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  1. Its good to see this being still developed. @reedhashlock the older FAR is not updated but someone released recently some sort of "FAR continued". Check it out!
  2. Daniel Prates

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    The parts really look gorgeous. And stockalike too, which in my book is a bonus!
  3. @JPLRepo many thanks for bringing this up to date!
  4. So no "under the hood" changes then? That sure is good to hear. From a heavy mod user point of view, at least.
  5. So guys! Unrelated issue to Tantares, but I imagine you are the correct crowd to ask this. Did 1.5 change a lot? Is it a completelly different animal from the previous iteration, or are parts mods still rated for 1.4.5 able to function fine with 1.5.x?
  6. Daniel Prates


    Oh I'm pretty sure it should. I haven't updated it yet because I have not yet tested it myself, but I antecipate no problems since Final Frontier, though complex, is one of those "can't go wrong" plugins and my own mod is just a bunch of jpgs and text.
  7. Welldone @blackheart612! I specially like the cessna-a-like parts!
  8. Well, either way, it works fine. Maybe just a little explanation in the OP is enough.
  9. Daniel Prates

    MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.6) KSP 1.4.5

    Crewed noses, blisters and firing positions are things no one has done before. Positions for gunners, navigators, bombardiers, spotters ... we are in need of that.
  10. Hello @Ser, could you clarify something to me? I am not exactly sure where the glideslope shows in the instrument. As far as real life goes, the glideslope mark walks towards the actual middle of the instrument, hence, "aligned" should be as the letter "A" I marked in the picture below. Is that the same in your mod? Or is middle or "aligned" in the "B" marked in the picture, right between the round two balls or circle thinghys you drew in the instrument?
  11. Oh that's a good. An uber-sickness would require some emergency response whereaa the mere normal sickness may not be a mission abort. Its a great way to generate diversity, great thinking.
  12. Hey @garwel two kerbals of a station crew of three were marked "sick". My station had a lab, with a health module. A few days later they registered as "ok". Am I right to understand that they were healed by the health module? Also: more modules means faster healing? Also also: are there degrees of sickness? Or only a single "sick" standard modifier?
  13. Daniel Prates

    MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.6) KSP 1.4.5

    It is great to see this still being developed. Hey @Citizen247 when you have the time, update this mod's spacedock page. I am sure you would be getting much more visibility if it didn't still show this as being a 1.3.1. mod.