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  1. i have to share my rage. i failed i was supposed to escape mun trajectory to test the spark, just ran out of fuel because i tried to land with no legs (which went horribly wrong) i tried to f9, but i pressed f5 instead... ok i have shared my stupidness now. time to do amother mission for the spark...
  2. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    seeing what take two owns i think kerbal space prgram will be incredible and the expansions will be worth buying for sure cmon guys, they own fricking Dora the explorer! what could go wrong? freaking Dora! can't wait for the Dora space rocket expansion
  3. moho O.o

    thanks for the offer btw but i am fine with this one. so i will reject it. i need to stop hanging around the ksp community i get weirded out by all the positivity. no other place you get so much of it.
  4. moho O.o

    welp i landed it. note to self. moho not worth the science.will reload a quicksave to actually get the in space science. will send a probehub kerbin-eve-duna next save as my first/second interplanetary mission. way more science and more efficient and doesnt sacrifice a kerbal for the coming 5-10 years of the game (not even enough for a nuclear engine 320 science total) moho is mean. aand i don't have the skill yet to just slingshot around every planet to get to my destination more efficient, thats a whole lot of work i did not sign up for i know the basics and have seen people do it for example on youtube. but no it's alot of work. waiting for planets to line up and stuff. and knowing when. maybe some time in the far future with some mods tho
  5. moho O.o

    well i just got a way to get there in about 2 kerbal years saving like 900 dv.... worth it. even if it is a bit unrealistic to do so. whatevs
  6. moho O.o

    oh great, next burn is 2.4k...... welp lets hope it works
  7. moho O.o

    i originally wanted an alien dude as my aurora 4x has like 500 something pictures of alien dudes for the races (including dalek and r2d2) but the picture was the wrong size, just like all the other 500 this one was the only that fitted.
  8. moho O.o

    yep, just edited my comment. but yopu probs didn't see that. but yes. sorry. i understand the confusion though
  9. moho O.o

    am i? pretty sure my burn goes retrograde, not perfectly retrograde i admit, but it goes retrograde edit: oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh. i am sorry. the rpobe you see is a compeletely other mission those are the positions of the planets, my ship is still in kerbin orbit
  10. moho O.o

    got the file for kerbal engineer first of all. seems me pretty usefull yes for the rest i will not i am not fan of the mod heavy side of gameplay. atm i have just kerbal alarm clock and chatterer (wich sadly broke) so il add engineer later on. hope the edit in tech wont dmg my career save file. but here is what is on the table nvm the low liquid fuel msg i still have like 100 liquid fuel in both my launch boosters after they decouple i am basicly full. the two half tanks have been added both only adding themselfes and a docking port to the weight. first maneuvre node says 1700 delta v. dunno the other ones their delta v requirements the red one is not a maneuvre node. it just inicates that after 2 orbits i will encounter moho. have quicksaved. and well il just hope it works. probably should. second maneuvre node should not have too much delta v requirements
  11. moho O.o

    thx for the advice of you both. ehm i will definitly rebuild the extra tanks to save weight. probably do the middle part as a tug. appearently i am too late now to do streetmans transfer advice as kerbin has already past moho's apoapsis. but nontheless, should be able to get it then. i was already planning to get jeb back in a later mission though. i will try and see if it works but one last question, is kerbal alrm clock lying to me or is moho really at the optimal position to transfer? because i want to be sure i can trust kerbal alarm clocks transfer window advicements. anyways thanks on the advice how to do moho.
  12. moho O.o

    hello guys. uhm i have a small issue i just found out that moho is a tad harder to get to then i anticipated, let alone landing. this is what i have already shot into space i have tested it and i think it could get an encounter before running out of fuel. as you can see it has docking ports. so i could add these 2 fuel tanks i should also add these are the current planetary positions, kerbal alarm clock suggested these conditions as optimal transfer time. but i have my doubts so what should i do? would i make it? the odds in my favour? or should i just redirect the mission to another planet? because i am doubting my chances reaching moho. as for my flight history i am adept i guess at orbital transfer stuff. have been to duna with some probes and had a rocket going to eve and then duna to drop a probe at eve and a rover and probe at duna. made it. and i know the rules that: at low periapsis you burn to quickly change height at the other end. at high apoapsis you burn to most quicly change angle of flight. i had the first rocket intended to do the eve-duna mission go to jool instead as the rover had a defect having no solar panels or batteries. i sorta made it. i was lucky that the low tech cummonatrons were with me and gave me enough connection to do it. with some gravity assists via i believe laythe i got into a stable orbit. though i think laythe shortly after threw me out of jool orbit again. but since the save broke i can't be sure.
  13. How many kerbals can you bring to duna in one launch? 5. important notes 1. only your cpu limits your maximum craft size 2. you only need to bring the kerbals and the needed "life support" to reach duna alive. after they landed they can take care of themselfes. 3. preffered ship design is the shape of a giant cube (giant fairing allowed). but don't let that come in the way of your ship design 4. this is not a to take serious challenge it is just something to do for fun. and i simply would like to see what is created 5. mods are allowed but don't overdo it. preferebly no mechjeb as that ruins the fun.
  14. i know the chance of getting a reply is low but i have to ask/make a suggestion. eve honestly looks like a big ugly purple ball that you find in a kid's toy closet. it would be very nice if eve's outer atmosphere would have some decoration and/or cloud color variations (to give it that stripped shirt covering the planet effect) the rest of is all still amazing and sitting landed on eve seems incredible don't get me wrong but the outside of eve just looks like the game glitched and refused textures
  15. The Stock Weapons Challenge

    well aside from modifying to make the thing work only about 2/3 tries to actually hit the vab. first succefull drop was short. second nearly went over but as i said i tilted the truck so the aerodynamic forces would throw me on top of the vab. did have a rotation wheel on it. further about 2 fails getting the plane off the ground. one fail because the lorry dropped backwards. added weight to the front and retried. still wobled so added 3 more. and 2 attempts fixing the truck's engine but failed (turns out clipping suspension breaks wheels but to unclip it i had to rebuild the whole truck) i was thinking more of a "clustertruck" word joke but truck bomb works too. now the real challenge to this build for me was that i build the plane first and the build the truck in the bomb bay.