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  1. Hey, I'm just starting on Kerbal and will be integrating it into my astronomy class, starting with a two week trial run at the end of the current semester. I plan on having my students work through EHC 1 and 2 in that time, while also giving them some sandbox challenges to see what they can come up with on their own. Curious to see how things go. Anyway, I have a couple quick questions on EHC 2. The first thing is the preloaded DRAK vehicle is not showing the force arrows during its third(?) test run. Telling the kids to find Newton's first law is all well and great, but significantly inhibited by not being able to see the forces. Second thing, in the projectile portion of EHC 2, it uses the pre made 'Nell' ship from the spaceplane hanger. Is there an easy way to modify Nell so that the launch angle can be changed? I am going to have my students do some calculation work with projectiles, and would like for them to be able to check the effect of different angles on projectiles.
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