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  1. Something: is aesthetically perfect. Soviet designer: "let me just slant this a bit here and there"
  2. Yes good point, they are better off emulating the mod than inventing something out of the blue. Ugh, here we go again .... another version, another bunch of mods screwed up.
  3. An excellent parts pack, glad to see it still in development.
  4. Right! Now that we have this out of the way, let me say this: I manually uninstalled FAR, as per the friggin' OP saying it is not a dependency, and PW is working fine, so, there. Thanks @linuxgurugamer and @Lisias for the costumary helpfulness, you guys deserve a medal.
  5. The OP says it isn't a dependancy. [snip] I did remove FAR and it made no difference whatsoever.
  6. Very cool @Beale. I've been away for a few months, last I remember there were plans to put up-to-date tantares on CKAN. Is that a thing?
  7. Hi Guys, I have been away from a couple of months and I can see there was some progress! Great to hear. PW was a little wonky last time I saw it. Just messed with it right now and it seems fine. Although .... my CKAN install forces me to take PW with FAR, I can't remove FAR without removing PW. Interesting, as in the OP it is said that FAR is 'recommended' and not a dependency. So I ask: is FAR mandatory? If CKAN won't let me have one without the other, is it ok to download it and install manually without FAR?
  8. I am talking about the antennas and not the shutters but now that you mentioned, I can't unsee it. Maybe Freud was right, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!
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