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  1. Well i could reproduce this "floating tiles". Just started stock booster rocket straight up, let it fall down and got this: But it's not the same like the old floating tiles, which apeared above the ocean. Now it is just the textures floating above the "real" ground. In my case around 175m above my landing site. While looking for known issues, i found Kopernicus 1.3.0-7 and 8 and a new Version for KSP 1.3.1 ... I tried 1.3.0-8 but have still floating tiles and the issue is not mentioned on GitHub and I could not find anything like this in the Kopericus thread here. Update: An I can not confirm, that going back to 1.3.0-5 solves the Problem.
  2. Yeay! From "the unsupported corner": Deleting the Object Earth node in RSSVE\Terrain\pqs_manager.cfg brings back the clouds to KSP 1.3. I still dont know why, but flying in sunset @ mach 4 is great.
  3. I know KSP 1.3 is not supported, but RC3 was working very well with KSP 1.3. Until now there were no big issues or lets say bigger issues than in 1.2.2 for me. As it is not supported I'm just asking for ideas. To find the problem i digged a little deeper... My first wild guess was, cloud.cfg is different between RC3 an RC4. It definetly is, but thats not the problem. Old cloud.cfg an still the same error... so I took a littl closer look into the output log and found, that everything starts with loading \terrain\pqs_manager.cfg "OBJECT {Earth}". In RC3 there were just Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus an Neptune. pqs_manager.cfg in RC4 has now Earth and lots of other bodies... So my next wild guess would be a problem with localization of KSP 1.3. But I'm out of time today and will look at it later. But maybe this helps for a supported 1.3 Version. Fly safe!
  4. I'm still playing with KSP 1.3 and just deleted the RC3 and Scatterer folder and added RC4 and Scatterer 0.320b (b for KSP1.3). RSSVE is still working like before, exept one thing ... clouds are missing. Any Idea? Output Log https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9DHHySR8nsbeWtwNk9QTzNkNnc/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hey Guys! There is a new version of scatterer out now, for 1.3 http://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer No more floating tiles and i would say a very smooth coast line in low flight. Unfortunately the horizon is now a bit buggy from around 70 to 170km. Just the phase when clouds are not drawn to the very end of the world. ^^ Any idea what this could cause? Still scatterer?
  6. Thanks again! Thats it, but its looking ugly now ... .. will wait for scatterer for 1.3.
  7. Well ... any idea what this is? Looks like squares of the ocean bottom. Got it now every time in reentry from about 40.000m down to 0m. They are disapearing when getting lower than a square.
  8. Tanks! Thats the fix! I did not get, that there was a new Kopernicus Release and just followed the order "Here is the patch for RSS to work in 1.3. Just place it anywhere in your GameData folder." So its not the whole truth.
  9. Ddoesnt work for me #2 Made a fresh clean KSP install. Copied RSS for 1.2.2 + textures + RSS 1.3 Fix.cfg into GameData folder and it's still Kerbin, Kerbol ... GameData contains: Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator RealSolarSystem RSS-Textures Squad ModuleManager.2.7.5.dll ModuleManagerLicense.md RSS 1.3 Fix.cfg Did i miss something? My old 1.2.2 install was working, but updating this install just leads to instant crashes.
  10. @Alex38 RC3 is the brand new release of this RSSVE mod here, as Phineas Freak just said some posts before. RSSVE RC2 worked with scatterer 0.256, but not with 0.300. Following the install instructions from first page lead to the result shown in the pictures. As i've not intalled RO, my first wild guess would be, you have got a problem with the combination of RSS, RO, RSSVE an Scatterer, or one of them is not properly installed. As the Earth map comes with RSS-Textures, this might be the first place to check. Next would be the right EVE package - should be "AnyCPU-EVE-Release.zip" (2.35MB) and nothing else.
  11. Upgraded to RC3 and scatterer 0.300 - works like charm no special issues on Earth and Mars so far. ReentryParticleEffect and KAX are working too.
