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  1. The mission was so exhilarating that I needed to project it onto the TV. The laptop screen simply wasn't enough .
  2. The synchronisation of the landing was MARVELLOUS! THE ULTIMATE choreography!
  3. Finally the day we have all been waiting for! The time has finally come to test the brilliance of Falcon Heavy, and send a little souvenir with it!
  4. Yes that is right! For the same reasons outlined above I along with TheEpicSquared, could not maintain constructing, designing and operating a forum. We (as demonstrated) furthermore had difficulties maintaining this mission as it is. It is time for us to pass up our leadership on this challenge, whilst it has been great fun, and resulted in some very interesting discussions and negotiations between myself and TheEpicSquared, the mission must progress on to a new era, where it can grow and prosper. Thanks for the ride!
  5. Solar panels deployed -The final piece of the puzzle!! At least when it comes to the webcast... It has quite a busy working shift coming up to say the least! Yet another (preliminary) success by Spacex, doesn't get much better than this!
  6. Dragon Deployed! The amazing views just keep on coming! (I'm not complaining )
  7. The majestic grid-fins Bermuda Tracking station... (INSERT BERMUDA TRIANGLE THEORIES HERE)
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