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  1. Benjamin Kerman

    [WIP] Project Ares

    The text is a little big my dude.
  2. Benjamin Kerman

    request for module manager: Remove the Nyan Cat

    If you care about it that much, you are welcome to download a C# compiler, get a copy of the repository, remove the nessesary files, and compile it yourself.
  3. Benjamin Kerman

    request for module manager: Remove the Nyan Cat

    I believe getting Nyan Cat means you're using the wrong version of MM. Try getting the latest version for your version of KSP. I'll ping @sarbian for clarification.
  4. Benjamin Kerman

    Don't Click This

    I gave you a like. That's basically clicking, innit?
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  7. Hi all, Doing a bit of modding and it appears that Part.RequestResource is marked as depreciated. Does anyone know of the proper method to use in place of this, or is this the best bet despite being marked depreciated? Thanks!
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  9. Benjamin Kerman


    Disregarding Triop's post… Gap of _2_. Take that!
  10. Benjamin Kerman

    Don't Click This

    This thread is locked guys. Locked as in O-P-E-N. Locked.
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  12. Benjamin Kerman

    How to mod cockpits?

    You're going to need a 3d modeling software (blender, ect), an image processing package (gimp, photoshop), the correct Unity version, a basic text editor like Notepad++, and a lot of patience. I think the basic workflow is as follows: 1. Model the part in Blender 2. Create texture using Gimp/photoshop and put it on the model 3. Import model to Unity and run the KSPParttools on it 4. Create a config file using the text editor, following config files of similar parts to yours 5. Import into the game More specifics can be found on the various moding subforums here, and I am no expert in modeling…
  13. Benjamin Kerman

    Science 'Masks'

    This is exactly what module manager does, and it hasn't been taken down yet!
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  15. Benjamin Kerman

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    I empty my GameData folder! Begone, mods!