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  1. Im not sure if I asked about this before, but did you ever consider texture swapping to allow starship to be used for vessels that dont need a heat shield so the front could be attached to something unrelated? I would think it would be a lot of work but is that something you might do in the future?
  2. With the new starship design do you mind maybe leaving the current models you have as deprecated maybe? I mean I don't know about everyone else but a giant piece of metal doesnt look as cool as what you got here.
  3. @Starwaster @pap1723 [EXC 23:00:17.252] NullReferenceException UnityEngine.Component.GetComponent[RectTransform] () DialogCanvasUtil.get_DialogCanvasRect () CrewHatchController.get_CrewHatchTooltip () CrewHatchController.HideTooltip () CrewHatchController.DespawnUIs () CrewHatchController.OnDestroy () Ok so I found this but I dont know what has caused it or what it relates to. Edit: Ok so that was the wrong log, found no exceptions for SSTU so I think it should be fine. Am wondering why there was a null reference exception though since that above log is from a stock 1.6 install. Also got a few exceptions with clickthroughblocker and although this isnt the place for that has anyone else just happened to encounter issues if you use that mod in 1.4.5? Either way no issues with sstu. Edit (Again): So after actually testing it it does not work. I found that it prevents probes plus texture switching and the landers have no texture. It also prevents most buttons from working such as the load craft button and the exit button.
  4. I looked through the log in the main ksp directory and used the find next option to find anything that contained ERR. I did not find anything relating to the SSTU mod. Due to my methods of looking and the fact that I only launched a stock rocket once, im not sure if that was enough to make sure that it worked. If I need to test every SSTU part on a rocket I can do that when I have time tommorow.
  5. @linuxgurugamer Hello, I was looking through my log for a reason unrelated to this mod and happened to find this, [ERR 16:58:17.459] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: FMRS_NS, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages, button may not be registered properly. Im using version 1.4.5 of ksp.
  6. Will the current 1.5.1 version and the 1.6 version be useable in 1.4.5? I recently realised that some mods for more recent versions work in older ksp versions so I was wondering if it would be the same with this mod.
  7. Are the orion, soyuz and apollo service modules (SSTU) supposed to have such low thrust and delta v? If so, is there a way I could increase this? At first I though maybe the patch did not work on those parts but after learning that the hubble space telescope is at the outer limit of the real shuttles capabilities, im beginning to think that they just have low thrust and delta v in real life.
  8. Is there a way to make this work in 1.3.1 because this is the only mod that has such amazing centrifuges. Edit: I have now realised that there is a 1.3.1 version on spacedock.
  9. I also use 1.3.1 with RSS although I do not use Realism overhaul. As far as part failures Dang It! is fully up to date and can be configured to change the reliability of parts although it may have the opposite of what you want as the mod page says "The more you use a part, the less reliable it will become: so don't be too throttle happy with those mainsails!" so you may not want it. That might be able to be configured so that reliability does not decrease but I am not sure as I have not personally used it myself.
  10. I am not aware of any way to do what you want to do in an unmodded game but there are two mods that might be able to do it. Kerbcam and Camera tools should be able to accomplish this but they are both very out of date at the moment. I am still recommending them because it is possible that there is a patch for them somewhere, otherwise no, you cannot do that with the camera.
  11. I will try and see if that works now and yes it is only visual, aerodynamics and actual atmosphere height is correct. I will edit this when my game opens so I can see what the result is. I would wait until I have done it to reply but my game takes a while to load.
  12. I am using the 6.4x rescale and although it works completely fine, the atmosphere effect feels like it is too high, almost as if im still slightly in the atmosphere so even when im in orbit I dont truly feel like im in space. Is there any way to make the atmosphere visually lower.
  13. How would I go about removing the RSS check as I am not sure what I should remove and keep to prevent breaking the entire patch. @Jimbodiah
  14. Maybe it's your hardware im not sure what else it could be.
  15. Why is there a * next to them? none of the other numbers have it? If thats not the problem what could I try to do about it?