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  1. I reveal that I am the true maker of the cookie and all of you bow before my might ( ) and @qzgy gives the cookie to me, my cookie. P.S You May Not create a new cookie!!!!
  2. Is armor really that useful anymore? Or is it better to skip armor and just stuff more missiles?
  3. @MiffedStarfish Yes it did help, also are mods like tweakscale or B9 procedural wings allowed as they just make it so your ships don't have horrendous part counts or is it just if the other person agrees?
  4. I've just started building stock war craft and I have a question. Do many people here make thier missile tubes sealable (mk3 cargo ramp) to protect against missiles ? If so does the game model the colliders for moving parts such as control surfaces?
  5. Known for pinging me like five seconds after I leave the topic Edit : Ninja'd!
  6. Known for having an avatar with a dude waving a bunch of flags.
  7. Woo Hoo!! 2 snow days in a row baby :) I have about 1.5 feet of snow in my yard &) Any body else in the same area as me and got hit harder? I'm in the greater Rochester area of NY.

    1. ProtoJeb21


      I got hammered with at LEAST a foot and two snow days as well.

    2. Spaceception


      It's been really cold, does that count?

    3. RandomGuy1824
  8. I think I figured out why. I heard somewhere that antimatter reactors only produce power when something needs power, is this correct?
  9. It is possible that the missile can't turn tight enough to hit the target. If not it might be a strange bug. I have also been expirementing with modular missiles and I can't figure how they target the enemy, is it like radar or something like that?
  10. Nopz, @munlander1 for seeming to always be on.
  11. Nope, I call forth @The Raging Sandwich to the table.
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