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  1. Thanks for all your help but this too did not work; I did find a work around as KSP seems to work fine in bootcamp. I appreciate all your help.
  2. Sorry the late reply life got in the way; here is a dropbox link to my Player.log file https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ygkfdshu5d7soos/AACHxGPI35qmrHU68-dyyTWZa?dl=0
  3. I did try this (1file failed), didn't work; I re-installed, tried again, verified again, again 1 file failed the verification; game still was stuck at the same point every time. I will try the link you sent, looks promising thanks!
  4. I recently installed the game on my 13" Macbook Pro early 2015, and whenever I run the game it seems to load fine. It gets to the end – says "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal" – and remains stuck there. I am running the latest version of macOS Sierra, and I could not find any solutions to this problem, although there does seem to be a similar one where it got stuck on assets earlier in the loading sequence.