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  1. If you would like to contact me, please join #kerbaeadastra on freenode irc between 3-10pm PST. I will be leaving the forums effective immediately. 

    Thanks for all your support. 

  2. To everyone who uses and follows this mod: Due to the new EULA, I will not be supporting or working on this mod. The license remains the same, so if you would like to continue this, go ahead. If you would like to contact me, join #kerbaeadastra on freenode (IRC). Thank you!
  3. To everyone who uses and follows this mod: Due to the new EULA, I will not be supporting or working on this mod. The license remains the same, so if you would like to continue this, go ahead. If you would like to contact me, join #kerbaeadastra on freenode (IRC). Thank you!
  4. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Well, seeing as it is March 4th, Doomsday is less than 2 days away. I wish you all well on your respective journeys. I, for one, will probably not be visiting the forums anymore after tomorrow. @SQUAD I'm sorry, but you've lost my respect. It was great while it lasted. TTI: You've lost a customer. No DLC's, no more game. My mods will, from this day forward, be strictly on GitHub. No links from the forum, find me there. I wish everyone well yet again.
  5. Benjamin Kerman

    Google Picture War RELOADED

  6. Benjamin Kerman

    The Loophole Test!

    Depends what your reference frames are. Using multivariable calculus, please derive the Pythagorean theorem from a circle.
  7. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I feel like they're waiting it out until it takes effect, then give clarification, forcing us to agree with it by simply viewing it.
  8. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    That was me, so sorry if I mislead people. It seems to me that the way (at least in theory) an agreement works is that the terms laid out ARE the terms, and are to be taken exactly at face value. (At least, that's how I would do it)
  9. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    See, but here's the thing. This new license DIRECTLY goes against what you have said. People above have posted this clause many times, so I'm sure you've already seen it. I don't know how linking sites works, but AFAIK, your stuff is theirs. One other question for @SQUAD: does using this forum after March 5 mean we agree to the new terms? Does opening up a version of the game not shipped with those terms? Does stopping by the website or taking a look at the API count? Because I may just have to say my goodbyes and quit if any of these things do.
  10. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    To prenote this: I am not a lawyer. All advice I give is based on common sense and my own, flawed understanding. Please correct me if/when i make errors. That out of the way: I read through the new terms several times. As I understand it, legal documents are written to be taken literally and to close any and all loopholes circumventing the intended effect of the document. Now, I don't believe in the good faith of any company until they've earned it. I don't trust TTI. I trust SQUAD, because they are open and generally, based on those of them on the forums, relatively nice. I trust the Factorio developers, because they are also very active within their own communities. As I see it, as companies get bigger and bigger, they loose touch with their base unless they make an effort to maintain that connection. A TTI representitive has not made a forum account that I've seen, and they've owned KSP for quite some time now. This leads me to believe that they will not be making any sort of an effort in the future to connect with us as players of their game. I believe that a license determines the communtiy for their game. Admittedly, I have not read the terms for KSP by SQUAD. I do understand, based on my interactions in this community, that many things directly prohibited by TTI's new license were allowed and encouraged by SQUAD. The addition of a new, blanket license for all games owned by TTI, of which many are nothing like KSP, hurts the community that has formed around the original license. Based on this conclusion: TTI doesn't care about the playerbase. Their legal documents state (remember the definition above of a 'legal document') that they have the rights to any and all things posted on their websites and online services. Based on this information, I conclude that they will NOT give two damns (or even one, for that matter!) when one of their representatives comes onto this forum (if they do at all!), and sees a nice mod called Near Future, TAC Life support, BARIS, BD Armory, ect. ect. Do you think they will say 'Oh look! I see an ARR licence and 3k, 4k, 10k lines of code and 300 commits to their git repository! Looks like they spent a lot of time on this, we shouldn't take it...' No. They're going to say, 'Oh look, someone already did our work! Here we go, profits!' So, this being said. There are several thing that I see that we, as a collected, resistant community can do. 1) Freeze all mods in Addon Development and Releases. This means removing all download links and replacing them with messages saying 'Removed cause I don't agree with what TTI includes in their terms for this specific communtiy.' 2) Leave mods be, but if TTI sends you a C&D letter and releases a DLC that looks strikingly similar in idea to your, now illegal, mod, you can stick a finger on your hand up at them and say 'I used publicly available data from before your license, to which this new license does not apply.' In other words, download the 1.3.1 API and continue development of mods without agreeing to this license. This means only releasing on GitHub or Spacedock with no post on the forums with links to them, as that would "grant the Company an exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully transferable, and sub-licensable worldwide right and license to use any submissions you submit to the Company of any nature whatsoever, whether through a posting on a Company website, email to the Company, mail, or any other means and without any obligation to account, credit, or make any payment to you for any use thereof." (From their 'Legal Notice') 3) Go undercover. (External communication, guards against infiltration by employees of TTI, ect. ect.) (I do not condone this, but it is what comes to mind) Thanks for reading, and if it so happens, however unlikely, that a TTI employee or affiliate, reads this, please consider what I've said above, and all the other posts in this thread. TL;DR: Community is formed by license, blanket license bad, at this point we have no indication that TTI cares about the community, there may be ways around this or resistance.
  11. Benjamin Kerman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Yeah, I really don't like that. Saw that myself, and thought pretty much the same thing. Edit: is there any way we could form a petition to TTI to change this?
  12. Benjamin Kerman

    .craft file Editior?

    .craft files can be edited with a simple text editor. They are mainly just a specific way of storing the information for a part in a way that the game can read.
  13. Benjamin Kerman

    Request: disable directional audio

    Very nice! How'd you do it?
  14. Benjamin Kerman

    Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Starman4308 I found this after a bit of googling:
  15. Benjamin Kerman

    Near Future Propulsion VASIMR engines problem

    We might ping @Nertea for some input on this matter.