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  1. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Yeeah! I'm going to check it out right now.
  2. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    In your KSP root directory this mod also needs /Soundtracks and /Music. It used to all be inside /GameData/SoundtrackEditor according to @pizzaoverhead's release notes. I think that's cleaner, but not my call. Manual install includes /Source but you don't need it. Inside of /Music pizzaoverhead includes some folders for organizing the music but this is for human convenience -- STED doesn't care as long as the music file (go with .ogg -- .mp3 support is baahroken) is in /Music. As for RAM usage, seems mo' music mo' problems. Commented in the source code, pizza has notes-to-self about future plans to only load music files that appear in the user's playlists.cfg and ditch the rest, but this is another WIP feature.
  3. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Um, sort of, as Jengaleng confirms. I'm hoping @pizzaoverhead continues work on it, as my greatest accomplishments so far in contributing are: Compiling from source Hiding code that doesn't work I'm still baby-school on actual programming anything, but I'm trying! The code (for anyone who knows C#) is up on GitHub. I've also contributed a mess of KSP SoundtrackEditor bugs, which I've spent entirely too much time testing and confirming for someone to not do something with them. As for your music not playing at Prelaunch, @Jengaleng, this is most likely the "need one other vessel/debris to exist in the FLIGHT scene for anything to play" bug. Try launching something -- anything -- else, roll it off the LaunchPad or Runway, and launching whatever you actually want to fly. If that makes the music start (which it should) then try my one real accomplishment here, the "All By Myself" hotfix. If it doesn't fix it, emm... just paste your playlist{} here as code and I'll try to figure it out.
  4. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Well, the most specific the 'area' parameters get are a named celestial body at specific altitudes, but even that is bugged to the point of being unusable. Future plans @pizzaoverhead has get down to specifying biomes and "world's first" type events, but there are a number of easily encountered Crash-To-Desktop bugs with velocity and altitude parameters that need fixing before adding new functionality. Parade dousing aside, I would love to hear your ideas and maybe a link to some of your catalog!
  5. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    I have issues: And this is my biggest issue with STED. I'm taking a crack at it but I'd like to coordinate with @pizzaoverhead on this.
  6. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    I ...released software? How did this -- what?! "All By Myself" hotfix schpoorky released this just now Fixes the least difficult bug for players: needing another vessel (or debris) to exist somewhere (anywhere) in the Flight scene in order for any playlists to play any at all ever. Drop these into "/GameData/SoundtrackEditor/Plugins" (or "\GameData\SoundtrackEditor\Plugins" if on Windows, I think). As for the code, technically I added lines, but really I just hid functions!
  7. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Now that I'm a potential contributor, maybe we should plan some workflow. I'll follow the well-documented GitHub workflow and that handy BASH script you linked to locally, but how would you like to handle branches? I notice that your 'dev' branch is like version 3.something while master is ahead of it at 4.3 but it makes sense to separate 'master' from in-development of course. Most of all, with two people doing things, would you like to atomize changes into feature branches (i.e. "hide-incomplete-hooks" branch vs. "add-biome-support" branch)? I think that makes more sense than the alternative of us each throwing things at 'dev' or organizing changes into your dev and my dev branches. Ideally (though I'm not holding my breath) it should be easy for other masochists to join in and make pull requests. Also, what features should be prioritized? And would you rather discussion about them happen on the forums or on GitHub? To my mind, GitHub makes more sense, but community feedback is important too. If my pedantic whining and meme-pollution has made development easier for you, I am glad.
