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  1. Does Eve have life?

    6 Times 7 Is 42 According To My Computers Calculator. But Whats Deep Thought?
  2. Does Eve have life?

    I Did A Probe Test, But It Kind Of Failed. The Stock Experiments Are Not Good Enough. Temperatures Are Semi Over 300.
  3. I Installed It From An Incorrect Site. (First Curse Then Spacehub, Or The Other Way Around)
  4. The Parts Are Not Visible. (By This, I Mean I Cant Select Any Parts At All. They Arent Available. Even Though I Have The BD Armory Continued Folder In The Game Data Folder, I Cant Select The Parts.)
  5. When You Have One Dream That Is KSP Related And Know Some Of The Worst Possible Ways In Stock KSP You Can Kill Kerbals
  6. Almost addictive...

    I First Got KSP During Its Beta Stage, If Not Its Alpha Stage. Im Talking About White And Red Things As The Buildings.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    I Made Something Pointless And Flew It Into The Ocean. J-X4 Whiplashes Sound Like Freezers Depressurizing.
  8. Spaghettifying Kerbals

    This Happens After Every Single Collision.
  9. Have The Bugs With Installing, Uninstalling, And Updating Been Fixed?
  10. I Just Found Out About The Old Barn. The Barn That Was Supposed To Be The VAB... I Am Bringing Back A Pointless Hashtag About The Barn. Honestly The Barn, Observatory, And Trailers That Made The Research Center And More Looked Better For First Upgrade. They Looked Amazing! Maybe The One Reddit User That Made Us Without The Barn Ruined Everything...
  11. KSP2 Dream

    I Had A Dream. It Was Just KSP 2 Though. It Has A Tutorial System And Paying System Plus The Ability To Build Towers. Any And All Rememberences Of This Dream Will Be Told. Its Kind Of Basic Though. Same Thing As KSP In Terms Of Looks, Just With A Tower And The Ability To Turn The Camera To Choose The Things. In The VAB Tutorial You Learn That You Sometimes Have To Pay Kerbals That Work With You (Or Your Kerbals) During Their Contract With You. This Tutorial Is During The Construction Of The VAB I Guess. Maybe This Dream Is Sight Of The Future. Maybe The Current KSP2 Is At This Status? I Don't Really Know. Thats Actually All Of The Dream. Maybe Next Dream Will Be The Exact Same But Continuing The Game. In This Dream Though, I Was Truly Playing The Game. And Did Not Know What To Do Next...
  12. What Happened To Nexter And Danny?

    Well I Don't Think A Direct Answer Will Happen In A Few Days.
  13. Being In A Reactor Core While It Was Running. (Note, It Was Just 2 Reliant Engines Near Each Other With The Kerbal On The Bottom One.)