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  1. hmmm, I'm using ksp interstellar extended 1.16.7, and I keep testing the laser emitter, but I don't know how to make it work
  2. I have been ignoring this thread for a long time, how do you make positrons in ksp interstellar extended?
  3. Random question, is there any way to make rotors reset to a default position when not commanded to rotate in a direction?
  4. @falcoon sure, tell us the details, can you screen shot the crafts? what frequency's are you using? does the relays 0/0 increment after activating one?
  5. It is not explained how a relay should work, but basicly you need control, and 2 transceivers, one set to "link relay" pointed at the transition source and then the relay power button appears on the second transcever the relay will then work as one but not at 100% efficiency, on the subject of radiating power during flight why don't you try the new hybrid radiator wings, they are made for just that, space planes tho they do look ugly.
  6. That was cool, you made your game look beautiful even tho it takes a toll on the frame rate, hydrazene is nice and dense as a fuel, but it's expensive!, on the landing I'm not a pro, but from what I see your craft is very heavy, and for such a tonnage 7 m/s was a bit rough, you could increase the lift, that's what I'd do, to make smoother landings easier, or just land next to the runway like a noob and taxi on it for 100% recovery, the ground can't be crushed by 100t.
  7. You see there, the receiver is connected to 2/2 of your transmitting satellites, so you have 2 spot sizes, one for each, too bad you can't pick between what transmitter to see the info on, so right now, if you want to see how effective the transmittion is you have to turn off all but one of your transmitters, and check the numbers.
  8. They work as receivers, but I use them as aerodynamic radiators for first stages and space planes, the drag is easier to take into account if they are wings, I also made a fin version.
  9. ok, new information on this forum helped me fix the problem with my hybrid radiator/microwave reciever/aero wings, have a look at them now
  10. Same for me, it has always been this way so I stopped trying, I can't even find the part file to see what's wrong.
  11. The nuclear candle, the timberwind and the tokamak can produce thermal power usable by a generator, to do this make sure the engine has fuel.
  12. I will, but should I tinker with the facing threshold, exponent or surface exponent? edit: i tried facing threshold 0, facing exponent 0.25 and facing surface exponent 0.25 but the receiver promptly broke after that, no power is gained after a while, not even from the receiver they are connected, I must tinker some more. I will try both, in CFG file editing of the a model and later a unity converted model of my own, I'll have to go back to my 3ds max roots
  13. I was mistaken, the wrapped thermal receiver was the only one I could make work as both a receiver and a radiator, but that part cheats, it doesn't care about facing, I don't know how to make a board that reduces the facing factor to 0 when it's sideways to the transmitter. Something like the Inline Thermal Receiver Mk1 but in reverse. How do I "stretch" it? and is a square side better in reality or in the simulated KSP world? I know only diameter matters in part files. I have made no progress on how to make or edit KSP stock parts, neither blender nor unity is helping me...
  14. I could never make microwave thermal receivers work as radiators, and blender seems complicated(impossible), I will put some more work into it when I can.