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  1. Thanks for this. I came here with the same problem thinking it was a bug of some kind.
  2. I think this is a major source of confusion -- certainly was for me. And it further distinguishes USI-LS from TAC. TAC is utterly predictable, and recycling its resources is simple and clearly documented. USI's documentation is catching up (THANKS ALL). But USI/MKS is largely about resource conversion; USI-LS forces the use of recyclers for missions, whereas TAC's simplicity encourages bringing more of the resources in the first place. Recyclers are an additional layer of abstraction/complexity a user has to learn about, very early on. So I'd say TAC is "easier" in most ways in that it requires... 1 part added to a ship, basically, until you leave the starting system. I mean, I'm highly motivated and basically live in this thread now, and I still only half understand the calculations in this set of mods. Of course, the complexity contributes to the appeal! Actually, if you guys could walk through how one might calculate life support stuff for an example base, what with efficiency and all other effects, I'd really appreciate it!
  3. See direct comparison of TAC and USI-LS requirements:
  4. Now that the USI Kolonization toolbar button texture is correct, I can never find it. Purple square was ugly, sure, but it was highly visible! also i fear change
  5. That will make it much easier to initialize a sustainable ColonySupplies system. Interesting! Thanks for all the work you're putting into this, RoverDude. Truly a joy to explore what you've built.
  6. Thanks, that's helpful. Think I can just edit something in the save file? This is a huge base with every industral tundra module, and I don't want to rebuild the whole thing :C
  7. Thanks! edit: Nope, still doing it, even after updating from 0.50.12 to current.
  8. I have a single Tundra Ag Support using all its bays to convert Hydrates to Water. It is running now at 1362% load. I have an attached Ranger Workshop in efficiency mode with a 2-star engineer. If I activate the workshop its load is 358% and after a couple seconds the Ag Support module's load jumps to 34000% (34 thousand). My base's electricity suddenly drops at a rate of 7000/s. Is that kind of load normal? I can't supply enough EC to handle the workshop's boost of a single Tundra module.... and the base has all of them. Halp
  9. There are no direct conversion parts for TAC to/from USI-LS. Both sets of requirements have to be met independently. I play with tons of mods, many of which offer TAC integration, or USI-LS integration.. And most mod authors don't expect someone to play with multiple life support mods. But I've not seen any real conflicts. If a parts mod has converters that work with TAC or USI-LS, those parts end up with converter-modules for both systems. And usually both can be activated at the same time. Frankly I expected it to be more of a challenge using multiple life support mods, and I did it mostly as an experiment. I tend to build more unmanned missions than I probably would without the LS mods, but very little else has changed. See if reloading fixes it. Quicksave & quickload. I haven't done empirical tests, but I have noticed crossfeed of some resources behaving differently after a reload, if I've been KIS/KAS modifying the craft.
  10. I play with both USI-LS and TAC. They overlap in a roleplaying sense, but honestly TAC demands so little in comparison to USI-LS that it's borderline irrelevant. TAC, one kerbal one year, not counting EC: 443.5kg USI-LS, one kerbal one year, not counting EC: 7,370kg
  11. I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm new to EL stuff. I have a KD Launchsite attached via KIS to the ground near a MobileVAB. I can't get it to show up in the GUI. All I ever see is "no sites found". Halp!
  12. That was worth the google search. Possible bug, maybe someone else can test? I have an engineer in the Ranger Workshop. Every time she enters/leaves, her inventory vanishes. The workshop has eaten 4 drills and a bunch of EVA monoprop canisters. Seems to only be the case for the workshop.
  13. Well, that is terrible news... guess I have to hack my save file to create a new Lode in that spot. No way I can move that base. edit: I could turn the base into a sandcrawler, but that'll take funds I don't have right now in my career :C And the nearest lode is 13km away
  14. I have a Resource Lode issue which I have not seen addressed anywhere. I set up a mining base directly next to a Resource Lode on Minmus. I used KAS to put a Flex-O-Tube on my base and another on the Resource Lode. I connected them. Mining the Lode worked fine this way while the base was active. However, after I save/quit/reload the game and switch to the mining base, the Resource Lode is gone. The physical rock-like object is not present, and the Flex-O-Tube is just floating where it was attached to the Lode. In my persistent.sfs file, I see the Lode is treated as a DockedVessel of the Flex-o-Tube, as expected: DOCKEDVESSEL { vesselName = Resource Lode vesselType = Unknown rootUId = 3307739756 } I'm guessing that the Flex-o-Tube is not the preferred method of connecting to the Lode, and that is the cause of this problem. If that is the case, could we get a bit of documentation or further explanation of proper connection methods? Is the stock grappler the only way to go? Would the grappler-like parts in IR function properly? I'm playing a heavily modded game but I think the relevant ones are KIS and KAS, in addition to the full USI Constellation pack.