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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    New plane! Cessna Citation Sovereign In an attempt to make the plane as mathematically correct as possible, I spent about 30 minutes putting numbers into a calculator to make this as close to the actual weight, length, width, and engine power as possible. It's 136% scale, so 136% more everything. it flies like a beast. Made it to the abandoned airport and back (in 10.625x) in 1 hour 12 minutes. Really slow takeoff speed of around 41 m/s, can fly in excess of 220 m/s at 6.8 - 9.1 km up. edit: after looking at the picture, I realized the wings are waaaaay too far forward, I altered them and pushed them back, as well as tuning the engine's angle (If you look at a real picture, the engines are angled a little bit)
  2. Mission in mun with two ssto's

    Create an SSTO that can fly 100T to orbit Hard-mode: to the mun, drop the cargo off, and return to kerbin
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    DC3 and SOCATA TBM 900, been keeping me busy for the last few days.
  4. what do you do in your free time?

    Well first of all, after my school time ends, I try to beat my brother to the computer so I can play KSP until i'm forced off the computer to go to bed. Dreaming about KSP... Still can't land on Jool.
  5. I created a TBM 900 last night, and it flies amazingly. Thank you for the engine!
  6. Made a 1:1 scale Douglas DC3 last night, if anyone's interested, I could release it to the public when I get home. (Mods required)

  7. Mechjeb Install Not Working

    If you're still having trouble, Try the Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN). I use it myself. Think of it as an automated library of mods (Mechjeb included), you type in what mod you want, and click install. It places the mod where it's supposed to go. Hope this helps you!
  8. [1.0.5] S^3 - SmallSolarSystem

    Move planets farther away from the sun.
  9. Super annoying glitch

    Squad released a bad version of KSP before it was thoroughly tested. You'll just have to wait it out while squad takes their time.
  10. I need some ideas

    As probably none of you know, I am TheKorbinger, a huge fan of this game, as I have well over 1500+ hours in this game, tons of experience included. More recently, though. I have started building in-game replicas of planes that exist in real life. (Jets only) If you'd like to see them, view my profile and look at my posts. links for download, and pictures included. I would like to know more of what people would like to see so I can keep busy. (I need some ideas on what to build.) Thank you for giving me your time in reading this, and I hope you will give me some ideas. -TheKorbinger
  11. Lack of reentry heating

    If you're a risk taker, drag it to 1.2x
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    my little brother built his own plane, i told him a few things that he put on it wouldn't work out, such as 3 ton TweakScale batteries mounted ontop of it. I told him what engines would work well, and what wings would work out. He followed along with me, and he built a masterpiece capable of sustained flight at 22 km at mach 4.3, 1,300 m/s and made it 8 THOUSAND KILOMETERS BEFORE IT RAN OUT OF FUEL. My little 7 yo brother bested me at hypersonic flight, at a huge range too! I told him that i would steal his design and try to make it better. If anyone is interested, i could put it up for download tonight, Just requires tweakscale (The wings and elevators are bigger)
  13. Weaponizing Kerbals? This person is a genius!
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    I watched my 7 yo brother try to build a car, to rescue some kerbals he crashed with in another car, and that car was in it's way to rescue another crashed car. I taught him how to land a plane for the first time. 'twas the Albatross 3. He performed well. Proud of him