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  1. Thank you all for your help. my rendezvous was a success
  2. Thanks for the fast response So i have a craft on the pad with an inc of 28.6º. And another in orbit at 400.5 km x 409.7 km with an inc of 28.2º. my problem is that if i launch now when my orbit in complete my inc will be the opposite. i can launch later and line up for the rendezvous but it will be at night and i'd rather launch during the day. so I'm trying to figure out what my HDG should be to achieve the 28.xxº inc when I'm done my burn so i can start my approach. this will be my first of many to come rendezvous i do understand (0 = north, 90 = east, 180 = south, 270 = west). just not sure where to point when i launch so I'm heading in the right direction. thank you very much for the help
  3. Hello so I'm new to this game and Its so fun, My question is, how can I find out what my degrees are when I'm looking at the navball i have a craft on the launch pad and I want to do a rendezvous with a craft that's sitting at 400 km with an inc if 29°
  4. Nice moon photo 

    1. MissMolly


      thanks, its not that great but its RSS only no RO or RPO till then its what it is