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  1. Wow, thanks, that literally saved my day!
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I'll just "cheat" and turn off the CommNet for a bit. For future missions, how can I be sure that I have a connection when flying to Duna? I've been messing around with a calculator, but it seems to be impossible to find a decent network system
  3. So I updated to 1.2 KSP. Now I had a save in 1.1, and had started a Duna probe with lander. The problem is, I only have a Commutron-16 on the probe, so I don't have link back to Kerbin. DSN is level 3, and I just launched a Relay into 16 000 000 m Orbit with HG-5s. My question is, how could I establish a connection with the probe, if my best relay is the HG-5? Thanks