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  1. any alternatives to effectively change AOA without user interaction mods or otherwise
  2. i have to micro manage the angle of attack which can make flying and hovering a masterwork of piloting being able to automate this action would be of great use and should have been a feature in the first place without a way to change the attack angle based off of flight data i cant accurately control my craft with a good level of certainty being able to feed my decent rate into the Kal-1000 and have it change my pitch based on that would make it so that i could focus on maintaining level flight in a hover or a controlled rate of climb or descent each craft would have to change the angles based
  3. as the wiki page states you need to have a understanding of the forces at play to get the most out of your turboprop i want to use the kal-1000 to dynamically change my angle of attack relative to my air speed but cant find a way to do so. alternatives are welcome because i cant find any way to change the attack angle passively that would be effective.
  4. so the general idea requires 2 mods we all know and love 1 is bd armory the other is the unwieldy red headed step child extra-planetary launch pads- thank god for the stock parts addon for this . iv seen sw denes add bd armory guns onto a single part model before so if and this is a big if you could take the craft file of the player made ship drone rover etc whatever your going to use to attack with and it takes the parts and aero data from it but turns it into a single part model for low parts count and adds in a bd ai then you should be on the right track for haveing a battle without murderi
  5. i made an account to tell you just how much i love this mod and i hope to see more from it in the future. the mod could use some kind of use for your masssive 2-1 salt reactor there is curently no benifit for its cost to weight not even for mineing. keep up the good work its a difficult thred to find if you could put more updates in more places saying that the mod is still active im sure people would thank you for it.
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