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  1. @dvader, I think this confuses me even MORE...... what are you saying? When is the multiplier applied?
  2. Acapello 15

    The scoring on this HAS to be bugged! Look at my screenshot. It shows me getting the time bonus for landing on Minmus, but nothing for actually landing there??!?! I repeated this mission last night and even captured it. I did everything perfectly, except get to the extraction point in less than 3 min, which is really tough. I landed nearly on top on the landing site on Kerbin, north of the KSC and still only got 5250 points!?!? I am very frustrated
  3. Blue Mun Mission - Why oh why?

    After just doing a nearly perfect run at Acapello 15 and still only getting a bronze, I am a little fed up. I just don't understand the score tabulation, or it's bugged.
  4. Acapello 15

    I was wrong! After checking the mission logic in the builder, it seems there is NO bonus for extra ore extracted. So killed my score, by wasting time getting more than the required 1.5, even though the popup would suggest otherwise and is misleading. Why are theses missions built this way? It's frustrating.
  5. Acapello 15

    Got a BRONZE last night in the SSTA I used in my Jool 5 run. I just added 2 external seats and removed all the science gear, which cleared some room for extra liquid fuel for the nuke. I think the key to GOLD is figuring out a way to get the 60 units of ore FAST, so you get that bonus as well as the x2 total score multiplier, then landing on the KSC runway. This is my endeavor this morning!
  6. Acapello 15

    I wholeheartedly agree! Why? Good catch @stoani96, and superb workaround! By the way, I am going to be unconventional and try this mission as an SSTO!
  7. Acapello 15

    Nice rover design! When building and testing my rover on Kerbin, I cannot seem to get the drill to make contact with the ground after deployment and starting the harvester???
  8. I am pretty sure the modification is at the end. The verbiage used in the Mission Briefing is clear: Modify MISSION score. So that is why you can have wildly differing scores with only slight differences in play and crucial timing. This also provides for some weird math with partial scores (when you quit part way and it saves) working to the ten thousandth decimal place! Blue Mun - Perfect score Get to within 90% - Launching from Woomerang site, get Kerbin orbit of 100x100km with 0 inclination in less than 30 days 1000 pts Get to within 98% Score x1.7 - Munar orbit of 13x13km at 14 degrees inclination in less than 1 day, with more than 2000 units of liquid fuel 1500pts Release Mystery goo 500 pts Land within 90% of the targeted site Score x2 So Gold is 9000, but a perfect score is (1000+1500+500) x1.7) x2) = 10200 point
  9. You'll notice that the scoring tab isn't 100% of the modifiers and values either.... for that you have to actually run through the mission logic and look at the nodes individually, to figure out what the highest possible score is
  10. Can't complete Meet Me in Zero G

    @dvader When you edit the mission in the builder, go to the Mission Briefing (purple button in upper right), then click on the score tab. That will give you a better idea of HOW the mission is scored. Then on the Awards tab you will find the scores needed for Gold/Silver/Bronze. Meet me in Zero G even has a Time Keeper bonus award
  11. Blue Mun Mission - Why oh why?

    Getting gold on this mission is all about speed and accuracy, but I've only gotten silver so far. I launched straight into the plane change , and then within the same orbit, transfer to the Mun from the AN. Using RCS still within Kerbin's SOL, I fine tune the angle and PE to match the inclined orbit at the Mun. Hibernating and warping ahead to then perform the capture, inclination change at PE to match the prescribed orbit. Once the Mystery Goo is done, I alter the orbital path to fly over the landing coordinates and attempt a suicide burn landing with very little fuel left. I slowed down enough to save the probe core, which ended the mission with a silver score. Anybody gotten gold on this?
  12. Can't complete Meet Me in Zero G

    I managed to get silver on this one, but can't seem to figure out gold. I landed the entire craft intact, without staging, very close to the KSC mountains and still not gold. You also get penalized (0.7 score modifier) if Gemini 8 takes damage, which I don't see how to avoid during reentry. But yeah, I haven't found any of the missions intuitive AT ALL. The only way to know what the mission ACTUALLY is and where the points are scored, is by editing the mission in the builder and checking out the scoring summary.
  13. Finally at least got a Bronze! Not really sure how to improve my score however. Suggestions?
  14. weird..... So I reset and tried again, getting to the point of transmitting the gravity scan, then quit before crashing Muna 1. My score currently stands and 1750?!? I KNOW the mission clock was at less than 10 days when I transmitted, but the mission selection shows the time at 33 days??? That doesn't make any sense..... So I reason, I got 500 for the goo, 500 for the gravity scan, and 750 (500 x1.5) for getting to Minmus beyond the 10 day requirement. So now I need to figure out how to get to Minmus quicker....
  15. In an effort and actually understand the mission requirements and parameters, I edited the mission file in the builder to further examine the nodes. Writing it all out has helped, but I still can't seem to actually successfully complete the mission. I have 'completed' it several times, but can't seem to trigger the end node and get the scoring screen. Here's what I collected, please offer corrections if needed: On Kerbin with Muna 1 Orbit Kerbin between 95 -100km Release Mystery Goo canister 500 points Minmus with Muna 1 Get to Minmus orbit between 9 - 12km within 10 days 500 points and x2 score multiplier (x1.5 if more than 10 days) Transmit a gravity scan - 500 points Crash Muna 1 into Minmus to advance the mission Kerbin to Mun with Muna 2 Launch from Woomerang site on Kerbin to Mun, getting to within 250,000km to trigger next event Orbit Mun at 30km and and 0 inclination - 500 points Release Mystery Goo within 1days 1hour 45min or launch - 500 points and x2 score multiplier (x1.5 if more than 2days 5hours) Crash Muna 2 on Mun within 20km of the target specified and at greater than 200m/s - 1500 points (500 if less than 200m/s) So the highest possible score should be: (500 + 500 + 500 + 500 + 500 + 1500) x2 ) x2 ) = 12000 + 2000 completion bonus = 14000 points Gold = 11000 points Silver = 8000 points Bronze - 3750 points