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  1. {"seaLevel":68,"heightScale":684.412,"lowerLimitScale":512,"upperLimitScale":512,"depthNoiseScaleX":184,"depthNoiseScaleZ":200,"depthNoiseScaleExponent":0.5,"mainNoiseScaleX":80,"mainNoiseScaleY":160,"mainNoiseScaleZ":80,"baseSize":8.5,"stretchY":19,"biomeDepthWeight":2,"biomeDepthOffset":0,"biomeScaleWeight":1,"biomeScaleOffset":0,"useCaves":true,"useDungeons":true,"dungeonChance":8,"useStrongholds":true,"useVillages":true,"useMineShafts":true,"useTemples":true,"useRavines":true,"useWaterLakes":true,"waterLakeChance":4,"useLavaLakes":true,"lavaLakeChance":74,"useLavaOceans":false,"fixedBiome":-1,"biomeSize":7,"riverSize":5,"dirtSize":33,"dirtCount":10,"dirtMinHeight":0,"dirtMaxHeight":256,"gravelSize":33,"gravelCount":8,"gravelMinHeight":0,"gravelMaxHeight":256,"graniteSize":33,"graniteCount":10,"graniteMinHeight":0,"graniteMaxHeight":80,"dioriteSize":33,"dioriteCount":10,"dioriteMinHeight":0,"dioriteMaxHeight":80,"andesiteSize":33,"andesiteCount":10,"andesiteMinHeight":0,"andesiteMaxHeight":80,"coalSize":17,"coalCount":20,"coalMinHeight":0,"coalMaxHeight":131,"ironSize":9,"ironCount":20,"ironMinHeight":0,"ironMaxHeight":73,"goldSize":9,"goldCount":2,"goldMinHeight":0,"goldMaxHeight":37,"redstoneSize":8,"redstoneCount":8,"redstoneMinHeight":0,"redstoneMaxHeight":23,"diamondSize":8,"diamondCount":1,"diamondMinHeight":0,"diamondMaxHeight":23,"laliquidize":7,"lapisCount":1,"lapisCenterHeight":21,"laliquidpread":16,"coordinateScale":592.451} Looks like a minecraft preset

  3. Passed my lifeguard prerequisite test! Doing the online portion now,  will be doing the classes tomorrow!




  4. ayyy lmao
  5. Indeed, fello doge. Suchwow
  6. Delays on the recoverable main tank for my shuttle, taking a bit of time to test it so I just cheat it into orbit and deorbit. Survives reentry nicely.

  7. Welcome to the forums, Meeseeks face!
  8. Taking my lifeguard swim test next week



  9. Airplane Plus is currently up to date with 1.3, I installed it yesterday via ckan. Weapons Extension (BD Armory is currently not up to date) If you install CKAN, It will automatically download any dependencies these mods require to operate.
  10. True, but it would add some realism. NASA doesn't add ugly thin pieces of metal outside of their spacecraft on reentry. Not to mention, IRL those would just evaporate on reentry
  11. Where are you guys getting RSS/RO? Is it for 1.3 or for <1.2.2?
  12. Would you like to buy radial heat shields for $0.99? > YES < NO Had to. I think it'd be cool to see radial shields added. It'd go nice with my shuttles.
  13. Working on a SpaceX Falcon 9 booster-like reusable landing main tank for the shuttle I released yesterday.


    It's going pretty well.

    1. TheKorbinger


      First successful landing from orbit!

  14. Absolute masterpiece, And I thought my replicas where good, Wow!
  15. Hello again, fellow Kerbalnauts, I've returned after a long slumber to bring to you a brand new shuttle that I've been developing over the past couple of days Endeavour - Mass - 410 tons Part count - ~290 Height - 35m Width - 12.6m Length - 21.2m ACTION GROUPS - 1 - Toggle Bay Doors Best way to fly it, that I've noticed, is that as soon as you launch, the craft wants to pull west at about 5 m/s within 10 seconds, so pull 5 degrees east. Once you lose the boosters, you'll be going about 270- 310 m/s and 6.5 km up. at that point, you will notice your velocity dropping just a little bit. DO NOT PANIC, it goes away pretty fast. At the altitude of 20 km and about 450 - 500 m/s, pull to 40 degrees east , once at 28-30 km, roll 180 degrees so the large tank is under you, closer to the ground. Once that happens, go to map view to monitor your Ap (Apogee) , once it's around 65-80 km, go back to the shuttle and reduce engines to 2/3rd power, and burn BELOW PERIAPSIS NODE. You need the horizontal velocity more than vertical velocity at this point. You will run out of fuel at around 2.1 km/s. Nose down, and while the shuttle's still moving, jettison the main tank and start the OMS engines and burn for a few seconds to get away from the big tank. Time warp to about 2 minutes to Ap, and start up the OMS to push to orbit. Great, you're in orbit, and probably wondering how to get down. Easy! just point your OMS in retrograde direction and fire when you're 90-100 degrees west of the space center in perspective to Kerbin. Point your shuttle up at about 25-40 degrees while in atmosphere to aero break. (Do not go above 40, or you'll flat spin at orbital speed, NOT pretty) The shuttle has a very low stall speed, it's about 45 m/s. so make sure you land the thing Anyways, hope you guys enjoy my masterpiece! pics - (just realized I misspelled Endeavour as Endeveror)