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  1. Even more needless testing reveals another flaw. Normally, in the SPH and the VAB there is a "room tone" background ambience that gets lost with this mod. These tracks are named KSP_SPHAmbience and KSP_VABAmbience and sound like construction work happening in a big hangar. I found the names by feeding an invalid playlists.cfg and the in-game UI shows a list of I guess default playlists. I'm not quite sure how this mod operates, but looking at KSP's debug console logs, it appears that "[STED]" or SoundTrack EDitor inserts the playlists when it detects a Scene Change from [HighLogic] or [UIMasterController] ShowUI messages, including "Game Paused!" Not that I can think of a better way to intercept KSP's default sounds, but this does line up with finding that pausing will start up a playlist whose conditions have become true sometime after launch. I also found a probably useless "feature" in that changing from one scene whose playlist includes "pauseOnGamePause = False" to another scene with a playlist that has no valid tracks listed (either no tracks or file not found), then the previous playlist keeps playing. This is appealing only because in normal KSP, opening the Pause menu (like at the Space Center scene) doesn't make the track start over from the beginning, and in the Main Menu, the music keeps playing when you enter Settings AND when you exit. This trick only got me halfway to normal behavior. One wishlist item for @pizzaoverhead is detecting Situations like FlyingHigh or InSpaceLow which experiments detect, though I don't know how they do it...
  2. In further adventures of not-actually-playing-KSP, @Kerbal101's observation that having another vessel in orbit before an otherwise valid playlist will play can be handled much closer to home! As in, having literally anything else in the Flight scene counts. At the Runway I tried the pause/unpause trick, no music, then staged a couple of radial decouplers off the wings leaving debris, and as soon as I paused, the playlist started up. So, yeah, still bugged, but maybe this info will help narrow down the cause.
  3. I've done a lot more testing. More testing than I should have -- I'm not really playing the game at this point. But here are my notes: Having a minimum speed results in the rapid reload stutter. playWhen { inAtmosphere = True scene = Flight minVelocitySurface = 200 } Same problem when exceeding a maximum surface velocity. playWhen { inAtmosphere = True scene = Flight maxVelocitySurface = 200 } Potentially useful, the playlist will play automatically and normally, then stop at a set maximum orbital velocity. playWhen { inAtmosphere = True scene = Flight maxVelocityOrbital = 270 } However, if a playlist has to become true (false at prelaunch), it has to be triggered by pausing/esc or switching camera mode (IVA). Does stop at greater than maxVelocityOrbital value. playWhen { inAtmosphere = True minAltitude = 100 scene = Flight maxVelocityOrbital = 270 } Since playlists with "scene = Flight" either don't play automatically (have to manually pause to start) or have game-crashing bugs if you include variables this system supposedly supports (i.e. only works if same music sitting prelaunch as flying 1,000m/s at the edge of space), plus it has the wonky need of another craft in orbit (maybe just unloaded; needs more testing), this mod really is only usable for adding or removing tracks to and from KSP's default playlists, not any new ones.
  4. I've been doing more testing, focused on atmo flight playlist parameters. The worst discovery, which I'm still pinning down the causative variable for, is a playlist that becomes true after reaching X altitude and/or X speed (again, still figuring this out) results in the player rapid-fire reloading a song so it's just a ~1/3 second of noise repeating, and before long KSP hard crashes to desktop. However, I have been able to get an atmo flight playlist to go with another craft orbiting in space, yes. It plays automatically if the no other parameters are set, but thematically I don't like my Top Gun going while I'm sitting parked on the Runway, i.e. situation: PRELAUNCH. I've had limited success with a playlist that becomes true after reaching X altitude (seems to override the speed parameter, if speed is checked at all). The trouble is I have to pause ( Esc ) and then it starts playing. Hardly the intended usage. But you might try that, @Kerbal101, vs triggering by re-entry.
  5. I've had the same problem running KSP 1.3.0. After a bunch of experiments my conclusion is that, on loading the Flight scene (i.e. launching a craft, or switching to fly one already in the world) it only matches based on Scene, totally ignores Body and, to an extent, even InAtmosphere (i.e. it plays Space playlist for a second even with a playlist for Flight and InAtmosphere=True) but... then something happens and it stops playing music even if it momentarily matched while loading the craft in. And I haven't been able to get it to start playing tracks with playlists whose criteria become true later, whether that's playlists with min-max altitude or speed ranges reached after flying, or using KRASH simulation to put a craft into orbit. Whatever this mystery trigger is that stops the music, it basically prevents anything fun happening. I hadn't tried returning from atmosphere or reloading the game with a vessel in orbit yet. Personally, I suspect until this is updated for 1.3 then it's going to remain broken.
