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  1. ..So is it compatible with 1.6.1 or?
  2. Nice! will make the bombardiers position a by far more lifelike for the A-6
  3. I was thinking more of displaying the UI objects instead of the ENTIRE window, border and all, either way what you said you've got planned sounds great, reason being is i realllllly want to take a crack at integrating BDA Radars into an IVA prop.
  4. Is it possible to take a 2d Unity UI window and display it on a monitor? possibly even interact with it by assigning its buttons to a variable.
  5. oof its been several months since i last updated this, got stuck into a bit of a cycle of Want new part > spend several hours working on new part > concept does not work with BDA > put it all down for several weeks > repeat Currently im working on updating the 3D Models for all of the older parts. correcting some config values that were never fixed and testing on the current 1.6 BDA Version. Currently in is: GBU-16 Paveway II GBU-12 Paveway II Mk81 GP Iron bomb Mk81 GP w/ Mk14 TRD Mk82 GP Iron bomb Mk83 GP Iron bomb GBU-31/V3B Bunker buster LAU68C With M151 High explosive rockets All 3 major ejection racks used by the US Air force and the US Navy, Including the BRU-41/A MER, the BRU-42LS TER, and the BRU-33/A VER, that is Multiple ejection, Tripple ejection and vertical ejection respectively. Mods not dead yet, i swear, If anyone is still following this then thanks for sticking around and sorry about the long wait.
  6. Oof, i only just now saw these posts (does this count as a necro if its my own thread?) Its for a part, i know the exact angle down to the 5th digit.
  7. Could a fix be implemented for weapons killing the host craft? it seems to be related to the minimum engagement distance, possibly have the engagement distance start having an effect a few seconds after launch or make it configurable to not arm until after ex amount of time in the Cfgs.
  8. Not in the cards at the moment, but i could take a look.
  9. On the latest version of unity, particle system setup seems to be completely different, i just need to setup a really really large billowing smokepoint that i can tie to a random 3d object and have it emit ad infinitum. pls help
  10. Does anything like this exist? or atleast an angles calculator, i've got some nodes i need to rotate at relatively precise angles and aside from playing with the values all day im not sure how to do it.
  11. L a s e r e y e (Note to mods im just keeping the thread alive while i revive it, pls no buli for spam)
  12. Wew, lots-o suggestions, Airplane plus has an F-18 Single cockpit but its a dual seater IVA, so i might make an IVA mod with an MM patch for 2 versions of the part, Eurofighter is definitely on my shortlist, F-15 Also. Tank turrets are a whole new ballgame to me so those might take some time, V-1 iirc uses a proper rocket engine and plumes are not my forte but i might have something instore for it, the Mig-19P Farmer is on my shortlist right now but i can take a look at the 15/17 also. the F86 is currently not on my list but if i go after a 15/17 then i'll bring it in also. Also REMOVE RADAR REMOVE SUBMARINE Christ i feel like i work for Heatblur with all of this cockteasing...
  13. /not/pol/

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    i mean the newer features being backported, atleast the ones not dependent on a new feature of 1.4