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  1. Agreed. I was able to get RSS working fine (for me) in KSP 1.6. However, what is RSS without Earth clouds and pretty water? For that, I had to go back to KSP 1.3. There is no current way around it. I do miss some of the game improvements that have been made since KSP 1.3 and various mod improvements that have been made and which are not backward compatible with 1.3. At the end of the day (for now), if you want to play with Real Solar System at its best, run it in KSP 1.3x with RSSVE (visual enhancements).
  2. It can do that, if you pass the "Stop" point on the runway. Usually what I do, is deactivate NAV "Roll" as soon as I land on the runway. Then I coast to stop and have manual steering control available if needed. Don't know if this is the problem, but you might try.
  3. Observe

    [1.5.*] Horizontal Landing Aid Redux

    Bingo! That appears to have done the trick. Thank you for this and all the other mods you support. I'll be using this quite a bit over time and will let you know if I encounter any oddities. Thanks.
  4. Observe

    [1.5.*] Horizontal Landing Aid Redux

    @StahnAileron Thank you for confirming. I also ran with a test install, stripped down to bare minimum. This mod worked perfectly with KSP 1.3.x, but 1.5.x behaves as you describe. Very erratic and uncontrollable. Currently, I'm using a RCSLandAid.dll from pre-1.5. It "kind of works". Better than current dll, but still not very usable. Thanks.
  5. Observe

    [1.5.*] Horizontal Landing Aid Redux

    Horizontal Landing Aid Redux doesn't work for KSP 1.5.x. I've installed latest versions of this mod, but when engaged (Blue or Red), the craft just wanders around erratically. I am familiar with operation, because I've been using this mod extensively with KSP 1.3.x. I have functioning RCS etc on my craft/s. Thought I'd mention. Thanks.
  6. Make sure you have latest dependencies versions: Click Through Blocker and ToolbarController.
  7. Care to share your flight plans? I've just installed kerbin airports (Tigerclaw's) and I don't necessarily want to duplicate efforts. Thank you.
  8. I apologize if I offended. Yes, I saw the thread title. I asked, because sometimes mods still work, in spite of game version change. Anyway, I regret posting and will think twice before doing so in future.
  9. @TykoExcuse me? I still don't get your point. Here was my question: "Does anyone know if latest RSS works with KSP 1.5 or do we need to wait for RSS update?". Do you see anything there about asking for an update or pestering anyone in any way? I merely asked if the existing version works with latest KSP. Seems like a legitimate forum question for a humble player such as myself, who isn't an expert such as you.
  10. What? Since when does a polite, no pressure question constitute bugging? Your response make me feel like I never want to "risk" asking a question, for fear of the kind of response you display.
  11. Does anyone know if latest RSS works with KSP 1.5 or do we need to wait for RSS update? Thank you.
  12. Is there any chance of backporting the new scrollbar feature to KSP version 1.31? I don't want to update my game, for fear of massive mod incompatibilities. Generally, I see little incentive to dive into 1.4x. I understand if this can't be done. Thanks.
  13. Is anyone using this for Real Solar System? I am in the process of creating Kramax landing paths for the various Earth airports and can share if interested.
  14. This is not currently possible as far as I know.
  15. I am not quite sure what you are asking. Could you elaborate?