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  1. @blackheart612 I've indeed tried the folder moving thing, especially with the Payload parts,  I switched them to utility.  But  it still freezes on them.  Instead of freezing on   KSP/GameData/AirPlanePlus/Payloads/ { Insert any of the Payload Parts}  

    It went To KSP/GameData/AirPlanePlus/Utility / { Insert any of the Payload that we're switched to utility Parts}  

  2. Hello Black, I like this mod especially for the long nose'd helo cockpit, some of the other cockpits but especially the Mk1 cargo bays. thay allow em to make proper looking helicopters. But I have a problem. AirPlanePlus loads perfectly on 1.2.2   But on 1.1.3 it gets stuck on all the 'payload' parts  (AKA the Cargo bay door parts that have  little doors which slide outwards and then along the side.)   Why does 1.1.3  want to load everything except for them?  (Oh, and  1.1.3 gets stuck on the F16 {Falcon_Cockpit}  Aswell).

    Hope you know a answer :D.   


  3. Hi!, So Im a lover of the IVA, especially when flying Jet fighters for example, I've been trying to use RPM But it doesnt seem to work. (I Havent tried the Space Rocket Capsules but rather the Standard IVA Cockpit and  Some cockpits from a different mod)

    I Have a few questions, Hope they could be answered?

    1. I Thought RPM Also Lets you make more use of some of the switches and such inside of a cockpit.  Is my thought true or does RPM just give functionality to all the little screens?

    2. Does RPM Work with the AirplanePlus  Mod?  Due to it having lots of  'Neat-0'  Fighter cockpits and such, And I believe  in its description RPM Was mentioned for some cooler flight experience.

    3. Should the RPM Screens work with basically any Fighter or Space cockpit  that has screens in overall?  Or just  a few mods?.

    4. When looking into the JSI/RasterPropMonitor Folder I came across a parts and such lists, which contained  apparently some things used for RPM, but when looking in the SPH/VAB, the only thing I can find about RPM is the Camera, and that doesnt work either it seems (I Can change its name and such but I cant like view it Inside my cockpits).

    Thanks in advance for reading and possibly answering any questions.

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