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  1. Thank you @James Kerman, Happy new year! I have been out of town for a while so sorry for the delayed reply. I have finally figured out how to ravenous(?) and dock and how to insert a screenshot into the post its not a well balanced one when it comes to COM, but I dont plan to move it anywhere else other than the current LKO so that would not be an issue i guess. Building this one from scratch is really hard but rewarding :-) and provided solid training for docking +__+ So now i am starting to planning a visit to the Mun or Minus, havent decided which one yet, but i guess its the minus? One more question i guess: is it plausible to build a refueling station at orbit of minus? should i stick to my current LKO station? _______ @Starhawk yeah its really a great forum, a lot of info to dig in, and there are many brilliant ideas & challengings & mods. oh and happy new year!
  2. Hi there, I am mito and I guess I should make a self-introduction here. Have been playing KSP for about a month and currently working on a space station on LKO in career mode. This is a great forum and I have been reading a lot of great threads until I decided that it would be great to sign up and stay here. Just really happy to joining and say hello to you all. :-) mito