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  1. Oh that's a good. An uber-sickness would require some emergency response whereaa the mere normal sickness may not be a mission abort. Its a great way to generate diversity, great thinking.
  2. Hey @garwel two kerbals of a station crew of three were marked "sick". My station had a lab, with a health module. A few days later they registered as "ok". Am I right to understand that they were healed by the health module? Also: more modules means faster healing? Also also: are there degrees of sickness? Or only a single "sick" standard modifier?
  3. Daniel Prates

    MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.6) KSP 1.4.5

    It is great to see this still being developed. Hey @Citizen247 when you have the time, update this mod's spacedock page. I am sure you would be getting much more visibility if it didn't still show this as being a 1.3.1. mod.
  4. Daniel Prates


    New version: 1.1- Added a few ribbons, changed some descriptions and names, corrected some errors. More exploration ribbons were added, to match the anomalies existing all over the Kerbol System (for instance, if you visit the Mohole, there is a ribbon for that). Some medals were renamed to help differentiate them (and their uses) from one another, although it makes little difference since the idea is that you use them how and when you want. Most changes were made on account of other player's suggestions, which are much appreciated. Also, recompiled for 1.4.5 (in name only. No actual changes were necessary. It makes no difference).
  5. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.1+] Dang It! Continued

    Ok thanks anyway. When you do, perhaps think about it.
  6. Oh it sure does. I like to design craft with tanks and batteries "buried" inside hollow parts like structural fuselages etc. The bad side was that they became inaccessible when the craft was launched so transfers were impossible. I alwaya thought of them as my "discardable" craft. Now they are not!
  7. @Papa_Joe what a wonderful mod. I started getting that weird crew transfer bug, about which I read all over the forum and that appears to have no definitive solution. As it turns out, If I select a kerbal for transfer, clicking the destination part does nothing. Looking for a bypass to that problem i stumbled into this mod, and oh boy, did it surprise me! A wonderful tool that everybody should consider using. Many kudos!
  8. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.1+] Dang It! Continued

    @linuxgurugamer I think this is one of the best mods around. I will pitch in a suggestion, forgive me if it has been suggested before, or if you are not up for suggestions at all. So the thing is: not all craft are designed with parts 'showing'. imagine, for instance, if you use an empty structural fuselage and fill it with tanks, batteries etc, in a manner that when your craft is finished, the parts are 'buried' inside and not visible after you launch. If you place a part inside other, and it fails, you get the sound alarm but there is no way to know where the flaw is. Could the GUI perhaps have a little tab showing what part has presented the failure? Perhaps also the 'mute alarm' button could be replicated there, for convenience. I am also in doubt on what to type in the 'modifier' slot of the GUI. I am imagining that typing, say, 1.5 will make flaws happen 50% faster, and 0.5 would cut the frequency of flaws in half. Is that how it works?
  9. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.3] Kerbal Academy Contract Pack [v1.2.x]

    @Mark Kerbin I love this mod. A doubt: if I have a 2-star pilot, he is eligible for the "flyby" mission, either mun or minmus, which will bring him up to 3 stars. So far so good. I have done it to all my pilots, they all reached 3 stars. Now the same mission keeps showing up again. If they go through them over again, it will further them to 4 and the 5 stars?
  10. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.3 v 1.2.3] SM_Stryker BDA 1.22

    My suggestion would be the very first node ("start"). It already has a reaction engine (the Flea) so a simple piston engine would fit right in. It would open possibilities for simple planes too. Thanks for listening!
  11. Hah! Great one! This is infringement, of course. Watch out for Bob Loblaw.
  12. Daniel Prates

    MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.6) KSP 1.4.5

    Allright! Great to see that this is still in development!
  13. Oh indeed, I didn't get before. Its clearer now. My bad, I suck at code. Thanks!