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  1. Hello KSP community! This is my first mod I'm putting out for a test drive. This is a MAS-Enabled IVA for the Firespitter Apache cockpit. It is intended to be as accurate as the props i had available will allow. It's not perfect.. YET... But hopefully support for the functions of some props will come soon. This mod refreshes and brings FUN back to Firespitter! Plus i just love helicopters for some reason.... and I wanted a realistic cockpit to fly around in! Have fun everyone! Download Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2993/Firespitter Apache IVA Upgrade
  2. KSP IVA Editor Station SETUP To create a functioning workstation for editing KSP IVA's and props, follow this installation manual EXACTLY and everything WILL WORK. STEP 1: DOWNLOADS Download the following files from the internet. Names and versions are PRECISE. a) Unity Hub - Install current version from website, register and login. b) Unity (Main Editor Program) "Unity 2019.4.18f1" c) PartTools_AssetBundles_2019.4.18f1 d) TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 e) ImageMagick - download installer from website STEP 2: INSTALLATION If all pre-requisite software has been downloaded, begin with installation of the main UNITY program. Confirm installation success and note installation path. Next, open UNITY HUB and select "INSTALLS" from left Menu. Select "LOCATE", and show "UNITY HUB" where you installed the main UNITY program. "2019.4.18f1" should now show on the list. Now navigate back to the "Projects" menu. Select "New Project" button, and select "3D Core". Give your project a name under "Project Name", and select "Create Project". Unity will now launch. Minimize Unity, and launch "ImageMagick" installer. Upon completion, close "ImageMagick" if running and return to Unity window. STEP 3: Modding UNITY With the UNITY window open, select "Window" from menu bar, and select "Package Manager". Scroll down the list and find "TextMeshPro", highlight it and select the "remove" option. This gets rid of the version you DO NOT need. Allow un-installation to finish and close "Package Manager" window. Now select "Assets" from menu bar, and select "Import Package > Custom Package". Select your download of "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3". When extracted it will be a "Unity Package File". Click OPEN. Now an "Import Unity Package" window will open. Make sure everything is selected and hit "Import". Now select "Assets" from the menu bar again and select "Import Package > Custom Package" again. After the "Import Unity Package" window opens, select your "PartTools" download after extraction, and once again check that all boxes are checked and hit "Import". Now you will see a new entry on the menu bar called "KSPAssets". Now on the bottom navigation window, make your way to the following path: Assets > Plugins > KSPAssets. Check that BOTH "KSPAssetCompiler.dll" and "KSPAssets.dll" have the checkbox "Validate References" UNchecked. To check, highlight the .dll and look at the info that shows up on the right menu panel. "Inspector". (WITHIN UNITY) CLOSE UNITY. OK now you're done setting up the tool. STEP 4: Setting up your KSP content. Install a fresh copy of KSP In a folder of your choice just note the installation directory. Within THAT particular installation of KSP, now add any mods required if the target you are trying to edit is part of a mod pack. Dont worry about mod pre-requisites for functionality, just put the mod that contains the IVA and PROPS you want. This will be your "UnTouched" GAMEDATA folder. Now create a new folder somewhere you can find it, this will be your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder, and copy the GAMEDATA folder into your new "Modded" folder. After this point only work in/on the "Modded" GAMEDATA folder. Carefully go through the stock and mod folders and trim as much as you can. Most things can be deleted except the "Spaces" and "Props" folder. Just keep in mind the IVA you want to modify has to BE there. AND all the stuff you want to use prop wise has to still be there as well. When done trimming, return to the root of your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder in file explorer. In the file explorer address bar type CMD to get a command prompt window to show up within GAMEDATA. Copy and paste the following command. (assuming you DID IN FACT install ImageMagick as instructed) FOR /R %f IN (*.dds) DO mogrify -verbose -flip -format png "%f" Now the textures of all things you are about to work on will show up in Unity. All your content is now setup to work. Open Unity Hub and you should now see your project listed by name. Open your project and select from the Unity Menu Bar, "Tools > KSP Part Tools". Drag and drop the "Part Tools" window over to the right beside "Inspector". (common usual location for it) Now click "Set Data Dir" and select your "Modded" KSP GAMEDATA folder. You should now see two menu columns labelled "Spaces" and "Props" populate. INSTALLATION COMPLETE Tested in 2022 on KSP 1.12.2 Now you can spawn any IVA or prop and re-decorate it to your hearts content! Have fun!
  3. Thats ok. I can be patient for all the bugs to get worked out. Im not in any rush. Id rather wait for a good job, than pressure people for a crappy bandaid fix that breaks other things.
  4. OK. Thanks anyway. I do however have a question of a new subject. MechJeb & kOs. RPM fixed MechJeb & kOs integration and it fully works on the JSI version of the 40x20 mfd. The ALCOR mfd and any MAS mfd fails to see mechjeb or kOs present. Why is that? No more autopilot for MAS right now it seems. I installed everything fresh in a new install of ksp and tested this on IVA's already made by others. Its a shame. That beautiful autopilot board in the OPT JHT cockpit you made i cant even use right now...... (sadface)
  5. Hello @L0ck0n. I would like to start building a few MAS enabled IVA's for your cockpits. I just finished the Apache from firespitter and would like to start on your helicopter cockpits next. Are you interested?
  6. Greetings @MOARdV I absolutely love your prop pack so much i caught the IVA creators bug myself. I just finished a cockpit but im having a problem. i looked hard through all the wiki documentation and could not find any reference to what i was looking for. Long story short, i cant seem to find the command to toggle FSengines on and off. the switches you provide respond to rocket engines but not the stock ksp turboshaft or firespitter helicopter engines. is there any way to setup the internal props to interact with the helicopter and propeller blades? Im literally a lightbulb and a switch away from releasing this IVA. very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. I did manage to find an ugly workaround but id rather do it properly. I tried putting lines like GetFSengineBladedEnabled() ToggleFSengineBladedEnabled(), ive tried using the FSActionGroup "engine" which the start/stop button by firespitter uses but no luck. what am i doing wrong?
  7. I want to give the Cold War Aerospace Pack And Firespitter a nice ASET and MAS IVA Pack. Im having trouble getting the first one started. the apache cockpit from firespitter. unity 2019.4 says it cant find the model000 file. i found it. why cant unity? can anybody give me a proper 2021 guide on modifying IVA's?
  8. awwww you killed KSS for THIS? I don't play KSP for REALISM!! I've seen the ALL... I've seen the creator.... (I even fixed the damned thing so I could land on it.) I really hope it wasn't the forums bull$#!t smack talkers that brought you down and killed KSS. I think you really had something going there. THIS mods kinda boring side by side comparison.
  9. here's a list of stuff that DOES work. Mind you I have a XEON powered computer. Great for handling lots of physics calculations. FTL drive continued I find works better, is smaller and simpler. Plus I like the beacon to beacon teleport. no few minutes.. INSTANT! only hard part is sending your probes out really early in the game so they get to their destinations in a reasonable timeframe. once the beacons are in place its teleport to your hearts content!
  10. Solution to Common Problem #4 The orbits of my vessels changed while using KSS As some of you may have noticed, while using Kerbol Starsystem, upon loading your game you will find most of your probes/projects currently in orbital flight are NOT where they are supposed to be. This can be game breaking for a lot of OCD players. Well now there is a fix for the problem that allows you to maintain your save file without problems. Now this process can seem a bit annoying, but after doing it a couple times it goes much faster. (Practice makes perfect) So now for a step by step guide to recover your orbits and flight paths. Qualifying Factors: you MUST start your game with KSS INSTALLED. (and properly) you MUST ALREADY have a manually created save file to load WITH all your CORRECT orbit data. Alright introductions aside, moving onto STEP 1 of this guide. STEP 1: After initial game boot, and profile load, ENTER the Tracking Station Also note these are the correct target orbits im looking to achieve. STEP 2: While in the Tracking Station, take a look at your commnet visualizations and current orbit heights. You will notice both are in disarray. Now exit the Tracking Station. STEP 3: Re-enter the Tracking Station. Now you will notice one of the problems solved. COMMNET is back to normal. However orbits are still very incorrect. Now exit the tracking station once more and we move on to FIXING the orbits. STEP 4: Hit "ESC" key and select "Load Save". STEP 5: Now select your manually made save file and load it. NOT THE PERSISTENT.SFS FILE. STEP 6: After the file re-loads you are DONE!! now were going to verify it worked!! Enter the Tracking station one last time for verification. EVERYTHING is perfect once again. theres the A-27 proper AP There is the correct PE. Now lets check a second satellite. Double checking doesnt hurt. Sure enough, AP is correct! One last photo. And there ya go. PE is correct. FIX proven 100% WORKS!!! Hope this helps all who need this knowledge.
  11. ok all is uploaded to imgur. now gotta write the guide. edit: ok heres the link for you moderators just to see the raw data and proof of concept. im still writing the public guide now. http://imgur.com/a/ij1Nn
  12. i got my account made and setup fine. right now im waiting for KSP to load to take the screenshots i said i would. and thinking about how to phrase & idiot proof this guide im about to make. of course there no such thing as actually "idiot PROOFING" something... all one can do is make his/her work as idiot RESISTANT as possible. lol
  13. ok as it stands right now im messing with imgur. ill get a post up as soon as I can. Polar mission complete!
  14. sigh.... ok how the hell do I post pictures? this site is telling me "due to your browsers security settings, the webpage cannot access your clipboard directly". what do I tweak in IE to make it work?
  15. Beautiful. almost done that mission. ill get to the screenshots & glitch bypass guide soon.
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