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  1. Well I Don't Think A Direct Answer Will Happen In A Few Days.
  2. Being In A Reactor Core While It Was Running. (Note, It Was Just 2 Reliant Engines Near Each Other With The Kerbal On The Bottom One.)
  3. Well What About Nexter?
  4. I Cant Land Things On Moons Easily, Land Planes Without Parachutes, Take Off Planes Without Crashing, Or Simply Make A Functional Plane.
  5. You Could Simply Just Have An Update That Adds What You Want To Have KSP 2 With Occur. Also, I Think This Is Old, Right?
  6. About That Base... What If You Deploy The Fairing? Would It Not Be Annoying To Have To Replace The Base Part?
  7. Im Just Wondering About What Happened To Nexters Lab And Danny2462 On YouTube. No Videos Have Been Posted From Them, So Im Just Wondering.
  8. Any Way For It To Update Itself?
  9. Well It Never Actually Gave Me An Error Message. I Expected The Mod To Be Fully Removed And Honestly I Launched It, Selected Mod, Then Hit The Uninstall Button. Then I Waited, Got Impatient And Closed CKAN. But The Snacks Mod Stayed. Eventually I Uninstalled CKAN And The Current Mods I Had. I Think You Might Have Expected This Ending To Be Honest...
  10. This Is... A Stupid Idea... Since CKAN Never Found The Most Updated Version Of Infernal Robotics And Failed To Uninstall Some Things. Other Things Failed To Be Installed And Froze The Game. My Idea Is Simply To Put It Into The Mod Section And Or Have It Revamped. If Needed People Could Use This As A Bug Report System. Current Bugs I Have Found: Uninstall System Freezes During Uninstalling Of Some Mods Installation System Freezes During Installing Of Some Mods These Bugs Are The Same Thing But Opposites? I Guess?
  11. Well. I Cant Seem To Download It And I Have KSP Version 1.2.2. Is The Download Link Working Correctly?
  12. (This Does Not Count As Reviving It To Me.) I Cant Seem To Get This. Its Probably Due To Dropbox Not Having It. Is There Any Other Way To Get The Mod?
  13. If Only I Could Rate 0 Stars. Or I Could Hack. Then I Would Just... You Know... Give Myself A Negative Reputation.
  14. The Updates Are Simple. Just Updates That Could Improve The Ability To Have Submarines Work Under The Water Like They Are Supposed To. If You Don't Really Like My Ideas Then Its Ok. We All Have Different Opinions. The Updates Are Fixes To The Buoyancy System, Improvements To The Water Physics, And Upgrades To The Interior Of The Water. (Including The Ocean Floor. Just To Add Some Sort Of Improvement.) Bruh... I Just Have A Preference. You Cant Really Effect My Real Life Personality. Also The Grammar Police Is Equal To Grammar pedant's. Just Saying. (I Want My Reputation To Be So Low That I Get Banned From Society...)