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  1. TheKorbinjer

    Why are probe cores so heavy?

  2. TheKorbinjer

    Why are probe cores so heavy?

    off topic, but I agree with the weight problem.
  3. TheKorbinjer

    Rss but stock

    Unfortunately, No.
  4. TheKorbinjer

    Rss but stock

    Try the mod "Hyperedit" It allows you to alter atmospheres thicknesses, and densities, as well as change planets' inclinations. Don't get too carried away with it, like I did. Have fun!
  5. TheKorbinjer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Imagine putting a space station in orbit around Dres. Now imagine that station weighing 100 tons. Now think about 8 kn of thrust pushing it along. (78 mm/s^2 acceleration, 0.7% of 1 G) (I had to sit behind my computer, 4x time warp for 8+ hours getting this into orbit.)
  6. Instead of adding struts to it, try enabling "advanced tweakables" in the settings, you don't have to add to the part count, as Auto-strut could greatly help.
  7. TheKorbinjer

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    Like mitosis?
  8. TheKorbinjer

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Geo-FS ( Universe Sandbox 2 Terraria Minecraft Overwatch Starcraft 2 World of Tanks World of Warships Paladins Toontown Rewritten (Don't ask, it was a part of my childhood, played it since i was 7) Powder toy Roblox (played off and on since I was 10) I have serious ADHD, so i can never focus on one game at once.
  9. TheKorbinjer

    Is a one day, solar polar race possible?

    What he could also do is drive north west, to "follow" the sun, you would be able travel further that way, right?
  10. TheKorbinjer

    Your first hours in KSP

    I watched Scott Manley before I ever played KSP, so I had an idea of how to play the game, but not very well. First launch, i built a rocket, and didn't know how to start the engines. Took me 30 minutes of googling to figure it out. Made orbit finally several hours later, but that was because I didn't know about SAS. Orbital inclinations where always off by several tens of degrees. I had the max of 3 rockets in orbit (demo) and none of them had fuel in them. Good times. Got the game a year later, been loving it ever since.
  11. TheKorbinjer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    With the update, I had to uninstall all of my mods, and I am finally playing KSP as it was intended, I usually play sandbox, but not this time!. Probably 1,000 hours of sandbox and less than 200 career. Not ksp related:
  12. Got my student pilot's license. Time to solo!

  13. TheKorbinjer

    !!!! I Need Help With Something !!!!

    Orbital Rendevzous: I've pretty much mastered orbital rendezvous, without mods, i have maybe 2000 hours. I suggest leading your targets when you launch, and if your target winds up infront of the ship, drop your orbit. What that will do, is the ship you're in will move faster, as it is closer to the planet, and you will eventually catch up to the target. This effect is the opposite when your target is behind you. I however suck at launch windows.