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  1. Funny, this new version freezes up my game loading. When the assets loading reaches the "hispano enclosure" asset, it just stops there indefinively.
  2. Just accept whichever contract appears and do it, apparently. The mod creator knows better than you what you want to do. Or so I have been schooled recently. Life is unfair.
  3. Yes interesting. I thought about meddling with the max allowed available contracts but I do concern it may mess things up. The thing is, contracts are there to give you a challenge, at the same time it allows you to go through testing/proofing your designs. When a contract pack gives you a lot of options but limit those options to a random max allowed contracts, there is a chance it will only make available things you don't want to do. This pack for instance. It allows lots of things to do with stations and bases. Assume you just designed a lander you want to test.... and the max alowed
  4. Some other contract packs , specially the ones that provide many contracts, show this behavior too: there are say 10 or 20 contracts with met requisites, but only a few are offered at any given time. I see this as a handicap. Why shouldn't I chose the one I want amongst 20 unlocked contracts? Is this standard Contract Configurator behavior? @Caerfinon, for your knowledge.
  5. Allright @IgorZ, I think that is what everybody wanted and was hoping for!
  6. Well..... to be honest I am trying to stay optimistic but when you see the current zeitgeist of game development in general, it is hard to ignore the truth, that market considerations tend to make most games favor sales than real quality. Has always been that way but nowadays, more so. So if a game can be dumbed down to reach a wider player base, it probably will be. Microtransactions, a min-maxing model, dlc-oriented sales etc., those things have ruined many of my favorite things lately and I cant shake the feeling that KSP2 will veer off towards that in some way. Ksp1 is excellent BY AC
  7. Nooooo! If you took my post as me defending the idea that graphic designers should adress physics codes (I didnt even mention physics) then go back and read if again. All I'm saying is, many of us are a bit concerned with development, and when the eventual and sparse DD comes mentioning the great developments in "kerbal facial expressions" department, that adds to the concern tied to another postponement. Makes it feel like the many, still undefined aspects of KSP2 that really matter are under debate or have hit an obstacle, hence the postlonement. That is all, if it is clearer
  8. This 'postponement' news does not concern me half as much as the dev diaries we are getting. The last one was about graphic modelling (ooo we are finding new revolutionary ways to look at a kerbal, click it, use it's GUI etc), and soooo much time was spent explaining how their facial expression change during flight ... that immediately brought to my mind that Peter Griffin meme ("oh my god who - the hell - cares!"). It is not that graphic development isn't important, but really, we all have so many concerns about what is good in KSP1 and will be kept/improved in KSP2, that a dev diary showing
  9. @Beale i was wondering, now that you made your own 'camera' plugin for the probes mod, why don't you integrate it into the 'octans periscope'? I know it exists only to make the soyuz look more realistic but adding the camera would also make the part useful.
  10. I thought world stabilizer had become useless/inert (or whatever one wishes to call it) after 1.11. Isn't it so?
  11. Freaky. So KJR next is fine then? KJR continued seems to have stopped working, it does not "reinforce" anything anymore and I seem to have returned to pre-kjr wobblyness. @Lisiaswe had a conversation about this some time ago. Both versions of kjr were indicated for different situations/users. Seems it is no longer the case.
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