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  1. I fixed it the KIS way: Still - its very annoying. @RoverDude could you possibly somehow blacklist the ports from becoming root elements? Just like some elements in the VAB are forbidden from being the first part of the vessel.
  2. @RoverDude or anyone else for that matter - any idea why one of the construction port suddenly became the root part of my station? Now i can't use the compress function (because the root part can't "disappear"?) Scheema: Tundra Pioneer - Tundra Hub - Tundra Habitat - Construction port (docked) Construction port - Tundra hub - Construction port I started with the tundra pioneer module with one port on the end, added a 6 way hub with 2 ports, merged - was ok. Added a tundra kerbitat with 2 ports and merged again - still i thought was ok. Hauled another 6 way hub with 2 p
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