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  1. No, your vessels will not vanish. Well, thank you again! A "must have" mod! They did not vanished from the save, but, all I need to do is to adjust the fuel volume. As some tanks apparently gained some more room.
  2. Howdy! Will it affect the craft per se? I mean, will the ship vanish from my save if Im using one of the older versions? Or just the weight/vol. are affected? Thx!
  3. Yay! It Works! Thx @RealGecko
  4. Ty @TheRagingIrishman!! I saw that a few days ago, but I missed it among the tons of mods lol. I made a search for: UI and that post did not showed up...
  5. Thank you Sr.! But I have a silly question... Is there a way to apply that UI to the entire ksp?
  6. Is there a way to make the sun bigger/stronger? Imo, it is a bit smaller than it should be... Here's a view from 300km Mars orbit.
  7. Hey! Thank you for this and other wonderful mods @Galileo. Im getting this weird ground texture rendering. Is it normal? it renders normal from space.
  8. Amen on that! I dont work for free... I believe that no one here do...
  9. Tellumo rings. And a giant fingerprint at Niven! (super cool!)
  10. That mix, Scatterer/EVE is sooooooo beautiful! Thx @Galileo
  11. I've tested it and so far its working!