  12. Woah E.T. looks great and he is uploading a first 1.2.2 version. I will definetly try this. It's time for GTX1080ti.
  13. @Nathangun the other Option, i've chosen, is to edit the file \GameData\RSSVE\Clouds\clouds.cfg There is a section for each cloud layer. I just copied the OBJECT-Section named "EarthCloudsLow", renamed it to EarthClouds2000 and changed speed to 25 and altitude to 2000. As cloud layers are just single dds images movin' around the globe, my low cloud image is now movin' twice around the globe with different speeds. The result is a pretty simple illusion of changing cloud sizes and forms. @Phineas Freak While trying to get good clouds i thought about sizes of dds-textures of clouds and earth surface. For example EarthHeight.dds is 8192x4096px. This means a single pixel near equator is somewhat about 4,9km x 9,8km. Pretty unprecise. Even a change to 16384 x 16384 px would result in 2,5km x 2,5km. This might be a little better, but is still the length of a complete runway. So i digged a little deeper. An uncompressed EarthHight.dds is already 128MB. Modern graphic adapters are able to handle compressed files, but when using 16384 x 16384 you already have to compress 1024MB. And thats not a problem in Unity but for graphic adapters. All common graphic cards and chips have this hardware limit of max texture size like my GTX 780ti http://www.ozone3d.net/gpu/db/index.php?id=23998 This is also the limit for ATI and even Intels HD4xxx. Older Cards like Geforce 9800GT had a limit of 8192x8192. So in conclusion, even if you find a card supporting more than 16384px, it would only work on this card and crash for most users out there.
  14. @Phineas Freak I got it. Clouds is just a layer like Earth map. So I optimistically added 4 extra cloud layers... the result was standing in the night at launch pad with 16 FPS instead of ~50FPS before. So i deleted 3 and had just one more with a slightly faster moving speed. Im pretty happy with this config. Earth now in Kerbal: actual pic from GOES-16 Nasa: Just the border between 3D clouds and the flat dds image is sometimes pretty good and sometimes a chunky flat map, but i guess this will be as difficult as a earth map with more than 8192x4096px
  15. I just read an arcticle from NASA, where they said around 70% of Earths surface is cloud covered. https://www.nasa.gov/vision/earth/lookingatearth/icesat_light.html When looking at Earth in RSSVE i would say there is to much sunshine. After digging through clouds.cfg, RSSVE global configs and scatterer configs I did not find a good way to make it just a little bit more cloudy. Did i miss something or is it not working this way? @Ninadragonborn With Stock KSP + RSS & RSSVE reentry is pretty easy. Even directly from the Moon to 70km is working. Do you use any other mods or maybe a physics.cfg from an old version? Another idea would be Kopernicus mod has old or wrong data, as this mod is required for sigma dimension and RSS.
  16. It looks like RSS is missing. You only need RSS to get a real solar system. The link for the download is not that obvious as it is called "Download Plugin" in the thread The download link itself is:https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealSolarSystem/releases/latest This package contains already Kopernicus, Module Manager and RSS itself without textures! It shoud look like this: Copy everything in your GameData folder. Now you will need the textures from the texture repository https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSS-Textures/releases My choice was 4096.zip, maybe i will try 8192 next days, because 4096 works fine without any performance issues. Inside this zip you will find a GameData\RSS-Textures folder. Copy the RSS-Textures folder to your GameData folder. Now you should be able to play Kerbal with RSS in 64bit mode - 32bit mode is not recommended and for me Kerbal will crash instantly when trying 32bit mode. For RSSVE you should follow the instructions on the first page of this thread. In the end, your GameData folder should look like that, except KerbalEngineer(i like this mod ;)) and 4 ModuleManager files which will be created uppon first start. I hope this helps.
  17. Yes i'm using stock fairings. Until now, i'm only using RSS + RSSVE with required mods and KER. I made a test now and saw black fairings at every altitude from 0 to 350km. So i guess it happens everywhere.
  18. Hi there! First of all, this mod is just awesome! I played about 850 hours KSP Vanilla, KSP with VE and some minor Mods, but RSS+VE is just impressive. Great work! Thanks. While playing RC2, I mentioned that clouds are changing somewhere between 140 and 160km. When my ship is going below that point, clouds weren't visible up to the horizon. Is there a possibility to extend the range of visibility via cfg file? Its just a small stripe, an below 70km the horizon is close enough, so that this issue doesn't occure. The second thing is light an standard fairings. Suns corona seems to be a layer over the whole vessle, except fairings. Fairings are just black. Contrary to the black fairing: when starting into sunrise, the fairing is already shining brightly, before the sun is even visible.
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