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  1. Little cloud during launch?

    I believe this is a bug. It's part of the smoke plume that comes from your engines. I'm guessing the game anticipates where you're going to be and places them ahead of of your trajectory. This is what I've got from it.
  2. "through" April, 2013? Does that mean prior to April, during April, or after it?
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    I created a Cessna 208 Caravan replica with mods (duh), it looks amazing, flies amazing - reaches its real life max altitude of 7.6 km and above (wow), and flies faster than it was intended to fly. (like 150-170 m/s) It's also the first plane that i have replicated that can still fly without crashing while flaps are deployed. Yay! Also, this is my first post in several months! Hi everybody!
  4. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you're flying a plane IRL, and you stall, first thing you think of : WHERE'S THE SAS BUTTON!
  5. 10K my dude

    1. Just Jim

      Just Jim

      Oh, cool!!!!  :cool:

  6. Unique designs

    Made a plane with a wingspan of 100 meters. The dang thing took off at 25 m/s despite weighing 90 tons
  7. Weather Chat Megathread

    Relatively stable weather for this week. Which is very rare for living in the middle of the US. Last week it was 4 degrees, heat wave came in and made it run up to the low 70s. 30s-50s all week
  8. Over 9000 things to do in KSP

    13. build a rocket!! 14. Don't build a rocket
  9. How to use flaps? (B9 Procedural Wings, FAR)

    Flap parts in B9 are enabled by holding the (default) brake key. (B), or clicking the brake button on the screen next to the altimeter, below the lights button. I've never messed with FAR, I'll have to take a look into it sometime. To make a flap. (stock) 1.Use any of the ailerons 2. disable the roll/yaw/pitch 3. Set them to deploy in an action group, or with the *brakes* From my continuous testing with my replicas, sometimes flaps can do unwanted things, such as making your plane pitch weirdly. Hope I helped!
  10. Im not the developer. But configuring files from what ive seen, is pretty easy, even for someone who doesnt know how to alter files.
  11. @TANK_DEFINITION,*:FINAL { @TANK,* { @loss_rate = 0 } } Its a cfg, youll need to dig into Real fuels and find where it says loss rate, replace the number after that with a 0, as shown above is what it should look like.
  12. Mechjeb is disabling jet throttle

    Disable autopilot of you're using the 'Ascent Guidance' thing
  13. Rate of climb not achieved in airplane

    Try reducing weight. Any Monopropellant in the fuselage is just redundant weight. Cut the fuel you have in your craft in half. If you do that, yes you lose range, but you will get better results out of it. If you want to keep the weight, try increasing the area of the wings; make them longer/fatter.
  14. For the first time ever, im on my way to New Orleans right now. Just passed Lake Pontchartrain, and i can see the city in the distance. Louisiana is a beautiful state!