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  1. @MaverickSawyer this is always my go-to first check when I have any kind of issues. I figure out how I installed it and try the other method, or vice-versa. It usually solves more than half my problems.
  2. @Well VERY GOOD dude! Usually when people use stock IVAs to fill in gaps in mods they end up looking terrible, but it does look great! They fit very nicely.
  3. It seems clear that there will be parts to build the Ariane 5, but the probes, will there be new parts for them as well?
  4. I too think its amazing and wonderful that this still works. Doubt: it is clear to me that larger wings generate more lift. But thicker wings, as in Real Life, will generate more lift at the expense of more drag, withing the same wing area? Or the game does not compute that?
  5. Wonderful @Beale. Letting this go is proving to be harder than you thought huh?! Thanks, many thanks.
  6. Guys, if I prune a part, and delete the mod, if I reinstall the mod I get the part back, right?
  7. Oh no, this last one I used another one, not the FOAB again. My guess is that one is indeed broken.
  8. I love those two mods. They give a good reason to have stations in far away bodies for training purposes.
  9. That is how I do it too, the droping rover has an unmanned command module and an antenna. And a source of EC. I set the chute to auto-deploy on release, fire and forget, and return to KSC and land. The pod will land and await you there. To avoid messy results I fly in circles above it until it lands.
  10. Yes, there is a limit. They are science experiments, somewhat like the others. So there is a finite amount of sci points. There are also three arm sizes; only the larger one can get all of the science in one go. Tbh its more like an incentive/pretext for you to build rovers, as landing a craft with an arm, just next to an anomaly, can be hard (but doable). The anomalies in kerbin are rather dull; however all bodies have anomalies and the rewards scale up accordingly. Iirc you can also do EVA reports next to them. PS: I have been calling them anomalies, but I think the correct name given to them by the devs is "features", to differ them from the non-scienceworthy things like the mohole, the saucers, the mun arches etc. Features render science, anomalies don't. PS2: check this post I wrote a while ago, where I comment a dropable feature research walker with an arm:
  11. Yep. You have to use the new science arms to collect science from them. North of the KSC, across the bay, you will find several.
  12. In more recent ksp versions, I adopted as a rule to have both drogues and a main chute. It is easier to have safer landings. Wasn't like that earlier.
  13. Yeah besides, now you have the researcheable anomalies like the Baobab tree, maybe you saw a shadow of one.
  14. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi Lisias, you're my only hope.
  15. I only mentioned this so that people can see how wonderful TW is, and the colossal scope of creativity it allows. It is in very good hands with Lisias.