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  1. This mods is the best looking mod I have seen in a long time. Will you make it rss compatible? Like add "dirt" textures and stuff from moon mars or even more normal stock planets. Also a crew module would be great!
  2. Hey, I love your mod but I have one idea/suggestion. In my opinion the option to make the tanks lightwight is kind of op, because you you always could get lots more Delta V by just pressing a button. Of course it's just useful in the first stage and in a upperstage with fuel which doesn't boil off. To bring realism the tank could be made out of carbon fiber? Than the fuel tank would be more expensive (20% more?) Thank you!
  3. I suggest to make layth frozen. Maybe give it a small satelite for the background story. (The satelite would evantually make a impact into layth and then everything heats up and the ice melts, and gases make the atmo). Also you could give dres a very inclined orbit and it should have some frozen bioms all around the planet.
  4. ResearchBodies is a mod where you have to launch telescopes into space to get information about other planets. Only than you can start sending probes to them and actually them. It's nice to have and brings more suprises to the game especially if you have a new planet pack like yours.
  5. Is there a way to make this planet pack compatible with the mod "research bodies"?
  6. I have a very crazy idea! Do you know Space Engine? I think you can export textures of planets out of the game. Could you use it for this mod? That would be very cool!
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