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  1. im doing some research on orbital stuff and there seem to be a lot of explanations for the oberth effect. but im nto sure which ones are right, and which ones are wrong. and which ones seem to contradict each other but are both right. so far the best explanation i found i think is: "To get the most kinetic energy from a chemical rocket, it should be burned when the vehicle is already moving at high speed, This is because the added kinetic energy will equal the force of the rocket thrust (which is constant) multiplied by the distance that the rocket moves during the burn. The higher the in
  2. i actually tried this because i got a little intimidated by ksptot (appearently you need to adjust settings in the files to get the mod working with RSS.) it went pretty well, iirc i managed to save about 1300-1400 dV by doing the 2 year earth maneuvre. it did take 30 minutes of fine tuning though. i am kind of sad i didn't manage to save more dV because 1400 out of a total of 20K or so is still not a lot and i also noticed something cheeky, by doing such a maneuvre you may have to burn more fuel during the capture burn, is this correct? not sure if this is a necro....
  3. huh 5375 m/s? i calculated that from an orbit equal to that of earth to a transfer to venus would cost 2116 m/s (admittedly i already figured somethign has to be wrong since escape velocity is above 2116 m/s), any idea what i missed in the calculation? (for refference i litterally calculated the speed of an orbit, that has an apoapsis of earth's periapsis and a periapsis of venus's apoapsis, at the apoapsis, and subtracted the speed of earth's orbit at periapsis) im defenitely going to try and see if i can make this work with RSS. thanks!
  4. im doing a project about spaceflight and orbital mechanics and i've figured some stuff about the math behind it now now i've tried using my cranky old pc to (barely) run RSS and assuming going to jupiter takes about 7600 dV how much would it cost if i tried to slingshot as much as i could and go via earth-venus-earth-earth-jupiter i though il just use transfer planner to plan a rough route and see what happens sadly i burned up in the earths atmosphere during a gravity assist because i was unsure about the height of the atmosphere and foudn out that indeed yes, it was above 70 km but
  5. So im holding a presentation about orbital mechanics for my exams and i need a tiny bit of outside help. -In the presentations I want to explain about some basic orbital mechanics and rocketry maneuvers. The presentation should be around a 10 minute. -For this presentation I also want to plan a fictional space flight to Europa that includes slingshot maneuvers (because that seemed like a great idea and my inner hipster did not want to go to mars because that seemed to mainstream). I believe the correct route would be from earth -> venus -> earth -> jupiter? -For this im assum
  6. im hoping chatterer is also effectively integrated into ksp2 i just want some fancy intercoms chattering from the crew and bleep bloops
  7. this is a really great update it adds enough info to do anything someone using kerbal engineer can do. well except knowing when to suicide burn that is... also a good performance boost, i never looked at the skybox that much so i haven't noticed that much change to it. im fully confident that when you eventually get around fixing up planets you give them the love they need deserve (recently learned duna used to be much more beautifull until a time constrained update remopved all unique terrain features)
  8. oh i dunno man, you know how weird ksp gets when you get too far from sol, with seemingly rectangular orbits and all, besides, an extra science biome in outer space isn't exactly interesting and will only add joy for the duration to get there. not even that actually since you'l be just browsing the forums as you wait for your craft to get there on 100000 speed and finally get that science after like an hour of waiting. which is basically the same problem as the rovers with not having to put a weight on the w key as the only difference.
  9. So in the new dev diary on the steam page they were talking about textures. In the comments I was reminded of the planets. The planets in ksp are just a tad dull. And besides the atmospheres, distance, and gravity challenges they have only a few sights to offer. Next to this there is the issue of them being HUGE (duh ) making rovers kind of boring as well since getting anywhere takes longer than doing a maneuver with ion engines divided over multiple passes of the periapsis. especially on low gravity planets (or if the rover is a bit wibbly wobbly... ... ... stuff) this is a problem
  10. don't see how it should fit in spacecraft exchange... i spend like 30 mins jamming it together and don't even know how to exchange craft files but okay...
  11. litterally get it? because the parts are called food? sorry I just had to do it btw challenge for anyone to get such contraption into space without using cheats. I couldn't be bothered.
  12. guys guys... it worked! my rovers wheels have been realigned (in orbit because savescumming) and after hours of trying to realign them the rover works 100X better, especially turning rates have improved. it does however still have a problem climbing inclinations but much less then it used to. (i even managed to drift in it!!!)
  13. guys i have theorized the flaw that might have been the problem for my rover, i remember that the wheel are actually attached about 3 degrees at an angle meaning 2 wheels on one side are not properly touching the ground. i will probably figure a way to fix this problem and see if it helps
  14. i figured that, doesnt seem to be the problem, one problem is probably that the weels are too close together to turn well, the power problem however seems alot tougher to fix
  15. hello guys, today i am here to tell a small story that just happened. this here above is my magnificent entry for the duna mobile base mission i had. 8 kerbals, 6k LF capacity. and wheels, which would be added later in duna orbit (i hadn't researched em yet) to explain a bit more upon it: some science modules are located under the mk 1 plane cockpit. the part in the back is the transfer stage, then i also have a puddle connected to a docking port with fuel transfer allowed on. the back part with the parachutes and aerodynamic cones is there to be replaced with a ore refinery aft
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