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  1. Motor was reversed the way it should be. instead of neutral traverse it acts almost like regenerative steering, in which the entire vehicle moves forwrad but one track moves much slower than the other.
  2. Parts are not welded onto the hull, I added each track on each side and moved them to be centered with each other. I've not tested them in other crafts. but its a somewhat recurring issue i cant seem to pin down the cause of for this vehicle, even before i switched to a weldment hull. On 1.7.3 if its of any note.
  3. it seems to occur only after ejecting the command pod on a vehicle controlled with a command seat. The hull of the vehicle is made using Ubiozur Weldments and armor parts from BDAc so i can post it, but it will require custom files.
  4. Is there a known bug with a mirrored or left hand side track (specifically the large track with 7 roadwheels) not receiving any torque until super late, and only ramping up slowly and to less than half of the torque of the Right hand side/nonmirrored track?
  5. Keeping the Updates rolling.. When Ma Deuce Speaks, Everyone Listens. She took one hell of a time to complete, but the final result was well worth it, 2 USMC Gunnery Field manuals, 3 different manufacturers documents looked into for info(one i even contacted for a measurement they were happy to provide) and nearly 100 hours of work. By god she's gorgeous, Ma Deuce along with the New tank hatches, bomb models, and the likes are coming hopefully in the next few months, and failing that before 2019 is out. Burnout it a serious concern so the going pace is slow. To the folks that have stuck around this long through all of my screwing about Thank you for being patient, i hope the wait is worth it.
  6. To keep the content updates rolling, new parts, Tankers will love them im sure
  7. Would it be possible to add animation support for an "out of ammo" animation, i.e an ammo crate showing empty or the like.
  8. So i take it this does not work for 1.7.2?
  9. So, life decided to do what life does, that being getting in the way of projects. been working through the backlog of parts just recently that need to be updated, updating old models, etc. will have an update soon:tm:
  10. picture dump incoming, Current plan is to roll it all out in stages, starting with the AIM-7 and the Dumb Iron/Laser guided Bombs and their respective racks, and later reintroducing the Pheonix, the B-52 Cockpit, the A-6 And E2C Hawkeye cockpit(s) and some new AGMs, as well as some new equipment and AGMs/ARMs, that is Air to Ground Missile and Anti Radiation Missile. For now if anyone still follows this enjoy the teasers and h-o-l-y fugg i have to get off my lazy ass and get this done. Images
  11. Nice! will make the bombardiers position a by far more lifelike for the A-6
  12. I was thinking more of displaying the UI objects instead of the ENTIRE window, border and all, either way what you said you've got planned sounds great, reason being is i realllllly want to take a crack at integrating BDA Radars into an IVA prop.