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  1. Rejected Spawn

    A "KSP Loading..." Preview: the Mk2 Lander Can

    Oh my goodness, the most useless pod is going to become the most useful pod..S?!? Totally delighted by this, not nearly as concerned by the apparent window flimsiness as others here seem to be but maybe just the smallest tweaking to make it only a weeeee bit curvier and more durable wouldn't hurt, as long as it has a nice big open view since this is one of the things still severely lacking in KSP so far. Now slap together a few stock hinges and propellers and make us able to stick a glob of chewing gum between parts to fuse them and sell the package to me for 30€ and I'll buy it right away!
  2. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    Having slightly poor color vision I didn't even notice the blue one had red mixed in until I read the text, would have voted for a simple blue without red instantly but ended up voting for red. I don't like mixed color schemes like that, just looks uncoordinated unless the different colors serve a function. Also I'm so late to the party I won't even ask for a slice of cake but the new helmets; nope. Brighter with a colored accent in the same color as the suit, preferrably switchable between at least three colors. Do this and you can... color me impressed.
  3. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    Anyone else hoping for more content to be planned, DLC or otherwise? Personally I'd mostly want some 10x bigger (or more powerful) versions of almost all things and stock propellers so any player ever will actually want to go anywhere near Eve... Come to think of it a major reason to add them is to make craft capable of getting around on oceans without getting stuck when the fuel runs out, just imagine how much more accessible the oceans would be! Stock hinges too, omg the joy it would bring to have transforming crafts without resorting to mods or 300 parts glitchy workarounds. Ah okay Squad you loveable goofballs better announce something soon before I get too disappointed when you can't meet my increasingly unrealistic dreams.
  4. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    Can someone explain something to me? I keep seeing the argument that the parts added in MH were pointless because similar ones exist in mods. Are these people saying Squad can't add parts if someone has made them as a mod? That would limit further content options to adding what exactly, warping pineapples that randomly draw smiley faces on asteroids? Also why are so many on this forum obsessed with using mods and just blatantly assume the majority of players want to use them? This may come as a shock to you but there are in fact millions of players who simply don't have the desire to use mods in ANY games and none of them need to explain themselves. If you're curious about examples anyway some common reasons are a desire to work with what the game provides (usually but not always including DLC) because the player desires the challenge, valid concerns about compatibility such as a mod becoming outdated or not being able to share designs with friends that don't have the exact same mod setup, not wanting to mess around with game files due to a simple lack of interest in learning how to do it correctly, and so on. This forum has a high percentage of mod users but the average of those interested enough in KSP to bother making a forum account here differs from the total average KSP player. Before someone jumps at me claiming I have some weird hate for mods: I think mods are great. I'll still NEVER mod a single game that isn't completely impossible to play without mods. KSP is so easy to play I had no idea what "DeltaV" meant until long after I'd sent rockets anywhere I wanted, yet someone jumped me saying "you wouldn't want to calculate this manually" as if using mods to tell the exact range of rockets was mandatory - while I was using middle school math without a calculator to get a general estimate and then usually got anywhere on the first try. I honestly don't like the mentality going on in this forum, there are too many here forcing their own play styles on others when in reality KSP can accomodate a huge range of play styles, the biggest problem group being those assuming everyone wants to use mods.
  5. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    I find it amusing to watch this intense debate about patch-priority-not-pleasing-everyone unfold for the foreverth week in a row while China growing a potato on the far side of the moon doesn't get any reaction. Frankly a bit excessive to do that experiment there anyway, would have been a lot easier and cheaper to put the stuff in low Earth orbit and generate enough centrifugal force to match lunar surface gravity and then just send the bare bones radio stuff to the moon. Maybe China is actually doing something questionable out of sight using the potato as a cover, I'd totally pay a dollar to hear the code name for that operation.
  6. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    Maybe the excitement from the launch of Making History has died down. I can sort of see why and could list a number of reasons many players aren't really that thrilled but I'm still happy to have forked over a bit of pocket money because it seems likely to lead to more stuff. So when is the next DLC coming out? Will it have things we've been begging on our hands and knees for over the past few years or will it be another mixed bag many players aren't really interested in? My wishlist: not having to use 275 reaction wheels and blutonium rods for a slightly large vessel, not having to use workarounds instead of proper stock hinges (the klaw is already a flappy hinge when in free pivot so I don't understand what's stopping adding a proper one) and on the same note electric propellers for atmospheric flight, it would also be nice to see motor wheels of the largest size that aren't the most worthless parts in the entire game. Not being able to "weld" instead of adding more of those ugly struts is just insane. Lastly the option to switch fuel in at least SOME of the tanks would be... just silly not to have. All the above basic stuff is what I'd like regardless of what type of DLC is on the horizon and I've also seen others request those things a number of times. My most desired DLC would be a "future tech" that includes some of the current advancements in real life, like the microwave rocket and ion engines that refuel by extracting gasses from space. Some reason to build permanent bases would be nice too, like keeping a well staffed and powered base on Laythe to continuously generate a small bit of funds and science and provide a second space center capable of both building new vessels and recovering damaged ones anywhere on the planet would be pretty cool. Also maybe kerbals want to build colonies as a stepping stone to reach other solar systems, you could get a contract to haul special equipment and hundreds of personnel to some remote rock so they can establish a colony that is under the Kerbal governments control. You could also take random assignments to safely shuttle more staff there as it expands. Just blurting out ideas before Squad decides on some other DLC nobody is overly excited about.
  7. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: The Alexandrian Astronomer

