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  1. Keep in mind, the problem I described may not be universal. A few others have also experienced it, but perhaps you won't. In any case, the "solution" is simple enough.
  2. It's working fine with exception of the ground splitting into tiles if you go straight up into space and then straight down again. The way to avoid this, is to first visit the Tracking station and then go back to the ship before re-entry. This seems to be an RSS issue - not RSSVE, Scatterer or Kopernicus version related. I've run completely stock with only RSS and dependencies (no RSSVE or Scatterer) and the problem still persists.
  3. Yes. That is precisely the problem I am having in every detail. Launch straight up into space and then let it fall down naturally into the atmosphere. Tiles appear as a result. The only way I have overcome this, is to switch to the Tracking Station and back to the ship before entering the atmosphere. Then everything is normal. Also, I concur Kopernicus version has no effect. This is an issue with RSS or RSSVE. Thanks. Edit: The above problem with floating tiles (somewhat different than old Scatterer floating tiles issue) seems to be an RSS problem. It occurs even without RSSVE installed. Just an FYI.
  4. It appears in my case, the current 'floating tiles' is due to Kopernicus. Even with RSSVE and scatterer completely removed, I still have the problem with RSS all by itself. However, when I revert back to previous Kopernicus-1.3.0-5, the problem goes away. Perhaps that's already common knowledge and just me who didn't read properly somewhere. In any case, It looks like I can finally settle into a new game!
  5. Ok, I did a fresh ksp install again and still have the floating tiles ever WITHOUT scatterer at all! Everything is fine on ascent, but things fall apart on re-entry. Seems RSSVE is not triggering altitude render changes when coming back from space. Thanks.
  6. Startup screen indicates 1.3: I'll do a complete fresh install and try again from scratch - although I've already done that a couple of time. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for verifying that at least this is working for others. I don't know were to turn next on this. My opening screen shows ksp 1.3:
  8. I've checked and re-checked that a dozen time over the last few days. Still floating tiles when approaching ground from high altitude. I've trimmed my installation down to no mods except RSS and RSSVE related. I wonder how this is working for anyone?
  9. I"m still getting flying tiles using ksp 1.3, scatterer-0.0320b, RSSVE- From what I can see, latest scatterer does not fix this issue. I've checked, double-checked, reinstalled fresh ksp but no dice. For me, I have no interest playing without RSS and RSSVE, but the game is unplayable with floating tiles. Just thought I'd mention before dumping the game and moving on. Thanks.
  10. Damn. Floating tiles still present! I just came back to RSS/RSSVE yesterday after absence because of this issue. I thought this was solved with scatterer-0.0320b. Am I overlooking something? KSP 1.3, RSSVE-, scatterer-0.0320b.
  11. I think you are right to some extent - although I also looked at some real images from space and the termination isn't quite as sharp as my first image, but also not as 'smooth' as the second one as you point out. Also, the first (sharp) example has that strange yellowish gradient at the termination edge. Thanks.
  12. That helped a lot. Now there is much more realistic graduation of Earth day/night instead of abrupt/sharp change. I"m launching from White Sands New Mexico. Date is April 2017. I'm not so concerned about lighting on the ground as I am appearance from space. Turning off EVE Integration solved the problem adequately for me. Thanks!
  13. I notice a sharp division between day and night. Is there a way to make the division fade more realistically? Thanks. Edit: Above using RSSVE- and scatterer-0.0320b. KSP 1.3. Edit2: It's not just the planet. Everything is very dark that isn't directly exposed to the Sun.
  14. My understanding is that Kopernicus has broken Terrain Scatters if that is what you are referring to.
  15. I didn't realize you had already fixed. My apologies once again. I edited my previous post to so indicate. Thanks!