers or eva.
  12. There is no antivirus on this machine. I do use house call occasionally, but it's for cleaning not real time protection. The computer is over 10 years old, and I can't afford the resource drain. Just double checked, windows is still complaining about me not setting up windows firewall, or using a antivirus program. I went through the add/remove programs and the services tab of task manager to see if I left a partially installed av program, but see nothing there.
  13. sorry went out of town for a few days. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program (default location for steam install), and I only have 1 working hard drive that is not partitioned, so Windows and ksp (and everything else is on the c drive. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.txt C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data\output.log
  14. KSP Version: (WindowsPlayer x64) What Happens: I start loading KSP, and go watch a 30 or so minute video while waiting for it to load. Mods / Add-Ons: none, fresh install on a new hard drive. Steam client install, but I will be adding "For science, and Kerbal Engineer Redux" soon. I miss those Steps to Replicate: I guess, get a new hard drive that has never had KSP installed, and put on windows 7 ultimate. Get steam, get KSP through steam. Result: Game works fine after it loads, and I've had no crashes in the 10 or so hours I've played since getting a new hard drive. Fixes/Workarounds: This is what I'm looking for. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: I've googled slow load times, and all the "fixes" are about disabling Hamachi, or disabling extra network adapters. I only have 1 network adapter (listed in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections) so far with this new install, and no Hamachi (I don't like Hamachi and will never get it again). I did try the 32 bit steam client, but aborted loading it when it too was taking forever, and why bother waiting so long to play on 32 bit when you can use 64 bit. I could not find any other solutions to the slow load problem. Should I make new network adapters so I can disable them? Sounds stupid, but not sure what else to do.