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  1. @Papa_Joe, I'm still having the issue mentioned, but only when "Resources in Pre-Flight" is enabled (the default). Glancing at the code, it looks like "pre-flight" is defined as Vessel.IsRecoverable, which is evidently returning true in unexpected situations, perhaps Vessel.situation could be evaluated vs Situations.PRELAUNCH? Scenario: fresh install of 1.2.2, ShipManifest from github, default settings (Realism enabled), Sandbox, Command Pod, FL-T800, LV-T45, >70km suborbital Steps: open ShipManifest window, click LiquidFuel (opens transfer window) Result: Fill button present in Transfer window. Clicking causes fuel to appear from nowhere. Also, a new bug: Scenario: fresh install of 1.2.2, ShipManifest with default settings, Sandbox, Command Pod, FL-T800, LV-T45 Steps: Launch (need not leave launchpad), open the ShipManifest window, click LiquidFuel (opens transfer window), click MonoPropellant. Result: LiquidFuel set to 0/0, tanks disappear from transfer window, dump button gone. Nothing in the SM Debug Console. Closing and re-opening the window does not fix, remains 0/0. However, unselecting both, then clicking LiquidFuel, then Oxidizer causes LiquidFuel to come back. Note: This also occurs if MonoPropellant is clicked first, then LiquidFuel or Oxidizer, in which case I haven't found a way to cause it to come back, or if Ore is used for the second click instead of MonoPropellant. Thanks again for all your effort.
  2. I'm loving this mod. Just the right balance for me. A couple thoughts: * The change to CTT.cfg on Nov 27, 2016 (759e6c5) appears to be a reversion of SirCharizard17's changes, removing the CTT changes for the new modules. Was this intentional? I've been simply copying in the b737783 version after every update for now, since that feels like the "right" version. * The hab system still feels somewhat exploitable to me. For example, if a ship is docked to a plush Kerbin station for refueling before heading out, the Kerbals' Home timer can quickly be set very high, after which it's simply a matter of EVAing every now and then (either specifically to exploit, or just for routine EVA tasks) to reset the Home timer. The only solution I can think of would be to track per Kerbal per vessel, and then set the Hab timer to min(KerbalHabTimeRemaining, VesselHab) if the Kerbal had recently been in that vessel (either it's the last vessel visited, or it had been visited within x time). Obviously this would require more code and storage.
  3. I was in orbit around Kerbin, so not preflight by my understanding of the word. In the resource overview, the fill buttons were removed when Realism was checked, but once I clicked on a resource the individual tank entries each still had fill buttons, and clicking on one caused it to fill up from nothing. It sounds like this isn't expected, so I'll re-install and try to reproduce / document over the weekend when I'm back home at my KSP machine. I did catch the feature of locking the settings. Great for that extra discouragement.
  4. I'm also concerned about this behavior. It seems that this is exactly the sort of thing that the "Realism" mode should prevent, but that mode only turns off the buttons in the vessel overview. Once a resource is clicked, the fill buttons appear next to each tank. I'm not hard-core about realism, but I do prefer not to have buttons that "cheat" things like mining so readily at my fingertips. Other than that, I'm finding this mod very useful and appreciate all the effort that went into it.