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  1. im hoping chatterer is also effectively integrated into ksp2 i just want some fancy intercoms chattering from the crew and bleep bloops
  2. this is a really great update it adds enough info to do anything someone using kerbal engineer can do. well except knowing when to suicide burn that is... also a good performance boost, i never looked at the skybox that much so i haven't noticed that much change to it. im fully confident that when you eventually get around fixing up planets you give them the love they need deserve (recently learned duna used to be much more beautifull until a time constrained update remopved all unique terrain features)
  3. oh i dunno man, you know how weird ksp gets when you get too far from sol, with seemingly rectangular orbits and all, besides, an extra science biome in outer space isn't exactly interesting and will only add joy for the duration to get there. not even that actually since you'l be just browsing the forums as you wait for your craft to get there on 100000 speed and finally get that science after like an hour of waiting. which is basically the same problem as the rovers with not having to put a weight on the w key as the only difference.
  4. So in the new dev diary on the steam page they were talking about textures. In the comments I was reminded of the planets. The planets in ksp are just a tad dull. And besides the atmospheres, distance, and gravity challenges they have only a few sights to offer. Next to this there is the issue of them being HUGE (duh ) making rovers kind of boring as well since getting anywhere takes longer than doing a maneuver with ion engines divided over multiple passes of the periapsis. especially on low gravity planets (or if the rover is a bit wibbly wobbly... ... ... stuff) this is a problem as it is extra dangerous to let the rover drive on cruise control and do something else in the meantime. So when the devs get around to looking at the planets I would suggest (next to improved textures and adding shinyness... clouds) more landsights and a way to travel accros the surface faster, a sort of fast travel, maybe even discovering waypoints to give fixed locations to travel to. so for example the mohole, entrances to grand ravines, easter egg locations. maybe costum locations as a means to get back to bases. Now yes there is a mod for fast travel (because when is there not a mod for your desires?), but such a feature makes gameplay on planets so much more bearable it is something I feel should be included in the base game. other nice things to add could be more texts describing locations and what the kerbal thinks of the sightings , and collectibles when you surface sample at interesting locations which you can view in a rock trophy room. because people like to look at rocks right? a bit of a side story of the findings as i just described could be interesting. also please add that cryovolcanic activity to eeloo because that sounds really freaking awesome and probably looks really cool.
  5. don't see how it should fit in spacecraft exchange... i spend like 30 mins jamming it together and don't even know how to exchange craft files but okay...
  6. litterally get it? because the parts are called food? sorry I just had to do it btw challenge for anyone to get such contraption into space without using cheats. I couldn't be bothered.
  7. guys guys... it worked! my rovers wheels have been realigned (in orbit because savescumming) and after hours of trying to realign them the rover works 100X better, especially turning rates have improved. it does however still have a problem climbing inclinations but much less then it used to. (i even managed to drift in it!!!)
  8. guys i have theorized the flaw that might have been the problem for my rover, i remember that the wheel are actually attached about 3 degrees at an angle meaning 2 wheels on one side are not properly touching the ground. i will probably figure a way to fix this problem and see if it helps
  9. i figured that, doesnt seem to be the problem, one problem is probably that the weels are too close together to turn well, the power problem however seems alot tougher to fix
  10. hello guys, today i am here to tell a small story that just happened. this here above is my magnificent entry for the duna mobile base mission i had. 8 kerbals, 6k LF capacity. and wheels, which would be added later in duna orbit (i hadn't researched em yet) to explain a bit more upon it: some science modules are located under the mk 1 plane cockpit. the part in the back is the transfer stage, then i also have a puddle connected to a docking port with fuel transfer allowed on. the back part with the parachutes and aerodynamic cones is there to be replaced with a ore refinery after i research it and i collect my mission. transfer went quite fine. gathered some research for the wheels after some docking technical difficulties i managed to dock on the wheels (only took me about 4-8 hours :P) i think it looks pretty nice. it might be not 100% super practical since its assymetry and stuff but i find it important to make my craft look a little nice and unique. now for the hard part, which compared to the rest wasn't that hard but still pretty hard. because as you can see my first attempt did not go so well second try went better. well now i have my duna mobile base where i wanted it to be. just need to fuel it up and collect my rewards. one slight problem however due to its weight and assymetric nature stacked atop of the fact these honestly just idiotic rover wheels inability to turn i can only turn one direction and cannot climb the slightest inclination. seriously who designed those wheels? how do i even use them if duna rejects them? anyways this is what i have been up to the last few days in ksp... well in the time i have written this i have come up with a way i will try it next time i will make the frame with wheels on one bit and the base i will stick ON TOP of it. like a tank and a turret.
  11. well mods auto activating my stuff seems unlikely, the mods i use are scatterer on minimal settings, chatterer, and kerbal alarm clock. those are all of them
  12. oh does that really help using caps? i will give that a try then. never knew that was a feature. yeah i do figuire its likely a glitch fixed by restarting but it is still frankly: extremely anoying
  13. i am currently assembling a mobile base in orbit of duna, and am at the stage of putting on the wheels. however, without interest of adding yet another mod (rcs aligner) due to fear of more instability in my game my rcs thrusters are alligned... less then pleaseable. however, why the hell do my rcs thrusters fire automatically when i disable sas?!? it is driving me absolutely nuts!!! i can't align anything with this bs!!! aargh!!! you would think disabling sas would give the game a hint to stop pushing buttons. but no it appearently means: do everything possible to start spinning around in circles until you break apart!
  14. simple as that, i made a vehicle designed to be a mobile base on duna, it's quita large as the missions wants me to store like 8k LF in it. but whenever i add fairings it explodes the second physics load in. any explanation for this? i have A: patato pc B: fairing glitching in a part though unlikely as i already extended the 3m faring as big as i could C: a part having a strange physic model like the plane cockpit on the top of the vehicle (ment to be attached to the side when in orbit) or D: aerodynamic nose cones on the outside of the fairing are too close making it explode o yeah and btw, with "explode" i mean, implodes into nothingness with only every now and then having enough luck the cockpit is spared by the space kraken. however the other 90% of the parts are usually destroyed