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  1. Imagine a shooting stand for BdA full of those little guys
  2. This is genious. It goes without saying that the mod's main idea is to challenge you in longer travels. So a long trip, say a Duna round trip, could be made less stressful if you have a crew of 3 pilots instead of one, what could be more sensible? They are presumed to be rotating on the job and thus making the trip less stressful - then again, it is triple the space, triple the mass etc, increasing the technical challenge. Good one Garwel!
  3. Mamy kudos, very interesting and useful, looks good too. Amazing that after all these years people are still finding new and useful stuff to add!
  4. What always made me curious about thia mod: you pronounce it Nice like the French City (neeece) or like "cool, great... nice" (noice)?
  5. For sure not a game-breaking bad. Funny tho.
  6. Those are some spotlights huh? I placed the largest one atop a space station, at 400km altitude, and it illuminates Kerbin's surface!
  7. Yyeeeaaahhhhh if you could just go ahead and not get in the way of them creating great content for all of us, that'd be great.
  8. I might have had too much schnapps last night, I am seeing pink elephants! Or, you know... this. Will return here after a few hours to see if I am really seeing things or not.
  9. Jeeezus man.... just reading this made MY computer CTD. It wasn't even on!
  10. btw @linuxgurugamer and @JadeOfMaar I forgot to thank you whomever of you is responsible for fixing how the OPT extensible docking ports and 'docking cam kurs' relate; earlier it wasn't working since the camera would look from behind the 3d model skin, it seems to be fixed now. Whomever did it, thanks!
  11. The witchcraft idea is a very good one! I like all features.
  12. Just remembering this post from 8 years ago. Maybe doing what LGG asks above is just the way to do it justice right now.
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