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  1. A little clarification may be needed. TBG (0.3.5f) on my game runs smoothly. No nuclear lightocalypse since I replaced MM 3.0 (see previous posts). I was trying to assist Nubees with their dilemma thinking it may have been the same as I had back before my MM fix. From other threads it seems to be mostly a Kopernicus issue. Could be my malfunctioning Module Manager was messing maliciously with Kopernicus? In any event, that was my fix. Glad to see no one else has had the same issue.
  2. Huh, I'm rather curious as to what it might be then. I've got almost every visual enhancement mod available installed (EVE, OPM with OPMVO, SVT, SVE, Planetshine, Windowshine, Distant object enhance, Nebula decals) so I can say it wouldn't be any of them that's cranking your lighting dial to 11. You could go with the tried and true removing of every mod folder except for TBG then bringing them back in batches until the lights get screwy.
  3. Had the same problem. Turns out it was the butler (module manager 3.0.0) all along! Module manager 2.8.1 seems to set things right.
  4. Gave that a go and set the range to 9 Km. I'm still getting the "there are no craft in range" from the hanger (I guess I should specify these are the 2 hangars added to the KSC as part of the Kerbin-Side multi pack) despite being pressed up against the hangar door Edit: Problem solved. Apparently my Kerbal has to exit the craft and ring the doorbell. Drive-through diners on Kerbin must be awful Thanks Ger_Space!
  5. Is anyone else having problems with their hangers? I'm close enough to dent the door and still it's listing me as too far away. Fuel depots and other structures seem to work within reasonable proximity.