  8. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Pizza! Glad to have your eyes on this. I've installed MonoDevelop and, for any other newbies, I'll go through my experiences. Non-newbs, skip to the end. After cloning the Git repository locally, opening the .sln solution file was simple. Updating the references took some figuring out. MonoDevelop has a tree view of the project, and under "References" there were the DLL names with red error symbols by them. The instructions Pizza linked to on the KSP wiki assume starting a project from scratch. The instructions worked (though Linux file location instructions were left out), and it was ctrl+clicking to select each of the DLLs I named in the list above. The only other thing was making sure the box was checked beside each reference DLL before hitting the "OK" button. Also, @pizzaoverhead, it's still showing error symbols in my reference list for "System.Core", "System.Data.DataSetExtensions", and "System.Xml.Linq" and there are DLLs in KSP_Data/Managed named "System.Core.dll" and "System.Xml.dll". Maybe some vestigial references are in code to DLLs that aren't needed? So... how to build? I wasn't sure, and I didn't know what to expect, but I just went to the Build menu and hit "Build SoundtrackEditor" -- the moment I've all been waiting for, and maybe a few other people too. ... One error: /usr/lib/mono/4.5/Microsoft.Common.targets: Error: Command '"C:/dev/KSP/pdb2mdb/pdb2mdb.exe" "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.pdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.dll.mdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" taskkill /IM tail.exe /F 2>&1 | exit /B 0' exited with code: 2. (SoundtrackEditor) But where was the compiled file? There was button called "Build Output". Okay, I was looking for the output of this build process, so... Building: SoundtrackEditor (Debug) Build started 9/3/2017 8:02:30 PM. __________________________________________________ Project "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/SoundtrackEditor.csproj" (Build target(s)): Target PrepareForBuild: Configuration: Debug Platform: AnyCPU Target GenerateSatelliteAssemblies: No input files were specified for target GenerateSatelliteAssemblies, skipping. Target CoreCompile: Skipping target "CoreCompile" because its outputs are up-to-date. Target PostBuildEvent: Executing: "C:/dev/KSP/pdb2mdb/pdb2mdb.exe" "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.pdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.dll.mdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" taskkill /IM tail.exe /F 2>&1 | exit /B 0 /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: 1: /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: C:/dev/KSP/pdb2mdb/pdb2mdb.exe: not found /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: 2: /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: xcopy: not found /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: 3: /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: xcopy: not found /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: 4: /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: xcopy: not found /tmp/tmp24809047.tmp: 5: exit: Illegal number: /B /usr/lib/mono/4.5/Microsoft.Common.targets: error : Command '"C:/dev/KSP/pdb2mdb/pdb2mdb.exe" "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.pdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.dll.mdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" taskkill /IM tail.exe /F 2>&1 | exit /B 0' exited with code: 2. Task "Exec" execution -- FAILED Done building target "PostBuildEvent" in project "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/SoundtrackEditor.csproj".-- FAILED Done building project "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/SoundtrackEditor.csproj".-- FAILED Build FAILED. Errors: /home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/SoundtrackEditor.csproj (Build) -> /usr/lib/mono/4.5/Microsoft.Common.targets (PostBuildEvent target) -> /usr/lib/mono/4.5/Microsoft.Common.targets: error : Command '"C:/dev/KSP/pdb2mdb/pdb2mdb.exe" "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug//SoundtrackEditor.dll" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.pdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" xcopy /y "/home/schpoorky/Downloads/KSP/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug/SoundtrackEditor.dll.mdb" "C:/Games/Kerbal Space Program/GameData//Plugins/" taskkill /IM tail.exe /F 2>&1 | exit /B 0' exited with code: 2. 0 Warning(s) 1 Error(s) Time Elapsed 00:00:00.4798210 ---------------------- Done ---------------------- Build: 1 error, 0 warnings Well, that wasn't it either, but never hurts to have logs. I did a file search on my machine for "SoundtrackEditor.dll". For any other newbies, it put them in "/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/obj/Debug". They're also in "/SoundtrackEditor-master/SoundtrackEditor/bin/Debug" but for reasons I don't understand, it not only has them in two different places but into /bin/Debug it also copies all the reference DLLs that it got from the KSP install. Anyway... I copypasta'd 'SoundtrackEditor.dll' and 'SoundtrackEditor.pdb' from there to "/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/SoundtrackEditor/Plugins" and... IT WORKED! It actually works! Automating putting it in GameData comes next. I'm just glad to be in business here! However, there are oddities. File sizes differ I'm not sure about the .NET version Built file sizes at a glance SoundtrackEditor.dll SoundtrackEditor.pdb Pizza's 84.5 KiB 107.5 KiB Brendan's 88.0 KiB 26.1 KiB Though my pdb didn't take a trip through "pdb2mdb.exe" but still... that's a lot smaller! I also vaguely know that KSP uses some slightly older version of Unity and thus an older .NET but I would like some guidance on which. I found instructions for Mono and .NET 3.5 but I don't know if 3.5 is what I need to target. Yes, this thing seems to work, but why tempt the kraken?
