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  1. Is there a version that does not remove Breaking Ground part Categories? Tried to scim trough the last dozen pages, but only found information about this on a reddit post, that has been deleted now.
  2. Since adding KSPI-Extended to my game, I lost the categories for breaking ground parts. I can still search for them by name or manufacturer, but I don't seem to find any category to just select them. Is there an easy fix I can make myself, maybe an oversight of mine? Or do I have to wait for a new version? Pretty sure I would miss like half the parts this way. Kind of annoying to manually add them all when I research something new. ;-)
  3. Is there any recent guide on how to use beamed power? I found so many tutorials back from 2014 and when following them step by step, i just get nothing that is working. So many buttons that don't seem to exist anymore ect. So i guess stuff and things have changed. I don't even seem to find a value indicating if i actually beam power away at all, or if i recive any power on another vessel or relay. TBH i love playing KSPI, but this is starting to get me frustrated since no matter what parts i attach to eachother i get zero results. From my understanding i put a reactor (mo
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