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  1. Msff has high cpu usage and its fps get double with dlss
  2. Outpost contracts, which requires outpost be on wheel doesnt work with restock/restock+, game doesn't regonize it being on motorized wheels when using these mods.
  3. Ksp1 was limited for its heatshields for only round parts. It could be better if we could use paint tool to generate heat shield on any wanted surface.
  4. Is there any mods to do these or is it possible? Where i can find commands for modding these parts ?
  5. This could include basic part, mission, sound, planet and script/macro editors etc. Like Valve Hammer but Kerbal Hammer.
  6. To be honest i want this only so it supports VR, but asking for VR is kind big step for most developers. And this would make them implement first version of it faster and closer to release date, and maybe later make it full VR. I think it could be good tactic. Actually i played original KSP with VR and using VORPX but some hud systems doesn't work very well because map icons are popped up on hud too and not where they are supposed to be. But otherwise it is almost perfect.
  7. Vr is a thing. But 3d television was simple example. Many televisions has 3d support nowdays, not much used tho. Why asking this for my suggestion?
  8. Side by side rendering option to support 3d televisions, we could use third party program to see game in VR glasses too with this.
  9. It isn't any cheaper to get high PE orbit capture than Low, if you make maneuver node to lets say mun periapsis when capturin, make it with both approaches, you will see that with same amount of dV you get circular orbit around mun, other is just higher than another. So to get cheapest you must aim low because you can then do high eccentricity orbit which costs less dV, and it is not possible to do when high orbit, with same amount of dV used.
  10. Simple coplanar if you do large DV burn for moons and fix ascention later. But at low DV burn i don't use each of them to save time. Intercept only doesn't seem to do anything.
  11. I tried to figure out why my FPS was low, i found two mods affecting performance badly, Rockets Sound Enchanment ant Mechjeb 2 (unfrotunately 20-30% hit) Could it be possible to optimize mechjeb on situations when you actually need it, rather than slowing game constantly? I Tried shutting down mechjeb controllers on ships but it did't affect. Only removing mod helped. There is couple modules i would need, there is lot of things surely which each capacity for nothing now.
  12. Sounds like we get same or worse performance as original KSP. Worse if physx is same as now and there will be more calculations done. Physics needs be totally rewritten or this will be disappointing sequel.
  13. Does it support GPU based physX instead of forced CPU? I am trying to guess how smooth gameplay we will have.
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