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  1. My Space Programme

    Oh, I thought there wasn't. I'll take a read... But @stibbons don't expect an answer until tomorrow (like in 7-9 hours)
  2. My Space Programme

    Australia @YNM. (on a remote farm) There are no laws concerning that rockets can not be launched, and I have checked that my area is nowhere near owned aerospace. About rocketry laws there are just instead safety guidelines.
  3. My Space Programme

    Hello and welcome to meh little space programme! Here I will be weekly uploading about my space program. Maybe I should tell you about my status as a space program. Ok, I'm not a real space program owner but hey, maybe one day I will be! Ok, back to the topic, I live on a farm with a airspace that VERY rarely planes pass across.this kinda means that for my rocket launches, I will not need to have airspace cleared or anything. so that means I won't really have a time restraint, meaning I won't have to finish a rocket on time. Also, because I live on a farm, many chemicals are available (because they are used for put killing), but this doesn't necessarily mean they are perfect for using rocket fuel. Also this thread is linked to my other thread: Ok, now lets cut to the chase, and I will start posting my status as a space program! PROLOGUE Back a few months ago I built these mini match rockets and they, because of limited time, flew 30 feet(only half of the expected 60 feet). I then, in the afternoon of that hot day, built these bottle rockets flying 40 metres! (80 feet?) they were made of soap, water and local air(dat stuff you breathe in). We did so many launches that I could not even count!!!(I'm guessing like 80 launches or something) then we started experimenting with petrol! *evil grin* to put it, the petrol we used was not explosive, between it came out it burnt everything it lands on because of the Bunsen burner used to light the petrol up. After this I went into a period of long research... August 13th So today I was looking in the ol' PVC and adapters parts and I found the perfect piece for a hybrid rocket motor! Then I burnt one end with a Bunsen burner until it was alight. then I quickly used an O2 tank as an oxidiser which then created a very hot exhaust... The flame actually turned blue at a point too! I think hybrid rocket motors are the way to go if you are beginning a space programme!!!
  4. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    Hey I'm going to post weekly about building a little space program in this thread.
  5. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    I have been reading this extremely old book about liquid fuels because I am kinda interested about it, it says GOX and Gasoline can be used quite efficiently, but what place would GOX be readily available?
  6. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    So if I was to make a fuel out of LOX/Ethanol (Liquid Oxygen/Alcohol) What would the fuel mixture be?
  7. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    ok! so are you saying that compressed oxygen is not the most efficient way to go? Also how to get NOX and LOX @Zeiss Ikon?
  8. What would be your reaction to a nuclear holocaust?

    I'd hide in a fridge like Indiana Jones!
  9. everybody, I'm changing meh profile pic:cool:

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  10. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    also, can compressed oxygen be used as an oxidiser?
  11. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    yeah I have been watching this awesome vid... they use pvc pipe as fuel and nitrous oxide as oxidiser! (In the start)
  12. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    Hybrid rocket motors? What's the fuel?(I have heard of them but what the heck are they?) EDIT:wait, just give me a billion years to work this out*starts googling*
  13. Real Fuel for Real Life!

    Hello everybody! My name is @Shadow Wolf56 (duh) and I have a question to present to you!!! What are some ideas for rocket fuel in real life? I know that potassium nitrate And sugar is available, but other fuels!(idk everything from vinegar+baking soda to ethanol+liquid oxygen). come up with anything! maybe if you have heaps of info about your suggestion, maybe you know where to buy it! Feel free to post your ideas/suggestions and maybe I can even (one day) test them...
  14. *speaks in slow mo* THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING. ⚠️
  15. hey Orb8ter what is the intro music you use?

    1. Shadow Wolf56

      Shadow Wolf56

      for the asteroid base series?(also your space station was awesome:wink:)

    2. Orb8Ter


      Thanks I use a track called Far Away for the intro is royalty free for use as well

    3. Shadow Wolf56

      Shadow Wolf56

      thanks dude!:D