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  1. Thanks, friend. I suspected it was 2.0.8, but i wasn't sure. i noticed with later releases, he would state in the notes: "this is the final update for [insert KSP version here]", but there wasn't one for 1.2.2. now, maybe i can finally finish this damned rover.
  2. What is the last version of this mod that works with KSP v1.2.2?
  3. Bah. It's added functionality.... and it's damned good. I'm not sure i follow, when you say it's a niche.
  4. Here's my question: Why in the hell isn't firespitter already an integrated KSP feature?
  5. I agree, the landing gear were awesome-looking, and were actually one of the original reasons i got the mod.... unfortunately, i never got to use them. I think they'd already been removed by the time i first downloaded the mod. the cockpit module, and electric motors were pretty decent though. However, the electric motor (much like all the rest of the engines) is still very much under-powered.
  6. As per our earlier PMs (for the benefit of everyone here), i've completed my 1.3.1 testing. All of the parts are functional. I utterly failed to build anything worth showing off though.. Though this is not due to a lack of skill, so much as a lack of parts. The bottom line is that KAX simply does not have enough parts. However, as i said, what is here, works just fine. As an aside, i don't know what the original mod author was thinking... ALL of the engines are woefully under-powered. I'd built a 4-engine plane, reminiscent of an old airliner, or WWII bomber... however, i couldn't keep it in the air, because the turborop engines (the strongest engines in the pack) were still far too weak to be truly useful for the application.
  7. So, then, i guess you need help testing the thing? I can't make any promises. I literally JUST built a new gaming rig, like a month ago. I haven't touched KSP, in any meaningful way, in close to 2 years, i've forgotten most of the in's and out's, and lately, i have practically no enthusiasm for anything. However, since you expended the effort to create this thing, at my behest, i suppose i owe it to you to at least TRY to test your creation. It will take time, but i WILL try.
  8. lol, i thought you died. what do you need help with? sorry i dropped off the has gotten in the way, in a lot of very big, very bad ways.
  9. If this is true, that could be good.... I mean, obviously it's none of the key people, which sucks, but if what you heard is correct, and it is people familiar enough with the first game, MAYBE they've got a shot. Bob's right... SQUAD wasn't sold to 2K, SQUAD sold the KSP IP to 2K.....which i still think was a mistake. Oh, for sure.... I'm just saying what it looks like now, based on what they've featured. I've seen HEAPS of stock KSP parts, and even some mod parts.. Plus, based on what they've said about interstellar travel, and colonization (which we already have in KSP, thanks to community modding), it just seems like what i said in my post above.. But you are right about needing to see more. One thing they're addressing, that i'm completely behind is the game being optimized to allow for large constructs, without the game becoming an unplayable you know, old friend, this is something i've have major issues with, and why i don't play so much anymore.. You're right about the time thing... we hafta wait a bit longer, to see how this all shakes out. But until i see for sure that this is gonna be good, i'm gonna harbor reservations. Been burned too many time on developer hype, and promises.
  10. I am of two minds on this.... One is filled with excitement, and pleases me to hear that a sequel is being developed. The other Is filled with doubt, concern, and worry. My concerns are as follows.. - Star Theory is a dev team made up of people we've never heard of, and some people from Uber, who's only games of note were Monday Night Combat, and Planetary Annihilation. I don't see a whole lot under their belt, that tells me they can do this well enough to stack up to the absolutely legendary work that SQUAD has done with this game. - To what extent is SQUAD involved with the development process? I've read that some SQUAD employees will be serving in an advisory capacity..but what exactly does that mean? - Why isn't SQUAD doing this game themselves? - I know they're saying NOW that there aren't going to be any microtransactions, or in-game currency or purchases....but this is 2K we're talking about. Can we really be expected to believe that they're not going to demand the developers shoehorn this garbage in later? - Their trailer looks like a visually upgraded version of the current game, with a ton of community mods implemented as base-level features. I'm worried about a lot of this... i'm honestly not sure i trust anyone but SQUAD to do this right. When you hand an IP over to someone else for development, you ALWAYS lose something in the translation from the original IP holder's vision, to the new holder's vision.. I mean, i hope the new guys don't screw this up, but i can't shake the feeling that this isn't going to be everything the flashy videos are promising. I still think SQUAD made a mistake selling to Take-two/2K
  11. Yeah, this is totally not working. I get nothing but errors, when trying to import a craft.
  12. does anyone happen to know if version 1.4.1 of AOA Technologies works with KSP 1.3.1?
  13. A good buddy of mine on here, suggested the same thing, like 2 years ago. It sounded like a good idea, so i copied my steam KSP directory (which was a heavily modded 1.2.2 install) to a new directory outside of steam, then i deleted the steam KSP directory, and let steam re-install a fresh copy of 1.2.2. i then copied that pristine install to an archive directory. Since then, i've been keeping an archive of "clean installs" of previous versions....If i need a clean copy for whatever reason, i have it. I would play my isolated 1.2.2 install, and never touch steam...which is why steam says i only have 114 hours played, when i actually have WAAAAAAY more than that. I really do love my 1.2.2 install....but as i've stated numerous times, including in the first post, my hardware is insufficient to handle the larger stuff i've come up with. I absolutely cannot make proper maneuvers with 6FPS. I stopped playing a year and a half ago, because of this problem...i couldn't afford hardware upgrades then, i can't afford them now, and i won't be able to afford them for the foreseeable future.. so unless you've got a bin of disused computer hardware laying around, that you don't need, that far exceeds my current system specs... Sticking with 1.2.2 really isn't an option. 1.3.1 may be a suitable alternative....i'll let everyone know, once i get an install going, with all the mods i need. I do appreciate your input though...i don't mean to come off as a jerk, it just annoys me when i have to repeat myself. I'd say not being able to actually fly your creations, might qualify as a wrong way to play the game....and really....not playing at all is even more wrong, lol