  9. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    @fatcargo I'll probably go with MonoDevelop then. Really, the first goal is to compile a working copy from source, so I stuck close to what @pizzaoverhead used. But I'm not spending money just to hack at a mod. So, if MS's free IDE isn't up to the task (and no, I was never trying to edit this by hand, mon ami), then I'll gladly try the FOSS option. Hopefully using a different tool than Pizza won't lead to issues once I have something worth making a pull request on GitHub about. That said, I did find the referenced DLLs in my KSP install. Maybe this will help someone else, because I'm guessing the paths Pizza uses -- "..\..\Squad binaries\x64\" -- were from an earlier version? In STED's readme it lists KSP v1.2.2 and leftover paths to "C:\Games\..." tell me he's running Windows. I'm running KSP v1.3.0 on Lubuntu 16.04. Here, the path (under Steam's "common" directory) is "/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_Data/Managed". There are more DLLs in there, but STED uses these: Assembly-CSharp.dll Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll Assembly-UnityScript.dll Assembly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll KSPAssets.dll UnityEngine.dll UnityEngine.Networking.dll UnityEngine.UI.dll UnityScript.Lang.dll Another wrinkle in dependencies is that Pizza uses some program called "pdb2mdb.exe" in the build process somehow. I don't know what it is, of course, so I don't know if this will be a problem or if I even have to use it. But this is at the end of Pizza's .csproj file: <PostBuildEvent>"C:\dev\KSP\pdb2mdb\pdb2mdb.exe" "$(TargetPath)" xcopy /y "$(TargetPath)" "C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\$(ProjectName)\Plugins\" xcopy /y "$(TargetDir)$(TargetName).pdb" "C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\$(ProjectName)\Plugins\" xcopy /y "$(TargetDir)$(TargetName).dll.mdb" "C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\$(ProjectName)\Plugins\" taskkill /IM tail.exe /F 2&gt;&amp;1 | exit /B 0</PostBuildEvent> Ideas?
  10. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    I've made some progress, but still confused. I did find my way to the forum's guide to getting started modding: But getting past Step 1 requires knowing how to add a reference, which I'm unsure of after searching. Instructions about right-clicking a project node didn't pan out because there was nothing about references in that menu, or any menu. There's also not a project.json in Pizza's repo. But there is this... Hopeful, but now I'm stuck at what he has listed for paths to, I assume, the references @Diazo describes in the guide. SoundtrackEditor.csproj lists things like <Reference Include="Assembly-UnityScript"> <HintPath>..\..\Squad binaries\x64\Assembly-UnityScript.dll</HintPath> <Private>False</Private> </Reference> I don't have any directories named "Squad binaries" or "x64". And I worry that changing these paths, if I commit the code like a good git, will cause problems. What should I even Google to find answers about how to not path wrong and good doing the all of?
  11. I am brand new and confused to modding! Also to C#, and Visual Studio, and actually programming. I'm basically insane. But I did want to share that in my install, KSP 1.3.0 Linux (Lubuntu 16.04, if it matters) installed through Steam, the files are in "Kerbal Space Program/Launcher_Data/Managed". There is no "KSP_Install\KSP_x64_Data\Managed" as there's only a "Mono" dir in my "KSP_x64_Data". As the OP was last edited 8/9 months ago, I'm presuming this is more a version update thing than a Linux/Windows thing, but I wouldn't know. Potentially this will help someone though!
  12. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Task 1: compile working mod from the code as-is Obstacle 1: what even do I...? so many dependencies -- what do I need? Having never built code before, I'm not even sure what to Google here. Here on my Lubuntu 16.04 machine, I have the Linux edition of 'Visual Studio Code' running and have loaded this so-called "solution file". But it's giving me.. problems. The type or namespace name 'UnityEngine' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [SoundtrackEditor](5,7) The type or namespace name 'AudioClip' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [SoundtrackEditor](19,23) The type or namespace name 'WWW' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [SoundtrackEditor](89,17) Etcetera. Does anyone have maybe a listing of what all you need to install in order to develop a KSP mod? Unfortunately, my phone is my internet.. so... trying not to break the data-bank. Many thanks if someone knowledgeable, like @SchrottBot or I've seen @Avera9eJoe has been active (at least in obsessively DJing playlist like I have). Really though...
