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  1. She sure is, it's the only design that I could cut enough weight off while still out maneuvering Momma. if you wanted a pretty one, big momma would tear into it.
  2. Ah, well that's sure true I've only tested it 1v1 bc I'm too lazy to do 3v3
  3. OP? I'm a total noob with BD's armory and combat.
  4. Big Momma got a fight. She's a tough one, that I'm not sure I'll beat. I announce the newest challenger, the Faldrix I! Loosely based on the big momma platform and theAvenGuard's design characteristics, the Faldrix I sports 2 30mm canons, powered by 2 panthers at 14.568 tons.
  5. Did a very short one at the start of the video, though nothing on the caliber of ll this ^. I'm not worried with composition/feel of a film, but how do you manage to capture all of this while still playing? In my case at least, It's almost impossible to capture from cinematic view, and even more so from other angles. Any suggestions for capturing live action gameplay in a cinematic fashion?
  6. Here, check out what I did today. (and in the past) I'm happy to give any carrier advice
  7. Alas, title's a bit misleading eh? I figure that I'm the first to share in this regard on the internet. Probably most played for KSP aircraft carriers no doubt. I truly miss adjustable landing gear, it was suited for this use.
  8. I believe that I have done something no one has done before- at least stock and to my level. I have landed a stock aircraft on a stock aircraft carrier, in first person! - no aircraft carrier mods
  9. There we go, now a bit faster and no breaking 1000m.
  10. Ah, good catch!I hadn't noticed while in game. Don't worry Krog, we can fix it with a sub 2:00 time
  11. I have set a new stock record at 2:18. this was my fist complete attempt, but thanks for the fun challenge! -theAvenGuard
  12. Check out my videos, they are relatively successful in accomplishing Aircraft Carrier (the unreleased ones are even better) I'll respond to a couple things I find: Deck: I personally prefer using structural panels at 400% as they're more durable and mean you can customize deck height, angle, and size. I dislike the mk3 because they are too floaty and means you rely on for bouancy with their bulky size. Propulsion: just use the Goliath. They mean fewer parts (which is crucial to avoid lag) and have very helpful reverse thrust to slow down in water. (needed to go to space center/save) I find I can get my carriers up to 70m/s with the goliath.
  13. *more like stol..... stal.... stall. I try to be funny sometimes. I have a bunch of stuff lined up., looking forward to bringing more.Thanks @James Kerman!
  14. Hey everyone, I'm glad to finally join the forums! Here's a bit about me: Total aviation buff, only play planes in KSP. (i suck at rockets lel) I have an Aircraft Carrier series going right now, and I need more support to keep it going. I think it's really neat myself. Please check me out/give feedback! I'm happy to join! Channel: