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  1. OK, fair enough. Hopefully, one day, Squad will decide to incorporate this mod into the game as well...then the headache will be theirs, lol
  2. Sounds like a lot of work. What's more work: this, or a complete rewrite, from scratch?
  3. lol....yeah, i can see where a typo like that would be absolutely hilarious, especially given the context.. So that saying of yours " Espernear é direito do enforcado " Roughly translates to "Kicking is the right of the hanged man"? If it's wrong, i'm not surprised, lol I don't speak ANY portugese, and it took 5 translation sites to piece together THAT crude translation. But yeah, if the translation is good enough, then i get what you're saying. we're right to be upset about our saves getting nuked. This is all nice...but i feel we're straying off topic again...and i don't wish to be smote by the forum gods.. what (if anything) can be done about the problem?
  4. A thousand times, this. I can't possibly agree any more strongly.
  5. Yeah, see, i stopped playing KSP around a year and a half ago, because the poor general performance, and massive memory leaks were making it impossible to continue. When i heard that 1.6 fixed these issues, i became very excited, because i figured, once all the mods i use were updated, i could get back to what was my favorite hobby. They all work now....except for TweakScale, lol. I understand you're just trying to help....but you didn't have all the information, and that's my fault. sorry. EDIT: i have heard that 1.5.1 performs a bit better than 1.2.2, and is a little better with memory, and i'm entertaining the idea of trying that version out, until everything's sorted with 1.6. So that could be a reasonable compromise....But i didn't want to have to do that.
  6. No, the breaks are because of scaled parts. if it were squad's fault, i wouldn't have said anything. And continuing on with the earlier version of KSP i was using isn't really an option due to how poorly the older version performs.
  7. Yeah, english is obviously not your native worries. i mostly understand you. You don't need to apologize for that. In any event, Since i'm wary whenever there's a new release, i have been putting all the latest versions of the mods that i use, along with a copy of my primary sandbox savefile into a 1.6 test environment, isolated from my most recent stable build/environment (based on KSP 1.2.2). So, while a fair few of my aircraft are broken, i have not lost those crafts forever.....and if the world starts exploding...well, i can fix that too, lol. bask in my god-like abilities I thank you for the detailed explanation. Having a programmer for a father, i understand what an absolute pain in the rear you're dealing with. Many times, i've watched the man struggle with all manner of gremlins within code, and he routinely bounces problems off me, to help him, i can never really offer him practical ideas on how to fix the problems, but talking it through, helps him think. I have learned a few things along the way.. I tell you this, not to offer assistance, because i'd be utterly useless in that regard, just to hopefully, show you that i do understand what you're on about. Now then...I'm fairly sure that anyone who's been playing this game long enough, know that Squad would not have released 1.6, if there was a fatal flaw that was destroying save files, and literally blowing up the world. Those of us who have been playing for years, and use mods, know that mods are almost always the cause of such bizarre, and sometimes hilariously catastrophic program failures. This is true of most games...I remember having similar game-crashing issues when playing Fallout 3 modded. Now, i only run this test environment of mine for a few minutes at a time, just to test out new builds on mods...i doubt i've put enough time on the save file to trigger anything else. Now, i said i've been testing repair builds of mods..I'm happy to say that my list is very nearly complete. That's to say, that almost ALL of the mods i used previously, are working 100% with 1.6....except for tweakscale. Not to put pressure on you, but that one mod is now holding me up, lol. I mean, if it were just a simple matter of "well, it can't scale certain parts, due to changes made by squad", that'd be fine....but it actually ruins entire crafts now. I'm not trying to be a jerk, or anything...but might it not have been a better idea to simply say that tweakscale can't be made to work properly with 1.6 at this time, and NOT released? That is the only reservation i have with your released something that doesn't work correctly, and obliterates .craft files that may have taken the creator DAYS to build. I know your latest version destroyed aircraft that took me a combined total of approximately 500-700 hours to build....and some of them were very important to some projects i was working on. Now, as i said, i have backups of everything, and this test environment was made to be expendable, if need be. But not everyone else thinks like i do, so who knows how many people lost their stuff for good... I decided to come back to KSP now, because 1.6 fixes all the performance issues i was having.. i can still use previous versions, but i'd still be plagued by the performance problems that drove me into hiatus, in the first place. If this issue can't be resolved, i guess my hiatus will be even longer....perhaps i can come back when 1.7 comes out. That being said, if you do come up with any ideas, and you need someone to playtest new builds, by all means, ring me up...i'm more than happy to help in any way that can speed this along....not just for myself, but for the people.
  8. Yes, lets get back on topic....I'd like a version of TweakScale, that doesn't break half of my planes..
  9. OK, now it's retaining settings, but still not keeping time, and not generating a totaltime.dat file where i told it too, either.
  10. OK, i'll test it real quick, and get back to you.
  11. I dunno, man....some of us take "i've wasted [insert number of days/weeks/months/years] building fake airplanes and space ships", and we wear it as a badge of honor, lol. Like LGG, here, i like to know how much time i've spent on this stuff, and i can't use steam for the modded environment i work this mod is perfect for timekeeping records.
  12. KSP Ver: (x64, windows platform) MOD Ver: Log: [SENT SEPARATELY] ISSUE: Latest version of mod will not keep time, or retain user settings between sessions.
  13. Numberyellow

    [1.6.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    what i don't get is if the parts were replaced with newer versions of the same parts, why weren't all of the part names changed? And if they're new versions, with the same old names, why could i not just change the name of the Habitat module back to what it was before? EDIT: Which, if i think about it, under most circumstance, just changing names like that would be stupid, because most likely the "part" may have baked in calls to the support files, and if i change their names, it could break the whole thing, and cause the application to crash.