  13. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    I've put together documentation on how playlists work (or don't). I have zero problem if Pizza wants to put it in the STED ReadMe. There's no getting around tab-spacing ugliness though. FORMAT: Structure of a playlist entry. Multiple playlists appear one after the other in '/Kerbal Space Program/Playlists/playlists.cfg'. Playlists earlier in the file are played before later ones that otherwise match prerequisite conditions. playlist { name = [text] // ASCII characters accepted. curly braces {} ignored enabled = [boolean] // Plays if 'True' and playWhen matches (line absent equals 'True') loop = [boolean] // Repeat all tracks at least once. (line absent equals 'True') shuffle = [boolean] // Randomize track list. (line absent equals 'False') preloadTime = [float] // Load 'x' seconds before playing. (line absent equals '0') pauseOnGamePause = [boolean] // Halt music if game paused. Doesn't work. (line absent equals 'True') disableAfterPlay = [boolean] // Once all tracks played, disable playlist. (line absent equals 'False') playNext = [text] // After all tracks play once, named playlist plays next. (will enable target playlist if is disabled) playBefore = [text] // Playlist that this playlist should be played before. (none use, but works) playAfter = [text] // Playlist that this playlist should be played after. (none use, but works) tracks // One to seemingly any number of tracks per playlist. { track = [text] // name with spaces-dashes_underscores and all without.filetype } playWhen // Set of prerequisite conditions which must all match current conditions, usually. { inAtmosphere = [boolean] // Playlist applies to "Either" if line missing timeOfDay = Name1 | Name2 // only "SpaceCentre" scene uses maxVelocitySurface = [float] // (broken) minVelocitySurface = [float] // (broken) maxVelocityOrbital = [float] // (can stop but not start playlist) minVelocityOrbital = [float] // (can prevent playlist starting) maxAltitude = [float] // (can stop but not start playlist) minAltitude = [float] // (can prevent playlist starting) scene = Name1 | Name2 // Names in scene list separated | by | pipes. REQUIRED or plays in all scenes. situation = NAME / number // Single names in list or number codes for combinations cameraMode = Name1 | Name2 // Names in list separated | by | pipes. bodyName = [text] // Arbitrary text. Only works on match with list of celestial bodies. } } TIMES OF DAY: Names in the following list, separated | by | pipes. This applies only to the SpaceCenter scene and describes day/night specifically at the KSC on Kerbin. [ NightAM | TwilightAM | DayAM | DayPM | TwilightPM | NightPM ] SCENES: Names in the following list used by this mod, separated | by | pipes. [ MainMenu | Loading | LoadingBuffer | Settings | Credits | SpaceCentre | VAB | SPH | TrackingStation | Flight | PSystem | AstronautComplex | KSPedia | MissionControl | RnDComplex | AdminFacility ] Only certain prerequisite conditions are checked in each scene to select a playlist. Note, playlists have no "playWhen" conditions for "Paused: " though mod reports pause status. Loading LoadingBuffer // mod does not load until after KSP loading completes; cannot use MainMenu (F12 console "MAINMENU") * Scene: MainMenu Settings * Scene: Settings Credits * Scene: Credits SpaceCentre (F12 console "SPACECENTER") * Scene: SpaceCentre * Paused: [boolean] * Time of Day: [list] Administration Building * Scene: AdminFacility Astronaut Complex * Scene: AstronautComplex Mission Control * Scene: MissionControl Research and Development * Scene: RnDComplex Spaceplane Hangar (F12 console "EDITOR") * Scene: VAB Vehicle Assembly Building * Scene: VAB Tracking Station (F12 console "TRACKSTATION") * Scene: TrackingStation Flight (F12 console "FLIGHT") * Scene: Flight * Camera mode: Flight, Map, External, IVA, Internal * Paused: [boolean] * Situation: [list] * Orbital velocity: [float] * Surface Velocity: [float] * Altitude: [float] * In Atmosphere: [boolean] * Nearest vessel: [named] PSystem * ??? KSPedia * ??? SITUATIONS: Name, or sum of number codes for multiple situations. ( 1) LANDED -- ground contact and not PRELAUNCH ( 2) SPLASHED -- water contact without ground contact (underwater ground contact is LANDED) ( 4) PRELAUNCH -- only at Runway or Launchpad before moving. (Will be Kerbin InAtmosphere ~69m) ( 8) FLYING -- no ground or water contact and in atmosphere ( 16) SUB_ORBITAL -- not in atmosphere and no periapsis ( 32) ORBITING -- have