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  1. Oh that is the case then. Mine comes from ckan or spacedock, either one. Thanks for the heads up. I didnt know about that github verison. Can I trouble you for the download link, just to be safe?
  2. Are you sure? I use kerbal foundries and thr ones I get look quite different. For one, they dont have the colorful stripes painted on the telescopic struts.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Great advice, I will give it a go! Many thanks.
  4. Would you mind telling me what they are? You see, I think this is one of the best mods around. Specially so because it perfectly integrates real-life parts with stockalike parts, so it ranka high up there with tantares and bluesog DB, imho. But currently my mod build just got waaaaay to big and I am having to rationalize it somewhat.
  5. Wait... if I delete everything in the mod's folder but this .cfg, I get only the MMU?
  6. Got quite the kick when I saw that your profile picture is Sir Arnold from "yes minister"! "A minister with two ideas? I can't remember when we last had one of those."
  7. I have to agree here, torque seems to be "too damn high", to quote the famous meme. I simply cannot make a workable single-prop, torque seems to be too excessive regardles of how I configure the rotor engine. When an airplene gains speed, the torque effect tends to yaw you to the side, more than it tries to corkscrew you that hard, because of the airflow on the wings countering the torque force. My guess is that ksp physics do not account for the resistance wings put against the torque's angular momentum. EDIT: I can make single props work fine, but with lots of blades and very, very low rpm, resulting bad performance. It doesn't feel right.
  8. This thread is very reassuring to me. I've been working like crazy to make a decent controllable helicopter, only to fail miserably everytime. I am glad to see I'm not the only one.
  9. @linuxgurugamer just to be sure, if I am using memgraph merely for its anti-stutter effects, can I use this and uninstall memgraph?
  10. No, that is from STRYKER. Check it out, it has excellent parts. Its a DC3-a-like wing. I used tweakscale to enlarge it (a lot). The rudders have beem tweakscaled too, you can see they are stock parts bur there they are some 5 times larger than stock. Ends up being very draggy, but provides a lot ot lift - necessary in flying boats since its difficult to get them too fast while still in the water. Then I swept them back to bring the CoL behind the CoM.
  11. Today I took my new giant flyingboat for a test flight. KSC to Carrier Launch. It provided some good twilight landing photos next to the carrier!