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  1. zanie420

    The No Contract Career Challenge

    It goes to show who can edit well and knows what is worth keeping or not! Granted I am a stay at home father and have inordinate amounts of time to play KSP, but my videos seem like rambling, long winded trash in comparison to your two, @5thHorseman and @Kergarin. @Kergarin, you have inspired me once again..... damn you. Pulling off the suborbital dock at Eve is the pinnacle achievement in KSP as far as I am concerned. In fact I am currently using the mission builder to make a mission of it so that I can PRACTICE @5thHorseman do you think it possible to pull off a combination of these challenges: No Contract + Caveman + Ultimate (Just Jim) + Jool 5? This is assuming that you DO only accept the single contract for the Ultimate, unless you don't actually need to for that challenge.... of which I am still unclear. Anyone's thoughts on this endeavor would be welcome.
  2. zanie420

    The Tylo Snatch

    D'oh! That's what I get for letting other games take my attention!
  3. zanie420

    The Tylo Snatch

    I cannot start the mission
  4. This was quick but FUN! Thanks for the mission, I'll be happy to test more for you
  5. zanie420

    Bob Likes Ike

    Never mind, I figured it out. No parachute with EVA pack active!
  6. zanie420

    Bob Likes Ike

    my parachute won't deploy.... what am I doing wrong? Even tried 'when risky'.....
  7. Having spent days now trying to get golds on the newly added missions, I am frustrated. I understand the mission logic, but obviously not the actual calculations. I dissect the mission initially in the builder, going through the nodes and taking note of the score additions and modifications and what I need to get those, and also what to avoid. I some cases I feel I have a 'perfect' run, however, when the finally tally comes it seems to make no sense compared to what it should. The final scoring needs to be MUCH CLEARER, especially with missed objectives that you thought you achieved. Can someone please tell me how to get the official answer? Because emailing support goes does no good. I wanted to start creating my own missions to finally recreate some of the classic challenges of the forums, but I am extremely discouraged.
  8. @dvader, I think this confuses me even MORE...... what are you saying? When is the multiplier applied?
  9. zanie420

    Acapello 15

    The scoring on this HAS to be bugged! Look at my screenshot. It shows me getting the time bonus for landing on Minmus, but nothing for actually landing there??!?! I repeated this mission last night and even captured it. I did everything perfectly, except get to the extraction point in less than 3 min, which is really tough. I landed nearly on top on the landing site on Kerbin, north of the KSC and still only got 5250 points!?!? I am very frustrated
  10. zanie420

    Blue Mun Mission - Why oh why?

    After just doing a nearly perfect run at Acapello 15 and still only getting a bronze, I am a little fed up. I just don't understand the score tabulation, or it's bugged.
  11. zanie420

    Acapello 15

    I was wrong! After checking the mission logic in the builder, it seems there is NO bonus for extra ore extracted. So killed my score, by wasting time getting more than the required 1.5, even though the popup would suggest otherwise and is misleading. Why are theses missions built this way? It's frustrating.
  12. zanie420

    Acapello 15

    Got a BRONZE last night in the SSTA I used in my Jool 5 run. I just added 2 external seats and removed all the science gear, which cleared some room for extra liquid fuel for the nuke. I think the key to GOLD is figuring out a way to get the 60 units of ore FAST, so you get that bonus as well as the x2 total score multiplier, then landing on the KSC runway. This is my endeavor this morning!
  13. zanie420

    Acapello 15

    I wholeheartedly agree! Why? Good catch @stoani96, and superb workaround! By the way, I am going to be unconventional and try this mission as an SSTO!
  14. zanie420

    Acapello 15

    Nice rover design! When building and testing my rover on Kerbin, I cannot seem to get the drill to make contact with the ground after deployment and starting the harvester???