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  1. Update: Video done, just need to add commentary and upload. Got it down to under an hour..... Transferred from Laythe to Bop and landed. Refueled and transferred to Vall and landed, completing the Jool5. Took Runway upgrade for Bop, and Admin building for Vall. Next stop Eeloo!
  2. Update: I am afraid the next video will be very very long. I made a direct transfer, after refueling, from Minmus to a Laythe gravity assist, to a Pol encounter and landing. Refueled at Pol. Transferred from Pol to Tylo and dropped to circular orbit with AP down below 10km. Jeb used a separate disposable lander to land haphazardly, and then nearly regain orbit. Finished orbiting on EVA prop and rendezvoused with main ship. Realized I forgot to upgrade for Pol, so chose Launch Pad. For Tylo the VAB. Transferred to Laythe aerobrake and landing, upgraded SPH. Starting to get low on funds very much like @5thHorseman, but the runaway is cheap....
  3. I blatantly did not see the modded vs lightly modded explanation on the board! Totally makes sense Update: As @Jetski did, I am going to tackle Jool/Eeloo together. Since I don't have to actually return from each moon, I decided to go witch a modified version of the craft I did my Jool5 run in. Tech tree is maxed so I left behind all the science instruments as well. Kept my Tylo lander the same since I KNOW it can land and return to low orbit with a Kerbal aboard. Time to refuel at Minmus before heading out!
  4. @5thHorseman, why did I get the 'modded' category? I don't have anything installed that was considered non-stock in other challenges I complete as stock. Not a huge deal I guess. Update: After only needing 4 nodes left on the tech tree with the science returned from Dres/Gilly, I sent Bob back out, this time to Minmus. He cleaned out nearly every biome and returned (albeit with issues) with more than enough to complete the tree. With all the tech unlocked, I feel limited only by the launch pad really. Thinking I maybe should have taken that instead of the tracking station.... oh well. My progress so far: Mun/Minmus Launch pad Ike Astronaut complex Duna land Tracking Station Duna return R&D Moho land Mission Control Moho return VAB Dres landing Launch pad Gilly landing R&D Dres return Tracking Station
  5. I am getting quicker! I just finished landing my Dres to Gilly mission. Just need to add commentary and upload. With Gilly I chose R&D, knowing my return of science would nearly unlock all the nodes. Once back on Kerbin I struggled to decide, but eventually picked the tracking station. Maybe a probe returned from Eve now that I have the range?
  6. Doing Dres right now, after upgrading the VAB for the Moho return. I upgraded the launchpad for the Dres landing. At the very last moment before burning back to Kerbin with TONS of excess deltaV, I decided to divert to Gilly instead since an Eve window is currently open. Returning home with 2 upgrades will help and I won't have to use any deltaV later on Gilly in my Eve mission! @5thHorseman, I watched all your videos and bow humbly to your production quality. It must be excruciating to watch mine and I appologize
  7. Same for me with Munless Night remember?!? I did most of that one in 3 days. I might be able to pull this challenge off by tomorrow. I landed on Dres last night. I need to do the commentary for my video showing my return from Duna, as well as landing and returning from Moho before uploading it today. They keeping coming in around 45mins long, even with the video speed up 5x. I am not good at cutting out what needs cutting. I guess I figure people can just fast forward.....
  8. Part 3 uploading today. Got Jeb home from Duna, with a lot of science, and upgraded R&D, so I could get the nukes. Nearly filled out the tech tree. Landed Bob on Moho, but used JUST slightly too much fuel getting there and did not have enough to get back without doing a gravity assist at Eve and adding a few years to the return trip. Decided to send Jeb out with spare fuel to rescue him. It was much easier after landing Bob, upgrading mission control, and being able to plan maneuvers! Returned to Kerbin with both Kerbals and tons of Moho science! Contemplating next upgrade....
  9. Got to Ike and Duna! For Ike I upgraded the Astronaut Complex to get EVAs, so Jeb could reset instruments, and of course walk around on Ike and Duna. After landing on Duna I upgraded the Tracking Center to finally have conics! Not sure if I want to return Jeb home, or exploit the very close Moho and Eve windows.... that will be next video
  10. @jonny and @ManEatingApe, how the hell did you both pull off a Duna intercept without conics? Thanks for making it seem so simple! I spent literally all day yesterday attempting this over and over without success. I fear I am misunderstanding something fundamental. I am using the transfer window planner mod, which provides a visual reference, to setup the phase angle and depart at the correct ejection angle. However when I advance time, I never seem to be within Duna's SOI. This is soooooooooooo frustrating! EDIT: I did it! What I was doing was messing up my mid course correction burn. For some reason it is kind of anit-intuitive to me. I was arriving too early. After reading up some, I realized I need to burn retro and radial to correct for that. After slipping past my first intercept today, I learned you have to patiently wait for closest approach and not warp over it.... which I think I may have been doing ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!!!
  11. Man, video editing is tough. Kerbin SOI complete. Next video, I will be taking the launchpad upgrade. Need to futz around the KSC and grab all the science so I can fill out the rest of the 90point tier.
  12. @5thHorseman, what is considered a landing? Can I crash a probe on the Mun and Minmus to get my first upgrade?
  13. Oh helll... when you throw the gauntlet THAT way.....challenge accepted I will endeavor to make a better cut video this time, perhaps with music and commentary, it was my first ever.... and first shuttle designed for that matter. Look for it in a few hours. Thanks for the badges, I covet them all.
  14. Here is my mission log, getting the Mullet Dyne fuel pod up, my first video included: @michal.don, I noticed that the RCS on the MulletDyne pod is all disabled. Is this on purpose? To complete the return challenge, are we not allowed to control the pod's RCS?