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  1. I will get on that that also there are no inventory boxes iwhen you right click any of the parts in the VAB.
  2. In flight I cannot crew the modules as when I try I get "there are no inventory spaces", I have inventory for all installed which is supposed to add inventory to all 3rd party mods but it does not work on Tokamak.
  3. I too had to revert to the previous version after the game loading froze at 95% dealing with real plume patches.
  4. Sadly this mod breaks Smart Parts Drainex part no longer registers part contents.
  5. Yep https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Prinz_Eugen USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300), a former German heavy cruiser, ready for target duty in the operation Crossroads a-bomb tests, 14 June 1946. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PE_Atomtest_1.jpg#/media/File:PE_Atomtest_1.jpg
  6. Prinz Eugen Survived the the war & was expended at the Bikini Nuclear weapons test.
  7. What size is it? What is it's output, does the U238 decay as in real RTGs?
  8. When I compared what I got via CKAN and what I DLd via Space dock there was at least one missing config file from Configurable Containers in the AT-Utils folder. Sorry for getting Stroppy earlier I was running short on sleep.
  9. I have reverted back to 25.01 as the new UI is obviously not fit for purpose at least not when it comes to working with other mods installed. To be honest I don't like the new interface (From the pictures) it is messy and needlessly complicated I much prefer the old one, I made pretty much the same points with TCA when you changed that.
  10. Your new UI is not visible, I click Edit tanks & nothing happens
  11. Very useful for the bottom of Stations, landers & for Bases, during the nights, I can think of a number of uses for these. Thanks for this!
  12. It does not need to be transparent, black, white or grey perhaps tiled, as for mass it would help with stability during reentry,
  13. I wonder would it be possible to use this as a basis for applying ablative heat shielding to tanks and airframes?
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