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  1. I am HEAVILY considering it. First I would like to make KSP as graphically beautiful as I can.... any suggestions from the peanut gallery? I have to be honest, I am confused between SVE, EVE, Astronomer's pack, and the other graphics mods. Not sure which replaces which, and what is compatible with what.
  2. Been thinking about the Outer Planets Mod and this challenge, now that I upgraded to an actual gaming system and 1.7 came out......
  3. or/and perhaps the Galileo Planet pack? @5thHorseman, would you consider that a separate challenge altogether, or a subset of the main challenge? What are your thought on extending the challenge?
  4. I have been away too long, that was a LOT of reading Cheers to all the new entries and successful runs! Special nod to @dvader and Discopollo. Getting the Kerbal itch again..... but I have a new gaming rig on the way from newegg, and might want to wait I am looking for another challenge, any suggestions?
  5. Congrats! Finally coming back to this thread and catching up. As you know I was consumed by my NCD run . Well done final video I must say as well. I look back on this challenge fondly after doing a full caveman! What if you have a Kerbal actually board the airlock..... does that give you an option to collect the data? I cannot remember, as I basically used an inflatable airlock as an extra passenger seat that was safe for Kerbin re-entry. It was recovered with the Kerbal, and thus science intact. Not sure that help you though, sorry.
  6. Final album is up I think I may take a break from KSP.... LOL
  7. Update: finally done, after some initial fuel mismanagement , and thus some tight deltaV margins, then warping pass my intended departure to Kerbin..... it all worked out and got back with all 3 Gilly biomes science, worth 385 and allowing me to complete the tech tree . Album coming later today. I am completely wiped from this challenge.... it consumed me whole.
  8. Same for me, until I started using them as the engines for LFBs attached on the ground with docking jrs. The gimbal comes in handy with the probes.
  9. Update: after 4 days of intense trial and error in sandbox, I was finally comfortable in attempting my final mission, and I got Bob to Gilly! now I just need to get them home with the science and this NCD run is complete
  10. I went with a MUCH bigger nosecone I found yet another praise for the service bay, as the door opening can be used to lift rocket parts into docking position! Yes Bob is going to ride the outside of this thing
  11. Have not invented nosecones sadly. I am going with a combo of ground/orbital assembly for my final mission to Eve/Gilly. Lots and lots of sandbox testing going on.....
  12. @IncongruousGoat, may I ask what comprised the cargo lifter you used to ferry your final orbital construction? I see a reliant(?) and 4 sparks on the bottom, but is there 2 terrier stages after that? maybe I missed where you explained this....
  13. at least it is a node you need to unlock in this challenge, and not something like command modules.... Oh man.... that's a tough loss, especially after just rescuing her! Did you accidentally use the mod key and T at the same time, inverting SAS? That and mistakenly hitting the spacebar have scuttled a launch or five for me....
  14. You probably haven't seen my mission albums, or read my posts on this then. You can reliably get flying over crew reports and temp readings from each of the KSC micro-biome with the roller. It just takes practice with timing, to spin up fast, and hit the experiment at just the right time to get the desired situation. Once you get it, it's easy. I have been doing launchpad assembly like this already, as I find orbital rendezvous much harder. I am designing my final mission this way too. Jeez, I hope at least @The Dunatianis looking at my missions.....
  15. Preface: this is not a rant LMAO: First this is NCD.... and every tiny scrap of science helps. Second, I was trying to do something I haven't seen others do, and the launchpad assembly was soooooooo much less stress for me personally. Third, I did not have fairings, and that was my next goal. At least it wasn't 16 launches like @IncongruousGoat, albeit I am not draining the Mun of science. Forth, I ended up optimizing my design in the end, once fairings had been acquired Update: working on the best way to get fuel into space with the current tech I have. 18 ton limit is the bottleneck, but the mainsail may be the answer......