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  1. Yeah, this is totally not working. I get nothing but errors, when trying to import a craft.
  2. does anyone happen to know if version 1.4.1 of AOA Technologies works with KSP 1.3.1?
  3. A good buddy of mine on here, suggested the same thing, like 2 years ago. It sounded like a good idea, so i copied my steam KSP directory (which was a heavily modded 1.2.2 install) to a new directory outside of steam, then i deleted the steam KSP directory, and let steam re-install a fresh copy of 1.2.2. i then copied that pristine install to an archive directory. Since then, i've been keeping an archive of "clean installs" of previous versions....If i need a clean copy for whatever reason, i have it. I would play my isolated 1.2.2 install, and never touch steam...which is why steam says i only have 114 hours played, when i actually have WAAAAAAY more than that. I really do love my 1.2.2 install....but as i've stated numerous times, including in the first post, my hardware is insufficient to handle the larger stuff i've come up with. I absolutely cannot make proper maneuvers with 6FPS. I stopped playing a year and a half ago, because of this problem...i couldn't afford hardware upgrades then, i can't afford them now, and i won't be able to afford them for the foreseeable future.. so unless you've got a bin of disused computer hardware laying around, that you don't need, that far exceeds my current system specs... Sticking with 1.2.2 really isn't an option. 1.3.1 may be a suitable alternative....i'll let everyone know, once i get an install going, with all the mods i need. I do appreciate your input though...i don't mean to come off as a jerk, it just annoys me when i have to repeat myself. I'd say not being able to actually fly your creations, might qualify as a wrong way to play the game....and really....not playing at all is even more wrong, lol
  4. Because in the last week or so, i've put together 4 modded installs...tracking down all the mods, getting everything installed in the proper's tedious, time consuming, and VERY annoying. I'm putting together a 1.3.1 install, and i'm only grabbing versions of mods, that are known to work with 1.3.1, i don't want to go grab the latest version of this mod, only to find that it doesn't work, in which case, i have to get rid of it, which might prove tricky...or, worse yet, it breaks something, in which case, the entire install is junk, and all the time i spent is wasted. Much easier, and smarter, to just ask questions....1.3.1 has been out for more than long enough to where someone would know if the latest version of this mod works properly with it.
  5. Gonna ask again: does anyone know if the "Alpha Strike" update (1.4.1.) works with KSP 1.3.1. I'd take the previous version, but 1.4.1 fixes that annoying " JSIVariableAnimator " error.
  6. Cool. I've sent you an invite to a PM conversation, where i was showing off my work to a friend of mine. This is so you can get a look at what i can do. Also, you might want to look at this thread:
  7. I know you haven't seen my work yet, but i'll make you a deal....get me a guaranteed working version of KAX for 1.3.1. and i'll build you a custom aircraft, using KAX parts, to show off. I assure you, i am (or at least i was) VERY good..
  8. Alternatively, if you don't feel like writing up an entirely new OP, You could simply link to Keptin's OP for the original KAX thread...
  9. Why, of course i hit the save button. Given the number of factors involved, let me get back to you.
  10. I could try the last stable build from spannermonkey....or maybe one of his wonky betas.... Yeah, that glitch is just the kind of thing i'm looking to avoid, lol. Realistically, i'm still held up by until i hear back from wolf, i'm stalled. once that's sorted, i'll decide what i want to do about my KAX situation.
  11. ok, i'll think about trying it out. I'd honestly rather have all mods tailored specifically for 1.3.1...but if you're telling me it's going to be a long time before that happens, i'll substitute.