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  1. Others could probably help you better than I, but first check that you have the following folders within your GameData folder: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Kopernicus RealSolarSystem RSS-Textures RSSVE scatterer If so, we can check further for correct versions etc.
  2. @BlackDragon Korean Which KSP version are you running?
  3. Warp causes problems with this mod. For one, Kerbals lose their level experience - or at least the number of "Stars" gets reduced to zero. Another, after warp, all the Kerbals have "snow" in their profile image. Going to the Tracking station and back to the ship, corrects the profile image, but doesn't retrieve their experience status. I'm using KSP 1.3.0. I expect you already know about these issues, but I thought I should post them anyway. I'm uninstalling this mod, until these severe bugs are resolved. Love the mod. Can't wait for it to work properly. Thanks.
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    I assume you mod the game because you like doing so. Part of your enjoyment, is seeing others take pleasure in your work. It takes a community of modders and players for this to work. While you may be justifiably impatient, it is not good to treat players with disdain who are trying to weave their way through the labyrinth of getting mods to play well together. Remember, modders need players as much as players need them. It's a two-way street. I understand your frustration and also your reasoning for not updating Constellations so that it can run with 1.30. At the same time, please understand the frustration of players (like me) who love RSS/RSSVE and who would love to play with Constellations. The situation is particularly depressing, because a "lot" of people are in fact running RSS/RSSVE with no significant problems at all and it seems that Constellations could likewise run fine with a few config changes to bring into compatibility with whatever version of Kopernicus/Scatterer that RSS/RSSVE are using with success for 1.30. Considering you have made it very clear that you may not be updating this mod for 1.30 any time soon, do you have any general suggestions about what needs to be changed, so that individual players can have a go at it? I understand Kopernicus changed some of its naming conventions. I've made those and other changes that I am aware of, to your configs. As you can see from my pics, things are looking much better than before (no super bright neon planets). To me, Constellations is sufficiently playable for an enjoyable experience, even though you say it looks "messed up". If it is messed up, could you point out how so? Or, would you prefer everyone just shut up and leave you alone? If maintaining this mod is no longer enjoyable for you, then perhaps you should step away from it for your own peace of mind? No one could blame you if that is best for you. In my own case, I was once a fairly major modder with a different game, and I too walked away after several years, because of some of the issues you are facing. Thanks.
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    Please understand, I am in no way trying to be argumentative. To the contrary. I am not suggesting using with 1.3.1, but rather 1.3.0. The big question I have, is if RSS/RSSVE works with 1.3.0 (which it does and is known to to so), what is so different about Constellations that precludes it also from doing so? From what I can tell, the lighting is less "messed up" with changes to lighting. Certainly, it seems very playable unless I'm missing something else? Thanks.
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    Just so you know, as far as I can tell, everything is working fine with KSP 1.3. As mentioned previously by @logan2611 and also I noticed, initial install has sunlight intensity extremely "neon" bright. Even the dark sides of planets were...not dark. After adjusting intensity values, and properly merging the various scatterer files I have things looking normal. I also adjusted the lens flare intensities and positioning, because I personally don't like the huge "ghost" flares creating false suns and spreading out too far. Anyway, I am satisfied. Here are how things are looking after adjustments: SeaBase in Pacific ocean Proxima Centauri b Kepler-1229b Considering Constellations "out of the box" doesn't work properly on KSP 1.3 without adjustments, it seems like it might be worthwhile releasing a 1.3 version. Thanks for a great mod!
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    You are right. It was RSS that a patch was made. So many mods and so many versions! So yeah, if I can get Constellations working with Scatterer (as it is with RSS bodies), all will be running fine with KSP 1.30/RSS/RSSVE/Scatterer 0.0320b.
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    My BAD! I'm using KSP 1.30. Sorry! In any case, RSSVE does work with 1.30 (they made a patch as I recall). I'm hazarding a guess that many/most players who use mods, have not updated to 1.31. As such, it appears that Constellations works fine with 1.30; which the exception of too bright objects and scatterer not working on Constellation bodies only. Thanks.
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    Not as bright as before reducing those values! Here is a comparison shot of Proxima Centauri b using the original Constellations configs. All the other planets (including Earth etc) are likewise too bright as @logan2611 pointed out earlier. Scatterer works perfectly on the RSS/RSSVE planets. I'm not sure why it isn't working on Constellations bodies. Should be a minor config patch I expect.
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    Here is Proxima Centauri b using KSP 1.3 with the adjusted configs:
  11. ...

    That's what I would have thought too - except from what I've seen, all the Constellations exoplanets look "normal". Admittedly, I've never used Constellations before and so I'm not acquainted with all the various planets. Is there a particular planet that you could point me to, so I can check it and post a screenshot of it to determine if it suffers as you suggest? Thanks.
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    That's easy enough to fix. I'm running KSP 1.3 with RSS. After installing Constellations, Earth was very bright (just like in your image) and so were most of the other stars and planets (both RSS and Constellations objects). What I have done, is go into the various config files in Constellations that specify Sun brightness. Look for these entries (values differ depending on star): Reduce those values by a factor of 100. For example, if the value is 0.09, change it to 0.009. After doing that to all the Constellations configs (19 of them in my case), everything looks they way it should (beautiful). Earth is back to normal brightness, as are all the other planets and stars. Cheers. Note: I did not use the Constellations visual files for RSSVE because I didn't want to mess with something that was already working perfectly in my install. However, I did use the provided visual CVO files. Those are needed for clouds on the Constellations planets.
  13. Keep in mind, the problem I described may not be universal. A few others have also experienced it, but perhaps you won't. In any case, the "solution" is simple enough.
  14. It's working fine with exception of the ground splitting into tiles if you go straight up into space and then straight down again. The way to avoid this, is to first visit the Tracking station and then go back to the ship before re-entry. This seems to be an RSS issue - not RSSVE, Scatterer or Kopernicus version related. I've run completely stock with only RSS and dependencies (no RSSVE or Scatterer) and the problem still persists.
  15. Yes. That is precisely the problem I am having in every detail. Launch straight up into space and then let it fall down naturally into the atmosphere. Tiles appear as a result. The only way I have overcome this, is to switch to the Tracking Station and back to the ship before entering the atmosphere. Then everything is normal. Also, I concur Kopernicus version has no effect. This is an issue with RSS or RSSVE. Thanks. Edit: The above problem with floating tiles (somewhat different than old Scatterer floating tiles issue) seems to be an RSS problem. It occurs even without RSSVE installed. Just an FYI.