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  1. So my biggest fail was when i finally landed on Moho And then,THE KRAKEN POSSESES ME! My ship exploded,and my kerbals started spazzing out and turning into spaghetti! Look: And i had to start all over again I think Moho hates me
  2. Either sometimes your ship is to heavy,or your landing to hard and fast
  3. I made this Minmus lander,and so i want to show me landing on Minmus! The lander: The rocket: Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! ' So i did some orbital stuff bla bla boring,and this appeared! Ye,an orbit around Minmus! Awesome,we are gonna land! Getting close! 2 MINUTES LATER... Yes! Landing achieved! Podman seems satisfied with the landing:
  4. but,you know what,JEB,MORE BOOSTERS! For real,boosters are key,add as many as you can,not the terrier,not the vector,but add engines in the wings,and also supersonic intakes!
  5. but,if i want to scan a planet,moon,it says i should have a 90-80 inclination orbit! Dont you see? nah,i dont mind,its okay
  6. Soooo,i made this mapping satellite,and i want to share it with the whole KSP community! The satellite: The rocket: (feel free to copy the satellite and the rocket,but dont forget to give credit) Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! SPACE! LATER... Yaaay,a successful orbit! Look how much ore there is!
  7. then use the vector engine,its super good and really overpowered!
  8. Im thinking of launching a mapping satellite into orbit of the Mun,but i cant seem to think of any good designs! Anyone has some quick,nice designs of a mapping satellite? I would really appreciate it! BYE!
  9. Me too! My family cried when he died (yes,they cried)
  10. huehuehuehueheuheuhe meh,its okay