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  1. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Don't take it near "Kontevideo" though!
  2. Cheers everyone! Is there a config file to include the new stock alternative runways, desert runway and whats-its-name (forgot how its called)? Since they are now stock, it would make sense perhaps to include them definitively in the mod config! Great fan of the mod btw. Thanks @Ser for bringing it up to date with 1.4.
  3. Nevermind! I installed yesterday the new "redux" IR (or whats-its-name) for 1.4 and it contains it all. Its the old original IR that has only a limited set of parts, like half a dozen only.
  4. Tks! But I think I didnt explain well. I was asking about the protruding volume, on the actual fuselage. The bulge, onto where the wing is rooted. Not the actual lifting surface part.
  5. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.x] Stockalike Mk1 Open cockpit ( NEW PART )

    Mmm... open cockpit is not "dialogueing" well with "take command"... my kerbals always spawn unboarded, with the craft shaking like hell... in one time this even caused the kerbal to EXPLODE on launch (no less!).
  6. All those joints, elbows... those are not parts from the stand-alone IR! I don't know them! Where can I get the mod that contains them?
  7. congrats @blackheart612 on another great installment of your mod. What is that wingroot there I see on the pictures? The part buried inside the fuselage? I can't seem to find it in the VAB.
  8. Hi @kcs123 , only now I saw this post of yours. It never occurred to me that FAR would only work with compatible parts, I always thought it changed the most general aspects of aerodynamics and would hence work with every craft. Well, as far as ksp 1.3.x goes, I detected no difference or problem whatsoever (lucky me), even though my planes rarely have a stock part on them! I am not saying that there were no issues, but there were none I could promptly see anyway - planes would fly perfectly, with that extra difficulty that FAR is supposed to provide, compared to the stock aero anyway. I actually never even thought it could not be working fine. But indeed, I have recently tried out a heavily modded KSP 1.4.4 and FAR will make a mess of things, sadly. The CoL will not appear anywhere in the craft (it just lies there dead on the floor of the SPH), and no wing at all will provide lift. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Daniel Prates

    [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Oh, that makes sense. I was pretty sure I had installed both mods correctly. Well, that's too bad. Will be checking this periodically though, I am crossing my fingers this will be worked out some time in the future. It's just too good a mod to go without, both Konstructs and yours. Keep up the good work!
  10. Daniel Prates

    [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Hi @Ger_space, fist of all, my many kudos on your mod, I have been using it for years. I am very optimistic for @Eskandare's mod, but for now I want to keep using your old familiar landing strips, which I have always loved, and that goes so well with the GAP contract pack. So let me get this straight: the current Kerbal Constructs for 1.4 will work fine with your own Kerbin Side Complete? ] its weird, I install both the 'kerbalkonstructs' folder and your own 'kerbinside' folder inside my gamedata folder, but nothing happens. The toolbar button for kerbin side is still there, warning me to go look for the preferences settings in the 'difficulty' options, but nothing else happens. I wonder if it is because of me trying to use this with KSP 1.4.4.
  11. Daniel Prates


    That is indeed the case. And it is hard to imagine FF being incompatible with anything else in the entire KSP mods spectrum. So both this and FF should work fine with every mod build.
  12. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.x] Stockalike Mk1 Open cockpit ( NEW PART )

    Wonderdul @NESD! The MG seat looks extremelly good! The MG seat doesn't seem to be working with "take command", though. A plane with both the command pod and MG pod can only receive crew on the first, from within the VAB/SPH. Btw, what is that wing on the second pic? Is it from procedural wings?
  13. Daniel Prates

    Mid-course Interplanetary Abort

    There is a great video by "curious droid" about this: https://youtu.be/IyUwSJ5pXS0
  14. Daniel Prates

    Landing Legs without suspension?

    Oh yeah. It will take some experimenting though. No spring rating at all may make your landing legs more susceptible to breaking under stress. But if in the current setting it is too bouncy, do reduce them a bit. All those parts with the green bar are tweakeable. I always tamper with wheel brakes for instance. Thrusters can have their max thrust reduced, cargo bays can be set not to open all the way... the possibilities are limitless. Fiddle with them, go nuts!