    Am I the only one that thinks progress has been surprisingly and terribly slow? Some casually say waiting is fine but at some point there has to be a product, otherwise neither players or developers can be happy. I want to be a happy player. I want Squad to be a happy team, bringing smiles and laughs to millions of players is a good reason they earned it even if they haven't managed to do everything right. From the looks of it Squad has the same manpower and efficiency as they would have had if T2 never rolled in, sort of makes me wonder if T2 ever had the slightest intention of actually doing anything whatsoever to ensure the KSP universe gets the foundation needed to generate any significant funds long term. Then again I'm not well informed in this case, I just have some degree of general knowledge about business practice and how game studios tend to operate in the big picture, no serious publisher just buys out a franchise because "they are fans" but because down the road they see a pile of gold. I don't mean to be a jerk or anything, I'm just puzzled and worried by not seeing any of the good signs one would hope for in this situation, the pace over the last year would have been normal for a title in early access being developed by a small team but not for a studio with a globally famous game... At least I'm very happy to soon be able to finally enjoy KSP again, been holding off ever since last year when Making Historically Slow DLC was announced. Sort of baffled why T2 doesn't fork over a whole truck of cash to increase the manpower tenfold and rake in a ton of dough from more DLCs and down the road KSP2. Seems like alarmingly little is going on if just a mission editor and a selection of parts takes a year to develop. Meanwhile I'm sitting here with a wallet full of cash and slowly dying of boredom, I have literally been counting the hours to release ever since the date was set. P.S. Before anyone goes nuts here, Squad and T2 are bound by shackles of business so we probably won't be getting any honest and informative answers about what is going on between them any time soon, even if they want to give straight answers they often can't. This is normal and nothing to worry about.
  8. Finally got a save file that has one of the bugged tourists and the mission hasn't been accepted yet. This site has a confusing bug report system, if anyone asks me to upload the save somewhere specific I will but don't expect me to bother with this bug any more than I already have otherwise.
  9. As title suggests, on rare occasions (probably less than once per 100 missions) when accepting tourist missions the tourists don't all appear in the list of Kerbals to put in a craft. I've only ever accepted these missions in large packs while declining everything else, possibly related. I use no mods, ever. Happens on both 32 and 64bit. No apparent connection with CPU stress or anything else relating to hardware. Happens regardless of starting KSP 20 minutes ago or 20 hours ago. To reproduce with relative ease and speed: start new career profile, get only just far enough to start spawning tourist missions for sub orbital launches. Accept these in swarms to launch a whole bunch in the same craft and just leap out to like 71.000m and cash in, decline all other missions, sooner or later one of the missions just won't complete because a tourist hasn't spawned and could not be put in the craft. (Using existing saves also works but involves repeatedly saving and loading which could cause all manner of other issues with the game, completing the missions is the least likely to cause unrelated problems and the farther you've gone from Kerbin the farther you need to send the tourists.) The only thing I can think of to check for while trying to identify the bug is that maybe they can't spawn because their names overlap with an existing Kerbal, not much but maybe a starting point. I usually discover the problem long after already cashing in a group so haven't really seen if this is possible. EDIT: The bug appears not to happen if the missions are accepted slowly and all other missions are declined slowly, not entirely sure but this way it didn't happen even after around 500 missions in a row which is enough to suspect that it's a relevant factor.
  10. Rejected Spawn

    KSP Weekly: Looking Forward to a New Year!