periapsis above top of atmosphere and not in atmosphere ( 64) ESCAPING -- no apoapsis, only periapsis, and not in atmosphere (128) DOCKED -- docked with another craft CAMERA MODES: Names in the following list, separated | by | pipes. [ Flight | Map | External | IVA | Internal ] BODY NAMES: Names used for celestial bodies in KSP solar system separated | by | pipes. (likely works with planet replacer mods) [ Sun | Moho | Eve | Gilly | Kerbin | Mun | Minmus | Duna | Ike | Dres | Jool | Laythe | Vall | Tylo | Bop | Pol | Eeloo ] BUGS & WARNINGS: * Another vessel (even debris) must exist somewhere in the FLIGHT Scene for any playlist to play. * If there is no valid playlist for a Scene, there will be no music. * On any change of situation or pause status or slight breeze, tracks will reload. * FLIGHT Scene crashes if both minAltitude and maxAltitude set * FLIGHT Scene crashes if any two playlists both specify any Altitude conditions, even if playlist otherwise mutually exclusive * FLIGHT Scene crashes if a minVelocitySurface is defined in any playlist with any scene * FLIGHT Scene crashes if a maxVelocitySurface is defined in any playlist with any scene once speed reached * If a playlist has max and minAltitude set it will not automatically start. Can also lead crash FLIGHT Scene. * Administration Building / AdminFacility scene has music playing independent of this mod. Playlists for it create double music. * SPH scene registers as VAB scene, not SPH * SPH and VAB ambient background noise (not the music) will not be heard while this mod is installed.
  14. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Wow, thanks! Thanks for feeding my bizarre obsession with someone else's mod! I was trying to find obstacles to let me give up, go live a normal life, touch a boob. But you just couldn't let me escape, SchrottBot. The enabling has begun... Goodbye, day-star. I will remember you as my flesh-sticks meld with Lord Keyboard.
  15. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    So, I've been digging into the STED source code @pizzaoverhead has shared over on GitHub. I'm on Linux and also not a programmer anyway, but took a crack at learning to at least compile the buggy buggy code as it exists now (I have a new, horrible bug to report, so I feel it's fair commentary on my part). I'm taking a breather after running Mono's "msbuild" command revealed just a bewildering array of C# .NET MS-stack Visual Studio dependencies I would have to figure out how to get, or get around. Again, I've never compiled anything in my life; I've just been around programmers enough to know the concepts. Apparently I've become obsessed enough with a dumb playlist editor to finally take the plunge? NEW BUG!!! The rapid-reload CTD bug I've encountered before can fire when hitting an altitude on Kerbin that's specified as minAltitude in another playlist that also specifies it's only for "bodyName = Mun". Specifically, 60000m, which also means "inAtmosphere = True" and my Mun playlist specifies that "inAtmosphere = False" (kind of unnecessary, but I test thoroughly) so on TWO counts, there should be no question that the Mun playlist shouldn't come up, and the playlist it rapidly reloads is a Kerbin inAtmosphere minAltitude=18000 (tried with and without max=70000) that it actually changed to from Kerbin in space low automatically, and was playing just fine until hitting 60km. Removed the Mun minAltitude, and no rapid-reload at 60k. My take, as an idiot who can't code and has done zero work, is that the way STED monitors conditions is totally broken. The minAltitude in my Mun list was added because moonwalking crashed the whole game!! That's the opposite of what moonwalking should ever do -- it is always a good and appropriate action in every situation imaginable. There are also a lot of unused stubs of features floating around in active code. We're all looking forward to fade in, fade out, crossfade -- gg Pizza. But the bug where another vessel has to exist in the Flight scene is because incomplete functionality for playlists based on being close to another vessel (i.e. Interstellar's Hans Zimmer space station docking music) is in there and I don't yet understand WHY it's behaving as a mandatory check blocking all other functionality, but it is, so the code should be commented out. That clean up is an early goal, if I can first manage to get an MS development stack working on a free operating system, for free, because I'm not buying Visual Studio for this. ...probably.