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  1. Metallica-Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets (album)
  2. Its pretty fun, even though there are some amazingly hard levels. Like, where you cant do it, you watch a youtube, do exactly what they do, and still cant complete it.
  3. It depends. What are you studying? For some, its just doing a lot of the problems and getting a feel for knowing, not just "knowing" how they work. This can allow you to complete them faster and more efficiently, becuaee you know where you are going with the problem, even before you start.
  4. I can teach English!
  5. The Wall-Pink Floyd Snippits of different songs from that album
  6. May i direct you to my post on Radio Delta?
  7. You can release these in Add-on Releases as a MM balancing pack for Ven's and SCANSAT.
  8. You are going to need a module that listens for the throttle and creates thrust according to that, and a module that gives the maximum thrust of the engine.
  9. Never. @0111narwhalz
  10. If you want, you can delete those nodes with
  11. How do you add loading screen images?!?
  12. If you are using tea for fuel... Edit: im deving mod with tea atm, we should talk.
  13. I had a girlfriend who didn't play ksp, guess how long that relationship lasted!
  14. "Why would you have high explosives sitting in the open during a battle?" -Me, watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly