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  1. I am talking about the antennas and not the shutters but now that you mentioned, I can't unsee it. Maybe Freud was right, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!
  2. The extended antennas seem to be mimicking the olimpian salute, to call it by its less controversial name. Get it? Heil! A good-ish joke, maybe out of taste for some. Hey @Beale is polyus going inside the TantaresSP portfolio, or regular Tantares? If you are taking suggestions, maybe put it in SP. It is a payload after al (on the other hand it is also a spacecraft too like the soyuz so idunno). Besides main Tantares already has a zillion parts already, maybe it would be nice to distribute them around somewhat.
  3. My reasoning is, some people (cof... me) like to design militarized planes, flying boats, amphibious etc. It is not always that you want to get real close tonthe ground and land. Otherwise, great idea to have all options toggleable. It ensures most people will like the mod instead of droping it for "that one thing".
  4. How that "modern" nav radio + autopilot on the lower left tarnishes the retro looks of the cockpit.
  5. Great! APPLE could automatically remove helmets on EVA in breatheable atmosphere. Didn't really care for the auto LG lowering. Can it be turned off? Can LIME have two settings? Your sunny daylight but also the sun directly on the horizon? It is good for some launches.
  6. Was it crewed really, the actual polyus? I always thought if was an uncrewed space laser, with a crewed TKS on the top.
  7. Thanks Lisias for being the usual COOL DUDE. However I ran that "check integrity" tool from steam and that solved it. No less than 198 "non-integral" (??) files. Most likely things changed by mods. Its ok now. I leave it here as a heads up for everybody else.
  8. Ah crap, here we go again. 1.11.2 conflicts with some mod I have installed, out of some 150 mods or so, and now I don't know what is causing it. Damn. Every time, man, every time.
  9. @Beale maybe Mir2? A bold choice..... iirc it had little to do with old Mir models, you would be doing a lot of girders and tubular habitats from scratch.
  10. Yes it could be some funky part on the flying boat I made. I am checking.
  11. Anyone still using this? I got a flying boat spawn underwater and then explode. Will check some usual suspects (PRE, KJR, TW etc) and report here.
  12. Giggity. I would argue most people already have B9ps because of several other mods. Tantares would simply be another one. So I guess nobody would mind.
  13. Just curious: how is the current situation with CKAN? There is a 'new tantares' there, which I am not sure if it is the current tantares version. In any case I use the space dock version, but it would be nice to know if CKAN's download is valid.
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