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  1. Airplane crash…
  2. 3347 Samson hygienic angle control valve #3347
  3. I know that Nearta (the creator of Near Future) does not support CKAN for any of his mods, so you may have been downloading an unsupported version. I'd recommend following his download instructions on the download page
  4. Looks like you're going to use [VesselName].localCoM to get the center of mass.
  5. @Snark @Lein Armweek I think you might find this relevant: @Lein Armweek I see that you don't quite understand the difference between software and hardware, and it has been attempted to be explained several times by several people. I'd recommend that before you make statements like Really? Are u sure this is true? So most of the time you do a transaction your either get it late, in poor quality or you just leave the features you want out? I'd recommend that you do software development for a while. I've worked in software, Snark has work in software A LOT, but you're coming in here and making statements about how 'these things are totally possible just do it right', to which I will direct you to this humorous image in a futile attempt to defuse the situation:
  6. That's been this entire page of conversation.
  7. Acetaminophen pill (3061)
  8. Basically yes. Part mods with custom behavior will behave worse than purely patches, and plugins that do computationally expensive stuff during loading will affect the loading time. When a vessel is loaded is the only time there's physics simulation going on, so when it's on rails the game isn't worrying about it.
  9. I think I win? Fire v unknown industrial company was the supreme Court decision of the century.