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  1. @katateochi build your own with an if statement looking at Vessel.Situations. bool vesselDocked; OnFixedUpdate() { if(Vessel.Situations == 128) { vesselDocked = true; } } (Note: i don’t know if the above code will work, but its my best guess. I have never worked with enums, I’m just relaying what I found. Official MS documentation here:
  2. Look in the Module Manager cookbook and try to find some stock configs using this node for a template to use. The KSP API has info on the node values, look at the Public Attributes list here:
  3. [1.3.1][1.3]Optional Atmospheres Revamped(OAR)

    @DeltaDizzywhat is the problem you're having?
  4. StarMods:  DoubleDouble!

    @SamBelanger how does it work? Are the planets just in very close orbits to each other, or is there coding involved?
  5. When ec < 1 then retract radiators

    You will need more references in your code. Put 'using UnityEngine;' to let it use unity. Your variables arent being set, so resourceDrain is always going to be zero. You will need a Δelectricity. Otherwise, it looks ok. Once you have it written, run it throuh a compiler for testing. E: I'll ping @DoctorDavinci
  6. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    There is a great AskReddit thread (nsfw) that is about men being harrassed by women. It goes both ways, but men are less likely to speak up about it because of the social pressures. Men are less likely to know that a woman is being creepy. It comes off as heavy flirting. SPEAK UP
  7. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    H Y P E
  8. Ok, you really just need to know how to declare them, which means for vector3d, you need a set of cart coords. They are declared by the following: var myVector = Vector3d(x, y, z); //creates a new instance of vector 3d using the constructor As you can see, the vectors are created and stored with x y and z coords. Now, taking a look at the QuaternionD referneces, you declare it with the constructors seen here: You need to get the position of the CB, and use that for your Vector3d 's. I'm not sure what the w is for QuaternionD's, maybe someone else can offer more insight into that.
  9. How to use ConfigNode?

    Thanks @Rodhern for the response. Would you know anything about navigating through the tree in a plugin using the ConfigNode class in the KSP API? I need to figure out how the values are stored whith an instance of config node for manipulation. Thanks!
  10. You can probably get the information from the astroid type (A, B, C, D, or E) and use that to calculate the radius of the astroid. I can't comment about the actual distances, you might have to hyperedit to a couple of different types to see (with the plugin running reporting how far the kerb is from said astroid) how big they are.
  11. Official API Documentation KSP 1.3.x

    So 1.3.1 has been officially released? Edit: I'm dumb, it is. Just checked announcements.
  12. [1.3] Procedural Pods

    Very nice work! Looks great!