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  1. Cool Mod using it for some time to re-build KSP ISS. But I was always wondering why there is no Node 3, no Destiny, no Columbus Module? Given that "eX-R-S Activity Module" this is node 2? Plus I never figured out how to use those solar trusses and trunnion to build the truss assembly. Maybe one could post his creation? Thanks and best, Rissa
  2. Are there any Craftfiles for Zarya and Zwezda available?
  3. Hi @cxg2827 Will it be possible that you add CLS "passability" to the APAS(Passive)-Mk1-2? I use this to connect my Zarya, Zvezda and Soyus with your PMA. I build a very pretty ISS (as I think) but the Crew can not move freely through the station because of this part beeing the only (it seems) that is not "passable". In conjunction with the Stations Parts Extended Mods "PTD-HEX Multi-Point Station Connector they are the perfect fit.
  4. Hm looks like Proton - but is not? I count only 4 boosters instead of six?
  5. Will it once be possible to download only separate parts of this mod? I mean possibly only the ESA Launchers, the Rockosmos once or the Space-shuttle-thingies? Or is there no plan to split this huge pack? - Or would it be too much administrative work to split those? (Here I as German am especially interested in the ESA Launchers and possibly the Soyus and Proton M. As personally for me I dont care about the chinease Launchers and the Russian Pods and stuff. ATV, HTV-II I am also eager for.) Thanks for the great work so far. Best Rissa