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  1. To follow up on that: the contract system keeps geeting even more contracts with major updates (hence the titel of this thread) and they already overwhelm the contract system, plus they never go away, they drop in number to a quite noticeable degree when declined enough (not enough to not just check them) and contracts that keep getting accepted will increase in number but this is only a moderate increase. The problem is that once you go literally anywhere or do literally anything the entire contract list explodes with stuff that individually drops in recurrence but the sheer number of differe
  2. To adress this in turn. (A) I don't want to be handed infinite resources for free forever, only one game mode offers this. (B) You do realise that this section of the forum is for suggestions of improvements and fixes to the actual game itself, right? (C) Not even gonna comment on this, also see point B. (D) See point B. Yeah I still have under 2000 hours of play time in KSP but oh so luckily they give me decades to complete a task I would hate every second of doing for the 50 attempts it takes me to actually complete. Maybe you need to take a good long moment and think about players w
  3. I've been bringing this up more than once but since it seemingly falls on deaf ears every single time you leave me little choice but to reiterate: Adding MORE contract types WITHOUT adding any way for the player to STOP the undesirable ones from respawning endlessly is a nightmare. With the addition of EVA contracts in 1.11 things have gotten near unbearable, my career profile now has horrible reputation because the game keeps shoving contracts in my face that I either hate so much that I'd rather not even play the game or ones that I can't even complete due to lack of flight skills. Numerous
  4. Terraforming won't be a big part of reality any time soon either, much to my personal dissatisfaction. Some time ago I was curious how much atmosphere needs to be added to Mars to merely get the pressure suitable for humans, since we can't absorb oxygen or otherwise stay healthy without substantial pressure and living in thick steel cans there would feel rather uncomfortable... I figured being able to strut around with just an oxygen tank would be seriously out of this world level fun so disregarding the specific composition of the gas I set out to find the total mass needed to get the pressur
  5. For structural panels I'd actually like to see the variants I suggested for KSP2 in this thread some time ago: Structural part suggestions - KSP 2 Discussion - Kerbal Space Program Forums Essentially the pic shows what I mean with curved and rounded, at least a 90 degree example. Would be possible to make bases and rovers look very good with that kind of stuff. For other parts I'd like in KSP1 from the same thread I'd really appreciate glass panels and stack manipulators, such as a 2,5m that goes into 3 standard 1,25m nodes but instead of in a triangle they'd be in a row, also of course I
  6. I'd prefer if the docking ports were MORE helpful. Elaboration time: Rather than have some universal magnetic pull I'd like the docking ports to come with a small robotic arm that grabs any nearby ports by a specific "handle" (resulting in precise alignment to whichever direction you've rotated one of those handles) and then gently guides the incoming vessel to the correct spot for a soft, safe and automatic docking. Something similar (manually operated) is already being used at times in real life, I'd think people working to develop "space stuff" won't be too dumb to extend this function
  7. Technically it's entirely possible to reach any destination in the solar system in less than a year, I got in my head that I wanted to plant a relay in orbit around everything that can be orbited and a probe lander on everything that can be landed on, all in the first year of career mode. Eeloo sitting at an angle behind Kerbin was honestly hard and took 45000dv but was entirely possible - by leaping a 25000 ton 12 stage rocket off the launch pad and reversing the orbit around the sun and spending several real life hours burning ion engines at 4X physical timewarp and eyeballing the target bec
  8. I dunno, there's a lot that would be really cool if it's possible but races over distances that require timewarp are probably not gonna be much fun. Bit of a tangent though; would be rather epicsauce to arrange for competitors to try to fly a pure jet or propeller plane to a moving target in the sky that's operated by a "game master", the simplest form would be to just hit some kind of flimsy marker on the target ship to win but I would love to see a race that has the target act as a flying runway and the participants need to ace a landing - this would make the ship designs very important
  9. Well I didn't even address my post to you, would have used a quote or tag otherwise so no I haven't called anyone but myself a clown, that entire section was directly from my heart to the devs how I feel about their work. As for the ability of a forum thread to affect the outcome of KSP2 that depends on how well thought out it is compared to what the devs already had in mind, at no point have I said that I think any impressive percentage of threads posted in this section of the forum actually bring anything useful to the table but in most cases the truly useless ones can't be salvaged by any m
  10. I was one of those hit hardest by the bugs of CP2077, to the point I made a stand and got a refund. I've had it with games releasing in a horrible state, this has been getting on my nerves for more than a decade. That said, I don't think for a single instant that this thread is going to do anything to affect the actual timetable of KSP2, it seems completely pointless in that regard since it's a business decision of how long the game is allowed to stay in development. However it doesn't hurt to let the devs know that we're on their side in wanting KSP2 to be all it can be, even if that mea
  11. First off: I'm against monoliths entirely. Yes, I'm so against them that I'm bothering to enlarge the text to annoyingly big. Having said that, I'm not at all against remnants of alien shenanigans. But in NO WAY as proposed in the OP, there should be absolutely zero impact on everything that has any effect on gameplay, however there are things other than gameplay I'd think could be seriously nice if done right. Let me give some examples, though not only based on aliens because that's a silly limitation to impose. Crashed alien satellites: Really just piles of twisted metal and mangle
  12. That's a really good idea, I kind of subconsciously keep doing almost anything to avoid using the KAL so I probably wouldn't have thought of that any time soon. While the KAL is capable of doing a lot of interesting things it really isn't very user friendly, the UI could stand to be vastly improved... Yes yes I know how RGB works, I was coding websites in HTML around "Y2K" already. What I meant was that you can't bind the throttle directly to a light and get a complex color combination because each value is set to exactly the throttle value and any unbound one stays where you left it
  13. Wow I had totally missed that it was possible to map luminosity per RGB channel already, thanks for the heads up on that! Unfortunately this can't be used to get nuanced color variants like bright blue since it's "all or nothing" per channel, I'd still very much like to be able to set the coloring and luminosity separately... or even better; define custom ranges for each value. This might be a bit much to ask for though, maybe it appears in some patch down the road if they run out of other things to improve. Tried using a KAL to toggle the lights, after some messing around I got it to "s
  14. Feature request: Throttle binding for lights to adjust their luminosity together with engines! Watched a Matt Lowne video of a Kraken drive SSTO today, he set some lights to the same toggle key as the drive function for effect to get that ridiculous contraption to look more "sci-fi credible" and setting aside everything else I thought it would be pretty cool to have the option of linking lights with throttle on regular crafts as well. Of course this is just a silly cosmetic thing but being able to throttle up a futuristic ship and having the rear look like some kind of giant ion drive whi
  15. Almost a bit surprised nobody asked yet, guess I'll do it myself... Will any of this engineer epicness be accessible while an engineer is sitting in an external command seat? First reason I'm asking: My flight skill in EVA expressed in percentage from none to legendary is dangerously close to a negative value. I prefer my little green friends to stay safe so it would be nice to make a movable robotic arm with a seat and stick onto a construction vessel that grabs the soon-to-be-remodeled craft with a klaw and holds it nice and steady. Second reason: Seriously the above use case descr
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