  6. Sharpy, that's the best answer yet; thanks! I've been messing with KSPI Extended, figuring out their Megajoule fuelled power transmission, as they're the only mod I know of with beamed power. If any had beamed power without warp drives and exotic reactors, I'd go with it instead, but I hadn't found one... The numbers to power a planet get ridiculous quickly. But, with the definition of 1 watt being 1 joule of energy over 1 second, Earth's 2013 figure of 12.3 terawatts for the year, divided by the 31,536,000 seconds in a year, equals about 390,030 joules every second, on average. KSPIE treats 1 unit of KSP's "Electric Charge" as 1 kilojoule for the sake of its custom Megajoule resource (1000 Electric Charge = 1 Megajoule). So, the goal of my challenge, scaled to Kerbal size (1/10th) is a system of solar satellites that constantly delivers 39 Megajoules per second. However, the energy to be collected has to factor in atmospheric losses in transmission to the surface, conversion losses in the whole light->electricity->microwave->electricity process. Given KSPIE's figures (and their research is better than any I'd come up with) an LKO solar network isn't likely to do much, even with a sun-synchronous dawn-dusk terminator orbit placing satellites in the sun at all times. So... this challenge requires the inverse-square law to increase solar yield by getting these satellites closer to the sun and trying to beam it back to Kerbin.
  7. Hmm.. well, the point for me isn't the Funds cost. As in the real world, money itself has no effect on CO2 concentrations. The challenge is how to use the least fuel inside the atmosphere while getting enough solar power generating and transmitting infrastructure in orbit to satisfy all the energy needs of Kerbin. Thus, with electric vehicles and machinery, there'd be no need for fossil fuels for anything but rocketry. Using the 2013 estimate of 12.3 terawatts (wikipedia: and KSP being something like a 1/10th scale of Earth and the Solar System, then I'll set the goal as 1.25 terawatts of microwave energy after accounting for energy losses in beaming through the atmosphere and conversion losses between solar energy collected and turned into focused microwave emissions. Snacks are always vital to any mission. Kerbal Constructs? If it lets me place ground stations where I want, that'd be great! I'll have to research more, but I'm thinking that kerbo-synchronous orbits on the solar-to-microwave satellites would be wise, since anything that got between the satellite and the ground receiver would probably be roasted, not to mention reduce power supplied to the grid. Safer to have constant, known no-fly zones. I'm not sure if that would effectively make lower orbits, even in different planes, off limits too... Energy storage is a problem in everything solar. Orbital satellites will be on the night side of Kerbin half the time. So I'll have to figure out some level of overcapacity so the day side satellites can compensate for power needs during the night that satellites in Kerbin's shadow would be dropping....
  8. Getting a fairly accurate measure of how much CO2 (and maybe other greenhouse gases) are released by fuel burned within Kerbin's atmosphere is doable. But I don't see what sacrificing aerospace parts in a fiery suborbital trajectory would accomplish. Could you explain?
  9. I think what MinimalMinmus meant was not doing Kerbin's moons nor anything beyond them. The OP's idea was completing the usual Career goals but without going into space. Then it veered off into "no launches" which, having grinded that angle in past games, I'd say is waaay too restrictive. Something more like limiting yourself to staying within the Upper Atmosphere (not even "In Space (Low)") would fit the original spirit and be at least somewhat plausible -- haven't run the numbers (and not going to).
  10. What's the least CO2 increase it would take to put enough solar-to-microwave satellites in orbit to power the world? While greenhouse gas emissions and losses of Earth's capacity to sequester it is too complex for clean power generation alone to solve, a network of solar power satellites sending microwave energy to ground receivers is one of the most fantastic possibilities for ending most use of fossil fuel. This, at a Kerbal scale, is the challenge I'd like to focus my next Career play through on. It needs some numbers to figure what the greenhouse gas impact of missions at KSC is, and some estimate of electricity needs of Kerbal civilization (scaled from Earth since there's not a lot of buildings in-game besides the space center). Estimates of the emissions from manufacturing and transporting parts for satellites and launch vehicles is also worth considering. But I've been out of the KSP world for a while and could use suggestions on what mods would be good for this. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has a hyper-efficient stock SSTO to put payloads in orbit, actually. But is there anything to model power transmission? I think Kerbal Interstellar had some things like that. I doubt anyone has a mod modeling climate change on Kerbin (CO2 concentrations changing surface temperatures and sea levels), but that would be pretty amazing... I'm very early in daydreaming how to run this, but is anyone else interested in something like this?