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  1. I could see this working well with the Interstellar Consortium mod; maybe integration could be planned?
  2. Can't figure out how to quote your quote, but that's the gist of what I was going for; integrated landing legs into fuel tanks. However, maybe (cause the is KSP) doors could be added, protecting the legs, thus requiring EC to open? Then the price and mass can be bumped up and hey presto inline landing legs.
  3. I'd also like some new ion engines, maybe some like the AFTER in the(I think) Near Future suite.
  4. I agree. Life support has to do with kerbals, not electric charge.
  5. Any specific reason, or simply to see the fairness? Also, what was the result? P.S. I love that answer.
  6. I actually wouldn't mind having limited recharge cycles for batteries or decay on RTGs. If there is, however, I think it should either be a. Lenient toward the player or b. a difficulty option. Shame I can't program in anything except Python... Then maybe we could also have a slight "range" in vitality, like a battery lasting from 35-45 cycles, or RTGs for 20-30 years. Or not. KSP is a fun pastime, and, also, not everyone would like it. That's what happens when a change comes. Take a look at other games with similar issues. For example, in a game called Darkest Dungeon, there was a system the Devs introduced called the Corpse system, and many players disliked it. So what did the devs do? They made a difficulty option! (Obviously, that was something the devs introduced, not something some fans suggested, but the point stands) Video games SHOULD have difficulty options so everyone can have fun. I feel RTGs should have decay as every power source has a caveat. Solar panels need the sun, Fuel cells need fuel, and RTGs have what, a low power output? That's not enough.
  7. Hello! For a school project, I am the treasurer and had to create a little spreadsheet to keep track of expenditures, but over the course of an hour-and-a-half, it ballooned into a full-blown budgeting spreadsheet complete with charts, excess tables, hidden math and more! I know spreadsheets are considered a "nerdy" tool, and now I see why! Other than this, the only other spreadsheet I can think of would be a little nerdy would be to keep track of my KSP launch vehicles. What is/was your nerdiest spreadsheet?
  8. The whole point is to avoid clipping. Can you put a landing leg inside a fuel tank in real-life and expect to receive no capacity issues or have it actually be able to land? Also, part clipping looks UGLY.
  9. Take a look at this game I just played Note: We lost this match
  10. Bowling Alley wings. The local bowling alley has the most greasy wings you'll ever come across. Right after working out, too.
  11. I play war thunder and get an average of ~10 kills a game. (planes). The people I face must be pretty bad.
  12. You know you've played too much KSP when you just finished your non-timewarp mission to Eeloo and back.