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  1. My understanding is that Kopernicus has broken Terrain Scatters if that is what you are referring to.
  2. I didn't realize you had already fixed. My apologies once again. I edited my previous post to so indicate. Thanks!
  3. I finally have beeen able to get RSSVE working with KSP 1.3 by replacing "Earth" with "Kerbin" in the RSSVE configs. Scatterer - latest version Kopernicus - latest version RSS - latest version EVE - latest version RSSVE - latest version. Modify the following files: city_lights.cfg, clouds.cfg, Earth_Atmosphere.cfg, Earth_Ocean.cfg, RSSVE_Scatterer_Planetlist_Config.cfg Now I have Scatterer ocean effects, clouds, no floating tiles, and everything looks good as it did with previous KSP version 1.2. Thanks. EDIT: Cancel above. Galileo already solved the problem and has provided a patch file. My goof.
  4. Thank you for clarifying. I apologize for my confusion on what the various mods do and how they interact.
  5. I did notice significant terrain improvement upon installing newest Kopernicus compatible with 1.3. Really brings things to "life".
  6. I'm not having any trouble with latest Kopernicus. As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm using EVE (not SVE) and all works well with latest Scatterer. I'm not sure what's missing/broken. I did have to move away from RSS because new RSSVE configs haven't been produced for compatibility with Scatterer and the runway gaps are even worse with 1.3 than they were with 1.2, but that another subject unrelated to this. Again, great work!
  7. Very nice job on the Kerbin terrain! Since I have a new install (KSP 1.3), I haven't checked out the other planets, but looking at them in map-view, they look great also! Thanks for putting this together.
  8. I had the same problem. Finally, I removed SVE and installed EVE instead (along with EVE configs). I no longer have that issue and I've realized I prefer the atmosphere effects from EVE over SVE anyway.
  9. Thank you for verification.
  10. Thanks. I apologize for not mentioning I am running RSS. I meant to, but I neglected.
  11. Not so easy; because RSS requires Kopernicus. Only way is for me to uninstall Real Solar System and all the rest associated with it and go back to vanilla game. I may do that anyway; given there are still some key mods that are not compatible with KSP 1.3. Thanks.
  12. I'm still getting runway gaps with KSP 1.3 and latest version Kopernicus. I thought this was to be fixed with 1.3? Thanks.
  13. I still have significant runway gaps with KSP 1.3 and Kopernicus latest version. The gaps are in the same places as always. I thought KSP 1.3 was going to solve this. Or is it that Kopernicus hasn't fixed it on their end yet? Thanks.
  14. How does one get the water white-caps effect? I'm using latest version Scatterer, RSS and RSSVE with KSP 1.3. Thanks.
  15. I hesitate to mention this, because it makes no sense (to me). Using KSP 1.3 with Scatterer 0.0300 I had the floating terrain tiles issue unless I turned ocean shader off - resulting in no ocean at all. I edited RSSVE_Scatterer_Global_Config.cfg and commented out the last line !Scatterer_ocean,*{}:FOR[RSSVE]:NEEDS[Scatterer]. After doing that, I no longer have floating tiles and I have the nice Scatterer ocean! Game now playable for me. Nice ocean, KSP 1.3, clouds etc. EDIT: Atmosphere effects viewing from space are too bright (compared to using KSP 1.2), but I presume these will be tweaked in due time as mentioned. Thanks.