    Anyone know of a mod that enables the time acceleration for the players side of the screen? Am suffering from severe bouts of creative urges and would like to skip ahead, currently in grave danger of using a Rockomax decoupler.
  11. Rejected Spawn

    New Atomic Rocket (+other real tech advancements)

    Ah that wasn't quite the thing I was referring to though, I meant the general old fashioned ion engines already in use since decades ago that work by creating a huge static charge to accelerate ions to insane speed, giving a fuel efficiency nothing short of amazing. The only real downsides to them are that they take loads of energy and produce very little thrust, plus as I mentioned they degrade over time (even with ideal propellant) but other than that they are very useful and reliable. The bussard ramjet would possibly give better thrust but it seems like it's something that won't be around for a long time yet, just like fusion reactors have been "coming soon" for the past few decades, I'd think it better to avoid adding it to KSP until very real progress has been made in the form of at least a prototype. Anyway it was an interesting read, hadn't heard of that type of rocket before so thanks for the link!
  12. Rejected Spawn

    Game seems a lot more Grindy now

    Now I get you a lot better, thanks for taking the time to sort it out. I do think the options presented in the career mode are lacking, despite in a way being the complete opposite of lacking. Having a set standard that says "this is a [something] level challenge" gives a nice [something] level satisfaction when you clear a mission but the customized options now are very easily combined anywhere between making the game so easy you almost can't fail and all the way over to making it literally impossible, this has me quite confused because why would settings like that even exist? I'd think having a sort of group of standard game modes in 2-3 standard difficulties each would be more than enough to meet the majority of players wishes and then breaking out the super custom game mode as completely separate from the other modes to satisfy the rest, maybe even go so far as to make the parameters in the custom mode sharable so players wishing to challenge each other can do so easily. Of course the "super custom" mode would need to be completely configurable not just with some sliders but by completely altering how the game functions. The biggest problem would be implementing something like that at this point in time because they can't very well rip out the old system entirely since some players have spent hundreds of hours playing and savegame compatibility is important... That said I don't think creating additional modes is any more difficult than most other stuff done on a regular patching basis, assuming the underlying framework is done in a reasonably organized manner.
  13. Rejected Spawn

    Game seems a lot more Grindy now

    Since I see you constantly expressing your absolute hate for science points in multiple threads I get that you don't like it, what I don't get is your apparent lack of understanding that many players DO like the current system. If a lot of players think a system is quite fun, why can't we keep that system? What is preventing the creation of a SEPARATE game mode for players like you who want an entirely different experience, we already have several ways to play the game so what is making a new mode suited to your needs not the best way to solve this? Why not even take it a step further by having CUSTOM game modes that let the player decide how things should work? Please do explain because at this point your opinion in the matter seems so single minded to me that I find it hard to take it as constructive but I don't think you're only here because complaining is all that fun so there must be some sort of reasoning that perpetuates your stance in the matter, thus explaining it properly would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Rejected Spawn

    Game seems a lot more Grindy now

    I had 30m and fully unlocked tech tree in almost no time in career mode without even going further than Minmus, the only grind was "mid tech" because I got picky about what missions to complete but now when I want quick cash with minimal effort I take a dozen tourist missions (and possibly a few Ore and Station missions) at once, build a massive rocket capable of taking roughly 40 kerbals to Mun and Minmus and home and one such trip takes on average 35 Kerbin days. Investment: 1,5m for a slow rocket, 2m for a fast one with plenty of drills. Mission completion: 5-7m, so always making at the very least 3 million - usually closer to 5. I build atrociously massive structures with up to 1000 parts all the time and waste millions on doing fun stupid stuff, like one out of five things I launch exists to make cash. Now while I don't have anywhere near a money problem it would be nice if there was SOME way to get trickle income without having to personally oversee things, mostly for lazy players who don't want to be handed infinite funds but don't want to keep doing grindy missions all the time. Probably difficult to implement with reasonable balance and while making any sense but for instance making a special ore extraction facility on Kerbin that would constantly mine ore and sell it would be sort of cool, the only way to do something like that right now is to fuel up tanks and sell the entire tanks. Incindentally I tried that for fun, return on investment is... completely awful, but you CAN profit a tiny bit after a few months.
  15. Rejected Spawn

    New Atomic Rocket (+other real tech advancements)

    Don't forget the microwave drive NASA was messing around with, that thing that media thought was a warp drive and caused a whole heap of terrible misinformation... anyway since it actually works and runs on just electricity (well, enormous amounts of power for pathetic thrust of course) it could be very handy for tiny probes in KSP. Also how about tech that isn't just rockets? There has been quite a bit of stir over those things that turn thin air into oxygen and fuel to combat rising CO2 levels, having an additional type of fuel extraction for planets with atmospheres would be really cool! Another more classic thing like the ion engine has also seen some fun ideas like capturing stray gas in space (empty space isn't 100% empty really) to replenish its tank on the go, not too sure about how that works and in real life using non ideal propellant for an ion engine damages it a lot as far as I understand but hey, let's sci-fi! Guess all my suggestions today are of the sustainability variety, I feel so environmentally friendly I'm afraid my potted plants will try to hug me. Oh right they died ages ago, crisis averted.