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  1. I am not certain what you mean here; are the new SSPX parts not integrated yet? Hmm... now that you mentioned it, the new (largest) centrifuge seems indeed not to have the paragravity function. Well as for the main issue - different stats for loaded/unloaded vessels - I tested everything out and it is perfect: Thanks again @garwel!
  2. That is what the reddit discussion suggests. It being a 6yo suggestion it made me a bit weary... well, I will try and report here what happens.
  3. Hello guys! Not exactly a scansat related situation, but perhaps someone here can help me. I am in the middle of a particularly enjoyable savegame; only thing is, resources availability is horrid (my fault; setting up the new save I forgot to set abundant ore). I recall it being possible to reset the seed in the savegame, and searching the blogosphere I found this.... .... but yyeeaaaahhh... I'm not sure. Besides I would also have to change the scarcity parameters, it makes no difference if I reset the seed but in the new situarion ore concemtration and everything else remains between 0% and 5% everywhere. Anyone have any ideia I can use?
  4. Glad to know it is not just me. Of course you can always enjoy the mod's many features loading the craft and minding it 100% of the time, but it does kill sime possibilities, like manning a station and leaving them there while you concentrate elsewhere. Well, Garwel being the wizard he is, if there is a way to make the stats compute equally for loaded and unloaded vessels, he will find it.
  5. Really then, look 3 or 4 post above and check Grimas' fix for it, it is a real thing.
  6. Interesting, I haven't checked this mod in a while. Unobtanium, huh? Does it yield more $$ than processed gold? Or it is meant for something else then return for profit? Nevermind, I was thinking of uranite, another ore that is mentioned in scansat, similar name.
  7. No matter anything, anywhere, in any circumstance. Everytime you jettison the shield without deployed chutes, you get that damn thing stuck in there. I'd be surprised if there were any justification at all to jettison the shield before deploying the chutes, in any scenario.
  8. Hmmm.... what is that "transfer angle" information interface? It provides the phase + inclination for an ejection node towards the targeted body?
  9. Well @flart beat me to it. In any case, here too are my logs, both ksp and player. Debug mode enabled. You will see i entered KSC, then the station, then I enabled 'debug mode', then I went back to KSC, then back to the Station: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wv6cwe20y5oj087/AAB6x6SsKeQZYBhDXBgyOeIpa?dl=0 You see @garwel if it is indeed the case - KH computes differently the factors when the vessel is loaded and when it is in the background - that would sure be a good thing to look into. This by all mean doesn't make the mod "unplayable", bu all means, but it kinda forces you to keep your eyes on the vessel at all times if it is a long voyage, say a manned flyby to any other planet. Leaving it alone for some time to take care of some other thing elsewhere could be fatal to the kerbals you left behind.
  10. Sure. Just explain me how/where from extract the logs. @garwel I am asking because I don't know how to make different logs. As far as I know, the player.log file is made when I exit to main menu, isn't it? How do I make two logs, one in ksc and other commanding the station? I will try loading the game, reverting to desktop with the game running, save the log, go back to the game, go to the station, go to desktop again and save the log again. I hope that generates two different logs.
  11. Man this is aggravating.... here is a Mun station, complete with a centrifuge. Internal space and artificial gravity is enough so that the Kerbal can stay there indefinitely, as the monitor states. But when I return to the KSC.... the data on the monitor changes. Confinement and microgravity for the very same Kerbal on the very same spot have worsened, so that he no longer has positive health increase, he has health deficit and will eventually die. When I return to the station, the monitor again shows the correct data. Anyone has a clue on why, on the KSC, the factors are being computed differently?
  12. Guys help me out pls. Wasn't there a similar mod to this, it allowed to track and repeat flights, but you could put anything else in orbit as long as it didn't exceed the weight of the last stage of the tracked original flight?
  13. Same here, I am using kiwi and seeing no issues. Well... there are two nodes down the tree overlaping somewhat, but they work. What saddens me is the lack of future maintainance. I hope someone pick this up.
  14. Same here @hemeac, this has been my favorite tech tree and I hope someone keeps your excellent work going. Many thanks!
  15. .... 6 hours later ..... If this is in "beta" it may as well be considered final, Ive been using it and it seems flawless.
  16. Oh this is good, I always personally liked this one more than craft manager. Subassemblies is a nice touch.
  17. Another sheep back into the fold; a good one by the way. I love the inflatable parts.
  18. Same here. Usually a remote probe. Easy. The crew go separately. Heck the scientists can even live in the station while you send successive different experiment probes and run one after the other. With kerbal health or kerbalism it is even more interesting as providing a prolonged stay is harder still. While you're at it, install near future electrical + system heat and give a try at running nuclear reactors plus a dedicated heat management system; the cyclotrons seem like they were made for that.
  19. Yeah I guess flaws will appear eventually. As for tantares and habtech2 I am confident, part names in the VAB and configs are easily relatable. It is with SSPR that I worry somewhat. Nertea uses a nomenclature that is certainly obvious to him but wast for me. But we'll see.
  20. People sure like to mix up a lot "inventory" with "attachment".
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