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  1. I'm starting to think so too, I'm not the only one having these two mods not play nice with each other. It's a shame too, from the surface of Kerbin it's so beautiful.
  2. So I just installed this mod along with scatterer, and I'm loving it so far, aside from one weird bug where Duna gets these odd gradient rings that follow the camera around. also the Mun seems very.. blue. But I kind of like that. Oh and orbits render through Jool but that is a very minor issue for me. Does anyone else get this issue with Duna? Could it be Scatterer not liking something?
  3. Hey, is this gonna be updated any time soon? I'd like for it to reappear on CKAN
  4. Hey! I tried out your mod on my laptop quite some time ago, and loved it to bits. Now that i have a proper computer instead of a potato, I mainly use SVE along with SVT, however, they both lack a few (okay, two ) things that I really liked from this pack -The hazy glow on Minmus and Pol etc. -The bands of very vibrant green in the clouds of jool Is there any way to perhaps combine these packs so that I have SVE but with SFVE glow and Jool bands? EDIT: hell, may as well go all-in: Is there anywhere I can go for a quick tutorial on combining effects from different
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to make this mod apply to all tanks in game without adding all of the KSPISE resources/tanks on top? I just want to fuel switch stock parts, and Airplane Plus parts, not add a whole lot of stuff I won't use in my current game
  6. Not so dead yet! I really want to do a worldwide survey of all the mountain ranges, and mark them all on a map generated through GIMP or something, as in, actual cartography. I know infinitely better maps already exist but that's no fun for me The only issue is creating a craft that can fly for a day plus and having the personal time to do that.
  7. It could be an ancient hotspot, similar to the Yellowstone Caldera on Earth. Like a land-locked Hawaii.
  8. If you run EVE, you could try what Grape suggested. I haven't yet run KSP with 2.0 installed but I will soon and I know I don't have EVE but I have a lot of other mods, so that'll be a good stress test
  9. This is the kinda thing that makes me really wish I had the computer oomph to spend more resources on prettiness mods, a little notebook laptop is not much, especially with all the mods I already have installed
  10. It's from the Airplane Plus parts pack, it's a really good mini-goliath type engine with adorable thrust reversal flaps but the noise it makes is pure high-pitch auditory cancer. I have recently gone on another expedition to the lone mountain, and recorded a bit of very framey video while I was there, near the beginning in map mode you can see the approximate location of the mountain I think that this mountain is very likely volcanic in origin, especially judging by the caldera/crater visible at 1:00 in.
  11. Looks to me like a geologically active area, with volcanic mountain ranges and valleys, possibly a fault line where that crack at the bottom is. I'm interested in what process could make a lone mountain in the middle of a continent like this one I came across, I checked and it is completely independent of the range in the background, and it didn't have a caldera of obvious volcanic feature.
  12. Just a quick question, is there any way to see changes made to a planet's .cfg file live? Say for example I want to change the inclination of a particular planet, I can open up the file and edit the vale then save, however this doesn't kick in until game restart. I know that Hyperedit definitely has a live edit function, and I could've sworn some older planet making plugin had one too... The reason I ask is that with my current setup it takes literally around 10min to load KSP, and that's really unfriendly to workflow to have to wait that long between changes. If there is a way to 'live edit'
  13. Sigma you cheeky little bugger, this explains it all perfectly... apart from the fact only Kerbin was affected, so your bug has a bug ;D Also holy moly I just realized with Cyran installed as well as DOE you can see the moons as distinct dots from Kerbin.
  14. I swear computers are sentient and just hide it in order to $#%& with us, literally minutes after posting (the second restart I tried since) Kerbin is back to normal, no input from my end, still no idea how or why. Either way, I'm glad that's over!
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