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  1. wow just came back and everything feels so different looking at your old accounts ahahaha

  2. 7/10 you have been around lots lately
  3. Wow. So deep, yet so true.
  4. The one time where I’m annoyed to be an Aussie...
  5. mMmm interesting... Might have to try it out
  6. Banned because you’re “just it”
  7. don’t ask why I’m planning watching a rocket launch at 1am in Australia
  8. Infinifinibanned for extreme banifinity
  9. Give the people what they want! @Ultimate Steve We want MOAR! (nah lol mate take your time)
  10. banned because you have 3 dots and have a profile pic
  11. Empathis on ‘almost’ ... In Australia the rocket launch is at like 4 am. Also it’s a school day...
  12. @Bill Phil I agree. there probably would be some preset equation in the flight computer of our ICBM to calculate the trajectory and launch angle required to hit the target (I have no idea what the formula is). Not sure if this answer leads to more questions...
  13. Now I’m feeling the urge to boot up KSP and spend hours building a track and a car for no reson
  14. Ok, this might work!!! EDIT: Thanks guys, my calculator now is doing the right thing!
  15. Yeah i put 9.81 into it @Steel @Lukaszenko Here is what my calculator calculates 6*200(this is for Kerbal X)+1500/130.94*9.81= 1312.3797 ??? I couldn’t get pics because I forgot how to
  16. Yeah I can in a couple of minutes...
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