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  1. Someone please help me with the ScienceDefs! I will give the list of planets and biomes: Sweater ( A large hot volcanic planet with one side molten.) Biomes: Molten areas, Lowlands, Midlands and high flats. Giro ( A kerbin-sized tropical habitable body) Biomes: Oceans, Inland Waters, Temperate Rain Forests, Tropical rain forests. Barnevelder: A gray moon of giro. Biomes: Mainland , Highlands, Mountains, Darken Areas and Leviathan sea (A large solid magma sea). Brahma: A mint-colored moon of Giro. Biomes: Icy Plain, Mainland, Mountain Base, Mountains.
  2. I love your mod!, I have New Horizons installed and I think it is utile to go to Eeloo and Vanor.
  3. The orbits mess up! I played in 1.2.2 and when I launch a spacecraft, the orbits of the planets from mods misalign between node and orbit gradient. @Thomas P. can you make a version of Kopernicus for 1.2.2 with the orbits bugfix?
  4. The orbit nodes misalign with the gradients! what I do?
  5. I think that Valentine is too far away. I used the USI Warp Drive to arrive there and is about 1 hour of boring space before arriving to the star.
  6. If someone asks how i are going, i'm working on the first moon of Giro, Barnevelder.
  7. I solved the giro problem . I now will continue in giro scatters and denizli.
  8. Giro is a flat thing! Someone suggest me a PQS Mod for some peaks and how to use it!
  9. I need help to make Giro!!!, when I tested the game, the star appeared but not giro. give me some help, please. Procedural planet maybe?
  10. Okay, i will get screenshots soon.......... and also download page. Justly i need some time to develop the mod.
  11. Rooster's Planet Pack Explore a star, 5 planets and 12 moons with this new awesome mod! [WIP] The new planets and stars: Ilvan Sweater Giro Miner Blue Gold ARAUCANA DENIZLI ScienceDefs: 1/17 complete QUESTION: Are all planets called like chicken breeds? ANSWER : Yes. QUESTION: It has compatibility with other mods? ANSWER: No yet, but I plan that (Is still a WIP).
  12. @electricpants why not add grass to Laythe?
  13. I liked the pasta planet but it is pretty unrealistic. RIP Sketti . I think this will cause bugs because the Terra Planet has Kerbin as template, and Kerbin has CommNet stations that are not removable now. In the next release, you can change the Template of the Terra to Laythe ?
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