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  1. Memory Leak?

    just a quick thing to the OP. did you mention you were running an x86 Operating system? if you are then you are capped at 4GB of RAM so that will contribute to your OOM errors
  2. Another ancient lurker

    Welcommen to hell. remember you are here forever
  3. im going to make a tea crate payload so i can drop it off into the water off the coast of the KSC
  4. Everybody reading this thread - this mod should work fine if CA Aero is kept up to date. all parts mods should work fine if their dependencies are up to date
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Do you use a tablet or mouse for textures? its taken me an hour to get half of a 1024 panel texture atlas done with a mouse.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    Working on a texture, model and functionality overhaul for this thing and debugging some custom props(mostly the canopy open/close and ejection anims)
  7. Twinjet Close air support aircraft. not going to space today, and neither is anyone else.
  8. after a bit of messing around i got the eject animation to trigger. but when the collider for the normal open/close animation is clicked it also triggers the eject animation. im using JSIActionGroupSwitch with the action set to dummy PROP { name = canopyprop mesh = canopyprop.mu MODULE { name = JSIActionGroupSwitch animationName = canopy_animclip switchTransform = col1 actionName = dummy } MODULE { name = JSIActionGroupSwitch animationName = ejectanim switchTransform = col2 actionName = dummy } }
  9. all of them were in stable inclined 500k to 350 k Kerbin orbits
  10. hang on EDIT: Opening the output log to copy the contents over soft-crashed windows explorer. might take more then a minute.. EDIT2: going through the logs myself did not show anything erroring in relation to scansat. Link
  11. i have not tried messing with the settings. and its pretty damn hard to install a mod incorrectly. ScanSAT folder in Gamedata right where it should be
  12. Im making an IVA with an operable canopy that needs to have 2 animations triggered in IVA. an eject animation and a normal opening animation, there does not seem to be Any info on doing this kinda thing. the current setup has the game object with the ejection animation parented under the game object with the opening animation. but both animations seem to play at the same time in the small view window under the object import settings. any help appreciated.
  13. I have ran KSP with ScanSAT installed multiple times now but there is no settings file.
  14. Thanks. only reason i said it was tedious is because for whatever reason 4 of my sat's that were in stable orbit went absolutely haywire. 3 of them went into suicide orbits without ever touching them and one went out into solar orbit.