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  1. awwww you killed KSS for THIS? I don't play KSP for REALISM!! I've seen the ALL... I've seen the creator.... (I even fixed the damned thing so I could land on it.) I really hope it wasn't the forums bull$#!t smack talkers that brought you down and killed KSS. I think you really had something going there. THIS mods kinda boring side by side comparison.
  2. here's a list of stuff that DOES work. Mind you I have a XEON powered computer. Great for handling lots of physics calculations. FTL drive continued I find works better, is smaller and simpler. Plus I like the beacon to beacon teleport. no few minutes.. INSTANT! only hard part is sending your probes out really early in the game so they get to their destinations in a reasonable timeframe. once the beacons are in place its teleport to your hearts content!
  3. Solution to Common Problem #4 The orbits of my vessels changed while using KSS As some of you may have noticed, while using Kerbol Starsystem, upon loading your game you will find most of your probes/projects currently in orbital flight are NOT where they are supposed to be. This can be game breaking for a lot of OCD players. Well now there is a fix for the problem that allows you to maintain your save file without problems. Now this process can seem a bit annoying, but after doing it a couple times it goes much faster. (Practice makes perfect) So now for a step by step guide to recover y
  4. ok all is uploaded to imgur. now gotta write the guide. edit: ok heres the link for you moderators just to see the raw data and proof of concept. im still writing the public guide now. http://imgur.com/a/ij1Nn
  5. i got my account made and setup fine. right now im waiting for KSP to load to take the screenshots i said i would. and thinking about how to phrase & idiot proof this guide im about to make. of course there no such thing as actually "idiot PROOFING" something... all one can do is make his/her work as idiot RESISTANT as possible. lol
  6. ok as it stands right now im messing with imgur. ill get a post up as soon as I can. Polar mission complete!
  7. sigh.... ok how the hell do I post pictures? this site is telling me "due to your browsers security settings, the webpage cannot access your clipboard directly". what do I tweak in IE to make it work?
  8. Beautiful. almost done that mission. ill get to the screenshots & glitch bypass guide soon.
  9. lets not forget about increasing the science payouts depending on the distance from kerbin. the further away you are, the more rewards there should be! And maybe a bonus for full round trip recovery from other star systems back to kerbin? just an idea. I would assume most interstellar science you would want to be able to transmit 100% of the science value because returning every time to kerbin might take a few centuries.... each mission.... I HIGHLY recommend the "FTL Drive Continued" mod to fully exploit and explore the whole KSS galaxy to all interested in Kerbol Starsystem. gotta love fa
  10. wait a sec.. doesn't having the community resource pack combined with USI, EL, and Planetary base Inc. not automatically spawn resources on your worlds? I could swear they do... ill have to check again.... and same with DMagic orbital science? does this mod not automatically add science data to retrieve from your worlds? I don't see it being to hard to edit the configs to include your planets. correct me if im wrong. (no idea what goes into programming that level of detail) for example: if your rocky planets all use the same stock template, and get renamed later when the game loads,
  11. I got a 15 minute wait either way bro. my game is SUPER heavily modded. sometimes its 4 mins wait to launch a craft but once it gets goin it goes good. so I probably wont notice the lag reduction. good job either way bro. im sure many critics out there WILL notice the reduction. im looking forward to buzzing around your kerbin-like worlds in my firespitter planes! helicopters are great for exploring low altitudes and scouting for good base locations. im hoping the game generates resources on all your planets for mining and manufacturing!! I got USI and EL for fully exploiting your starsyst
  12. Correct. I don't know exactly what the heck goes wrong with the "persistent.sfs" save, but KSS and it don't get along. But all craft flight data remains correct with a manual save. why? I have no idea.... BUT this knowledge makes KSS FUNCTIONAL!!!!! yay functionality!!! can continue where you left off now!! woohoo! we all need this. you cant explore a whole galaxy or kolonize it in a single day!! I will get to those screenshots when im done flying my long polar prop-plane mission. gimme like 4 hours. I gotta shut the game down to get those screenshots. everything is loaded correctly right
  13. answer 1: sadly yes... but its not as bad as losing 20 in flight satellites 'cause they crashed into the body they're orbiting....... and like 6 hours of play time answer 2: naw its not blank, jus hit escape and save game, and give that particular save file a name. done. manual save created. I advise doing it at the KSC. loading game is same process. hit escape load game, and select your manually made file.
  14. essentially you are just loading the game twice every time before you play. sound easier? 1st load: from title screen (game loads your persistent.sfs save) 2nd load: your manual save file. (you create this and load it yourself) note that I have saved my game after first returning to space center before I create said save file. and create a new save to replace it with game progress very frequently. I see you are wanting some proof? I suppose a few screenshots might be in order. but I swear this trick works. since KSS v.35 too the entering and exiting of the trackin
  15. yes no problem. credit always appreciated. it seems KSS messes up the "persistent.sfs" save but wont mess with manual save files. once manual save files are loaded everything goes back into place. this has worked since KSS 0.35 btw
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